November 05, 2015

TransCanada cancels Cacouna port after foreign funded activists say it would "kill beluga whales"

Rebel Staff

TransCanada pipelines has cancelled its port project in Cacouna, Quebec, one that was part of its $12B Energy East pipeline proposal.

It would have created 14,000 construction jobs alone, and been a big win for Canada's ethical oil industry.

But of course, foreign-funded environmentalists said the port would somehow kill beluga whales.

But there’s been a port in Cacouna for 34 years. Ships things out like pulp and paper products, ships things in like cement. No environmental whack-jobs have ever opposed those. I guess belugas can tell if it’s an oil ship, as opposed to a cement ship.

It looks like the jobs of environmental lobbyists are more important than the jobs of Quebec longshoremen and construction workers.

But with Justin Trudeau in office, Quebeckers don’t need real jobs. They can all just get hand-outs and transfer payments.


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