April 24, 2017

“Transgender is the new black”: More teens than ever want to “try out” a different sex

Claire LehmannAustralian Contributor

A Brisbane psychiatrist who works in a gender clinic has reported that many adolescents are now coming to him with the aim of “trying out” transgenderism.

One young person told him that they wanted to be transgender because “transgender is the “new black”.

Last year it was reported that referrals to a gender clinic in a Melbourne hospital had tripled.

The clinic is now seeing 250 children whereas a decade ago they had only one child on their books.

Kids and parents these days are being inundated with a lot of propaganda when it comes to gender, most of which makes no reference to any scientific or medical literature.

Just this week the New York Times published an op-ed about why 10 year olds should start transitioning.

But this article did not address the scientific literature on desistance.

“Desistance” is a fancy scientific word for the fact that 80 per cent of children are known to grow out of their gender identity issues.

Most kids who are gender non-conforming grow up to be gay or bisexual adults who are happy in their own bodies.

As a society we are treating children like guinea pigs.

And we are letting adults experiment on kids in the pursuit of a political ideology.

History will not look on us kindly for allowing this to happen.

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commented 2017-04-25 18:49:38 -0400
Andrew Stephenson commented 5 hours ago,
“We can point out that the Bible never specifies “Man” and “woman” as a particular genetic or….."
Andrew that statement is just false. It’s clearly stated in the roles that both male and female play in the procreation of species. Man and animal alike. Dozens of times. We Christians have shown we can live in a secular society along with the inherent perversions . Don’t expect us to be silent though.
commented 2017-04-25 13:49:45 -0400
The sex ed classes in Canada tell the same glowing story. These kids are being brainwashed at our (parents) expense. Once you have certain parts cut off, there’s no going back. The craziness of liberal/leftist ideology keeps rearing its ugly head. They want to destroy the family unit, it seems to me.
commented 2017-04-25 13:20:00 -0400
“Deborah Graupner commented 1 hour ago
This is what happens when you take the Creator out of the equation. The laws and rules of nature are evident everywhere, to observe, and to follow”

The science underlying gender and biology is part of those laws and rules. The simple fact is, that the writers of the Bible simply didn’t have the same scientific understanding we have now, and their interpretations reflect their incomplete understanding. We can point out that the Bible never specifies “Man” and “woman” as a particular genetic or physiological state (perhaps it does refer to mental state, and has all along, with interpretations otherwise being entirely human in origin?) For all we know transgenderism is actually perfectly fine, as long as you identify as one or the other.

I have a hard time feeling bad about secularization. Heaven forbid we not be forced to live according to the rules of a 3000 year old mythology based on, as observed above, an incomplete understanding of biology. We live in a society of basic personal freedoms. If you want to identify and live “traditionally”, good on you, but at the same time, respect those that don’t.
commented 2017-04-25 12:02:45 -0400
This is what happens when you take the Creator out of the equation. The laws and rules of nature are evident everywhere, to observe, and to follow. The devil has been working on his evil plan of sin, and corruption, since Adam & Eve. When you erase boundaries in the global world, and in the minds of individuals, and allow complete lawlessness to run rampant, this is what society becomes. The choice has always been between good and evil. And in the end the good side wins! We will all be forced to make a choice!
commented 2017-04-25 10:48:34 -0400
I hope some of you were able to take in the Brucilina Jenner freak show on Tucker Carlson last night. Through all of her? pleading and justification for this questionable lifestyle, the over riding theme that disturbs me is the clout that all of these (and there are a LOT) special interest groups, no matter how small, have on society. All the while the vast majority of the populace are the ones being marginalized. Some suggest hormones getting into the water etc. for the upswing in the sexual phenomenon taking place. I have no way of knowing the causes, but my opinion lies with a super “progressive” left who pushes all things weird and wonderful. Sick doctrine from the likes of Wynne’s liberals and Notley’s ndp, being heaped on the young through school curricula will do nothing but ADD to the confusion. Remember they are co-parents now. I am rapidly becoming old, but still remember some classmates and others who were facing sexual questions and decisions in their lives, but their numbers were low. Throughout nature one can always find deviance in the biological process, just through sheer numbers alone not all works out in conformation of the Greater plan. Again my thoughts tend to implicate changes in societal mores and exterior pressures that are the reason for so many willing to experiment in something most will probably regret in the long run. At least some consideration should be taken on the age at which such a decision could be made. This isn’t Mommy I want that red wagon, its Mom I want a vagina, or Dad I want a penis. The majority of this will end badly IMO.

I wonder if Caitlyn has any fear of being raped or FGM now that he is a she. I do not deny that this is an issue and must be dealt with, I merely think society and media have influenced far too many into THINKING they fall into such a category, thus creating a monster out of a mole hill.
commented 2017-04-25 09:57:28 -0400
WTF is going on? I’m glad I’m not a parent to one of these. I’d have no choice but to shake some sense into them.
commented 2017-04-25 09:06:53 -0400
These are springs without water and mists driven by a storm, for whom the black darkness has been reserved. 18 For speaking out arrogant words of vanity they entice by fleshly desires, by sensuality, those who barely escape from the ones who live in error, 19 promising them freedom while they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by what a man is overcome, by this he is enslaved.

2 Peter 2:17-19
commented 2017-04-25 08:31:09 -0400
Is this what the Marxist education system is doing to the snow flakes now???
commented 2017-04-25 03:59:57 -0400
And gee, to think that all you were worried about was washrooms.
commented 2017-04-25 02:42:51 -0400
This sort of interference used to be considered child abuse. Now they are talking about being able to take your child out of your care for not going along with it.
commented 2017-04-25 02:16:05 -0400
I can already imagine the class action lawsuit from these trans people that regret getting surgery, and want to sue society for letting them get a sex change.

Claire, keep up the great work. Please do more videos and keep us up to date on Australia and New Zealand.
commented 2017-04-25 02:15:07 -0400
All this sick nonsense is getting worse, it’s not slowing down.
We are so f***ed!
commented 2017-04-25 01:01:15 -0400
What kind of mentally ill society have we become. Getting sicker by the day.
commented 2017-04-25 00:49:47 -0400
Satan’s time is indeed short. Talk about tolerated (even encouraged) child abuse. By the way, how does Wynne’s perverted sex Ed go over with the Muslims anyway? Or do they just get a prayer pass when it starts?
commented 2017-04-24 21:36:16 -0400
No one is asking the question, why the explosion in gender confusion? My guess is it has to do with huge amounts of the hormones from birth control pills polluting the water supply through the sewers and making boys into girly men.
commented 2017-04-24 21:11:35 -0400
This crew of degenerate mutant betas will be the first to be ground up in the caliphate they are welcoming in. They’ll all get raped…..if they’re lucky, a high building if they aren’t
commented 2017-04-24 19:57:32 -0400
Just what we need, a world full of Frankenstein-like freaks of nature and lobotomised-like parents who stand by and do nothing but listen to the screams of the lgbtqrstuv (whatever), because they know better and their troubled, confused children who also know better.
commented 2017-04-24 19:55:43 -0400
Canadian Mongrel, I remember hearing about this around the time the book was released. I haven’t read it, thank you for recommending it. I will look for a copy.
commented 2017-04-24 19:54:26 -0400
Can You imagine what the kids will be like who have been subject to Wynne’s Sex Education program.

Gays do not produce offspring. Marxist Wynne is following the Death Cult’s instructions.
commented 2017-04-24 19:40:18 -0400
If it is still in print I recommend “As Nature Made Him” by John Colapinto (published 2000).

The book is about an infamous case where a surgeon erred seriously in a circumcision on a boy. He was ‘reassigned’ his sex at birth due to a psychologist of questionable ethics. The boy grew up as a girl, but always felt something was wrong. When he found out as a teenager he was genetically a male, he switched back but sadly without the equipment. The book outlines the psychological hell he and his parents went through because of the experts, who were successfully sued for malpractice (not just the surgeon). I believe that this poor guy committed suicide a short time after the book was published.

In short, natural biology is the scientific truth, not socialist science.
commented 2017-04-24 19:33:23 -0400
Used to be that when someone believed they were say, Cleopatra, they were quietly instutionalized along with others suffering delusions, breakdowns, etc. aka mental illness. Such was defined in psychiatric journals. Generation everyone-gets-a-blue-ribbon-just-for-showing-up, collectivism vs individual identity, led to lack of identity, thus the need to make up, “identify” in a fantasy world. Sounds like Cleopatra to me. Do people really believe this will end well? This is madness politicized, minus the institution.
commented 2017-04-24 19:28:48 -0400
we trusted the wrong people with our most precious gift
commented 2017-04-24 19:26:50 -0400
we are watching the fall of a civilization, thank you liberals and those of us,myself included, that let t.v and school to raise our kids while we worked to make enough to feed and give them a home.
commented 2017-04-24 19:17:52 -0400
This is Satan’s assault on the last bastion of objective truth. Nothing could possibly be more set in stone than one’s biological make up. Destroy that and you destroy objective truth. Everything becomes relative, and what ever one decide is true becomes their own personal truth. It will keep getting worse until Jesus returns.
commented 2017-04-24 19:05:55 -0400
Claire Lehman, you’re absolutely right!
I believe hormones and surgery should not be an option for children. When they grow up, and if they wish to pursue this, that’s their decision – especially if they have been seeing a mental health professional and have followed a safe protocol making them informed & counselled toward a transition.
Why isn’t the Medical and Psychiatric Associations not weighing in on this? There is a study for absolutely everything, why no scientific studies in this area? Doesn’t make any sense to have a wait and see approach for how hormones affect a growing child; or the implications of having your genitalia surgically interfered with. So, 2 years down the road, the boy who had his penis removed is depressed & suicidal because his parents and doctors allowed a penis amputation….the hormones are affecting his development physically; emotionally; psychologically and neurochemically etc…. This is a disaster in the making. Girls undergoing this will also have issues as described above (minus amputation), I have no idea if their clitoris, labia or vagina is changed in childhood or not. Giving them testosterone to prevent menses, or breast growth, etc ….is foolish.
The response of these parents, doctors and communities will be to open another clinic to specifically deal with the aftermath the adults were too stupid to forsee in the first place; and someone will sue the government for “allowing” it to happen.
commented 2017-04-24 18:54:38 -0400
The brain washing is working. They wanted to normalize unnatural behaviour, and the shrinks are involved up to their eye brows.
commented 2017-04-24 18:54:13 -0400
Try it out?? Seriously? It is not a pair of shoes.
commented 2017-04-24 18:47:29 -0400
Satan knows he has a short time left before the KING OF KINGS shows up , so he’s going ballistic