January 20, 2016

"Trudeau economics in one lesson": Kill Northern Gateway, but toss Albertans an infrastructure handout

Rebel Staff

So Justin Trudeau says he cares so much about Alberta’s economic situation, that he’s looking at spending a billion dollars in infrastructure projects to get the province moving again.

Trudeau is also contemplating giving a billion dollars to a single Quebec company, Bombardier.

But here’s the thing. Albertans are not, by nature, whiny crony capitalists like at Bombardier. Alberta just needs to be left alone. If Trudeau really wanted to help Alberta, he's stop blocking the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Of course, he can’t legally block the pipeline — it’s been approved. So he’s banning any oil tankers off the B.C. coast that would export ethical oil from Canada.

To please radical environmentalists, he’ll kill a $10 billion construction project and $6 billion a year in oil sales (that will rise to $20 billion when prices recover.)

But he’ll throw a few pennies on the ground for grateful peasants to scramble over. Pennies that those same peasants paid in taxes to begin with.


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