October 09, 2018

“Venom” poisoned with political moments: Superhero movies aren’t the problem

Ben DaviesRebel Host | Rebel Reel Reviews

We’ve been hearing for years that the superhero genre was experiencing viewer fatigue and was going to die but still, Marvel released it’s latest instalment, “Venom,” in the hope that the audience for these types of films is till there.

So will this prediction of hero fatigue come true or is it like the constant predictions of man-made catastrophic climate change where it’s just kicked down the road every time the expiry date comes and goes?

I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t in this film and make the case that what we have is bad movie and political fatigue, not superhero fatigue.

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commented 2018-10-09 14:52:20 -0400
I Saw this movie for free stream on internet. So glad it was a bad movie and never paid 14 bucks to see it. So Hollywood never got my money garbage production as if its good or bad you still have to pay at the movies