January 13, 2017

(VIDEO) Hungary’s Orban: “Grim times demand brave and dedicated people”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In this speech to the first graduating class of Hungary’s new “Border Hunter” patrols, PM Viktor Orbán speaks candidly about the EU and Germany’s migrant policies.

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commented 2017-01-17 22:53:34 -0500
I am still surprised that Victor Laszlo happily promotes Viktor Orbán. The racist Hungarian Prime Minister Orban is full of hate, and has an ease with racist and bigoted language, which Laszlo wants to encourage.

It is Orbán’s anti-semetic language that makes me surprised at Victor Laszlo’s apparent adoration. If Laszlo wants to tap into hateful language there is a certain perverse logic in that. If Laszlo is willing to accept despising all Jews in Europe, as Orbán does, I really object.

The Rebel, it seems to me, should limit free-speech when it comes to hatred of Jews.
commented 2017-01-14 14:40:36 -0500
Orban—said “we have to believe what we see, not what we want to see.” Canada’s left wants to see Muslims at Hockey games , singing and dancing with real Canadians. It will not happen as long as they follow the Quran.
commented 2017-01-13 23:33:45 -0500
Regan Jonny— said" watching the US getting their Country back in the next 4 years will be a big wake-up for the right in Canada." We the right already know the problem is our Politicians and their ridiculous Immigration Policies. I Believe you meant that the Left must learn this.
commented 2017-01-13 19:35:48 -0500
If Trudeau were to make a speech along those lines he would perhaps earn a little respect from Canadians. Alas Trudeau never means what he says, hence he has no respect given him, from intelligent Canadians. Of course, I imagine that around 50% of his original supporters may still look up to him but they are rapidly dwindling in numbers.

Now that we have a follower of the Death Cult, called Islam, as Immigration Minister, Canadians opinions will be ignored, as they always have been.

Problem, Trudeau. Answer, first pressure, second pressure. Bingo, problem over.

Note. When I mention Pressure, I am referring to the pressure on the public’s minds, of course. Ahem.
commented 2017-01-13 19:10:15 -0500
Karan Singh a miracle or when the time comes very pissed of citizens who have had enough and can and will take back the country. It will happen but it will get far worse before it changes to the better. Watching the US get there country back in the next four years will be a big wakeup for the right in Canada.
commented 2017-01-13 16:08:32 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,633 Attacks, 209,077 Killed, 292,787 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-01-13 14:37:23 -0500
While former Eastern Bloc countries, like Hungry, Poland, Czech etc. are strengthening their borders and forming sane policies to protect their citizens. Even Romanian president had shown much integrity & rationality when he refused to appoint a muslima as prime minister. Contrastingly, we in Canada under turdo are opening our borders to all illegals & criminals, and as if that was not enough now we have a race-centric, community organiser, a somali mohammedan refugee as our immigration minister. Only a miracle could save Canada.