September 09, 2016

Lauren Southern: Why I feel bad for Lena Dunham

Rebel Staff

Today's Lauren Southern was Steven Crowder's guest, talking about how hard it is to meet conservative men, explaining what the word "hydro" means in Canada, and chatting about the news of the day.


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commented 2016-09-10 15:11:37 -0400
Amy Schummer is a prime example of an reasonably sweet lady having got infected with Lieberlism!
& she definitely has never met a real man that is conservative – thus her radical views. She may have been saved – had she not swallowed the Libtard pill (dick?).
commented 2016-09-10 14:58:59 -0400
Lauren – great interview! – I’d give you my number any day! We’d have awesome conversations about Hillary the witch & feminists. & the Donald Trump Train phenomenon. – that brings me to the point of Hillary being a witch – as you have probably noticed – all these Clintoon supporters seem to have been literally hypnotized by her bullshit. They act like they really care for people – yet all the common sense of really protecting people made by Trump – acts like a poison to their thought process. I’ve only successfully recruited 2 Clintoon style thinkers to the Trump message & movement of many that I’ve met.
Please don’t waste your time on attempting to get into a relationship with a Libtard – they will most certainly regress your ability to rationalize “sanely” – Lieberlism is a disease of the mind and your mind is perfectly healthy – complimented by 1 gorgeous body! You only scare the libtard feminist women – all the rest admire you.

And – Liza – you are so right! Why are all Hillary’s investigations results – keep so secret & sealed – as her nemesis / patner Obumer are too?? Trump is an open book -& like you say, is a true American Patriot. 70% of the American people just aren’t wrong. It’s Hillary’s satanic deeds & powers that are the obvious horror in this show.
“And many shall be deceived”

Those that are deceived are my enemies.
commented 2016-09-10 13:38:19 -0400
That’s the thing about Hillary supporters, they have to know, they have to. It’s all out there, years and years of it. A list so long it would take all day. They don’t care. They will say anything to defend her. It shows a lack of integrity to back such a corrupt witch. Sighting Trumps tax returns and even doing a spin on everything he says doesn’t come close to the absolute written in blood cold hard facts of the Hillary files. There is no comparison. Trump is an open book, just try to find some dirt on him we don’t know about. We know all of it, and it pales compared to Hillary. She is a criminal. Donald is a patriot. You can’t say Hillary is a patriot.
commented 2016-09-10 12:47:14 -0400
Apparently Amy Schummer never read or saw the video ‘Clinton Cash’. If she had then she would realize it’s more than Hillary’s email lies that make the bitch revolting.
commented 2016-09-10 11:59:15 -0400
I also feel sorry for Lena Dunham. She is a truly pathetic creature. The SJW culture enables unhealthy body and mind by enabling and embracing everything regardless . She is a twisted sister who could have benefited from some tough love when there was still a chance of reaching her. I fear that ship has sailed for Lena Dunham.
commented 2016-09-10 11:04:17 -0400
BTW Steve, hunters and fishermen do not have small penises and I’m available any time to dispel that leftard myth.
commented 2016-09-10 11:02:32 -0400
Re: the transgender narrative insisting men can have periods too – I’m put in mind of that great sketch in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” where the Judean People’s Liberation Front are meeting to decide the demands they are going to make of the Romans, and “Stan” feels it is of urgent social importance for a man to have the right to have a baby _ “It’s every man’s right to have a baby” Stan says – then Cleese reminds him of the physical realities of the impossibility of male child birth – “yes but it’s still my right and a symbol of our struggle against oppression” – to which Cleese replies “it’s a symbol of your struggle against reality” This old farcical comedy sketch was prophetic in its depiction of the detached comical thinking of the constantly aggrieved.
commented 2016-09-10 02:24:07 -0400
The total failure to appreciate any of the issues involved in the forthcoming election is just staggering. I found myself in a state of disbelief – almost shock – that these students were actually attending a university.
What qualifications does it take to get to a university in Canada?

I could have almost accepted the answers offered if the students were in primary school – ages 9 years to 11 years.

Just lamentable.
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