July 17, 2018

(WATCH) Chris Wallace interviews Vladimir Putin

Rebel Staff

In the aftermath of his controversial summit with President Trump, Vladimir Putin sat down for a combative half-hour interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace.

The interview covered issues like Russia's backing of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Putin's thoughts on the growth of NATO, whether Russia interfered in the 2016 election, and much more.

SKIP to 28:17 to see Putin's response when Wallace asked why so many of his domestic political opponents end up dead.

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commented 2018-07-18 02:31:29 -0400
Wallace is an idiot and a jerk. His main objective in almost every interview he does seems to be to project an image of himself as a tough interviewer, but he just comes off a a rude jerk who asks questions and then talks over the answers so you can’t hear them. This is actually an endemic problem with Western ‘journalists’ these days. They seem to have been raised in barns as opposed to civilized families. It’s a shame.

Putin has been largely a mystery for Westerners. I would like to have seen an interview that would have given us some understanding of who Putin really is, what his beliefs are, what makes him tick. He seems to be a walking contradiction in many ways. For example, he supports Assad in Syria and bombs his enemies and sells weaponry to Iran, but also seems to like Israel and Netanyahu. What’s up with that? Wallace blew it.
commented 2018-07-18 01:40:54 -0400
Wallace is an idiot.
Putin is one of the major world powers, as is China. Up until Trump, North Korea was an imminent threat. It behoves a peace loving America to be civil to the other significant players if at all possible. Nobody is saying Putin will be a friend, we are competitors, but that doesn’t mean we should be poking each other with a stick all the time. We should be trying to avoid being adversaries, while keeping our eyes wide open. The democrats have used Russia as an excuse for all sorts of things they don’t like. The United States of America under several Presidents has been as corrupt as any of them. You want to talk about political murders with Putin? The Clinton’s list is at least as long.
Wallace is a male Megan Kelly , asking Putin if he has something on Trump and is that the reason for Trumps attitude, really? I repeat, Wallace is an idiot.
The Democrats damn Republicans for war mongering and then damn them for trying to deal peacefully. If anyone can deal with Putin its Trump.
Beer and popcorn time.