July 03, 2018

(WATCH) Holocaust Survivor: America Does Not Run Concentration Camps

Rebel Staff

Holocaust survivor David Tuck has a blunt message for those who compare border detention facilities to concentration camps, or who compare President Trump as Hitler. (Video produced by The Daily Caller.)


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commented 2018-07-04 22:55:08 -0400
One more for you David…and it’s my favorite.. “Croí folláin agus gob fliuch!” This toast essentially offers a wish of health and drink.

Translated directly, the phrase means “a healthy heart and a wet mouth.”
commented 2018-07-04 21:34:34 -0400
Sláinte na bhfear agus go maire na mná go deo!
commented 2018-07-04 20:52:23 -0400
Na zdrowie! – Cheers! / Bless you!
commented 2018-07-04 20:30:00 -0400
commented 2018-07-04 10:58:03 -0400
The west is the best, which is why we need to protect it and make sure those western values are respected. They are not being respected.
These bleeding hearts don’t know from a concentration camp. Its an insult to survivors. Every country has to hold illegals until their identity and situation is figured out. It is nothing new and nothing ALL countries don’t do.
Lazy minds. The only people who believe what they are being fed have lazy minds. In which case they should shut their pie holes. Too lazy to follow up on crap msm, go watch cartoons or another episode of the View garbage. Nobody does their own homework anymore.
commented 2018-07-04 02:46:50 -0400
I wish Trudeau and his Liberal Destroyers would leave Canada. Because they don’t like Canadians, Christians, Jews, White People, Conservatives, Stephen Harper or non-Muslims.

What he said. If you don’t like it, leave the country. That includes all those that come to Canada and have complaints, want to change things and act like a cancer.