August 03, 2018

(WATCH) Michelle Rempel: Justin Trudeau Fails To Manage Canada’s Borders

Rebel Staff

Today, Michelle Rempel, MP for Calgary-Nose Hill, Alberta, continued her criticisms of PM Trudeau's policies about illegal border crossers.

Her official statement reads in part:

Today, the Trudeau government was forced to re-announce an ‘installment’ payment of $11 million dollars in an attempt to cover up the fact that they have no plan to deal with the Prime Minister’s failure to manage Canada’s borders. We know from today’s announcement that there are more ‘installment’ payments to come.

Instead of presenting a fully costed, long-term plan to Canadians, Justin Trudeau has instead chosen to set up a permanent hotel program to deal with the influx of illegal border crossers. This is yet another example of an unbudgeted, band-aid solution by this irresponsible Liberal government.

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commented 2018-08-03 22:06:24 -0400
For common since government please support Derrek Fildebrandt in his bid to reduce transfer payments as well as no nonsense annihilation of the carbon tax and many other things in his platform that Albertans would love and the rest of the communist provinces would be in envy of.!!
Please acquaint yourself with this man and his new party and see what he’s all about and keep in mind that the UPC / NDP are doing personal attacks on him the same way that Hillary attacked Trump.
The biggest thing that we need in this province is the government to realize they serve the will of the people and I believe Derek is that man.
commented 2018-08-03 21:08:57 -0400
Thanks for that link Robert.

“Amazingly, 30% of Liberal supporters trust Scheer, showing that Trudeau faces significant doubts about his handling of the crisis even within his own party.”

Ron maybe a no confidence vote does have a chance.
commented 2018-08-03 20:58:44 -0400
We need premiers to say no. Because nobody asked us before they began this flooding.
commented 2018-08-03 20:35:37 -0400
Ron , doesn’t a vote of no confidence include votes from the liberal side of the House as well? Who on that side is going to vote against Justin? It seems worth a try though. Its better than just waiting until next October when the damage will be way worse.

Gov. seems to work quickly when they are making the mess and are slow as molasses getting anything Canadians want done, if our wishes are even considered.
They need to be strong armed the way Ford is strong arming the Liberals about the carbon tax. We need Premiers to refuse to take these illegal and invited economic migrants into their provinces at all. If they arrive they are put on buses and taken out of the province back to Ottawa. Dump them in front of the Parliament buildings. We need premiers to say no.
commented 2018-08-03 20:17:42 -0400
Michelle Rempel, thanks for filling us in on what most of us already knew, however you and your quiet Boss were elected to do something about this Illegal overrunning of Canadian Citizens. That’s why you are called The Opposition Party. Fight Trudeau, knowing that you have 92% of the people on your side. Do something!

Surely your Party could call for a vote of non-confidence. Your Party through public funds, has Immigration Lawyers working for the Conservative MP’s. Get some advise and better yet, ideas on what to do before our Country is either Bankrupt or overrun with lazy Migrants and soon to come, their families.
I understand that you are working hard on this file, but what are the other 98 Con. MP’s doing?
commented 2018-08-03 19:42:08 -0400
The fact that they don’t care that Canadians want this stopped and will do as they damn well please regardless is rather concerning. Are they making a mess on the way out or do they have a rig to insure they get in next October. The Liberals must be stopped from making any changes to the voting process. They shouldn’t be allowed to touch it.
commented 2018-08-03 19:38:18 -0400
So there was too much heat on Hussen, so they threw Blair in there as the front. They think we are stupid and they just don’t care what Canadians think. They are totally disregarding what Canadians don’t want. They are not going to get away with it for much longer, but it looks like they are going to do their level best to flood the place and make as big a mess as they possibly can on the way out. How DARE Blair say Canadians are misinformed! What he really means is the government doesn’t like what we think so they will ignore us. As soon as these goons are out of power………
Italy just elected a President who is respecting the wishes of his people, he’s doing a damn fine job of clean up so far, so we know it can be done.

Is it not criminal what Butts Liberals are doing? Is there no process that doesn’t take months and months that could be put into place to stop him/them? These people are maniacs! Close the loop hole and do it now Butts/Justin.