October 02, 2018

(WATCH) MP Pierre Polievre blasts Liberals for making a bad deal for Canada

Rebel Staff

Conservative MP and Finance Opposition Critic, Pierre Poilievre, blasts the Liberals for getting a bad deal for Canada in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

Watch as Polievre and Minister Freeland debate the question of whether or not the Liberals capitulated in ways that will hurt Canada.

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commented 2018-10-03 02:19:00 -0400
Maurice Potvin got that right. Remember jokes about Screen Doors on Polish Submarines and the sort as a kid? Now we are the joke and i envy their countries wisdom and common sense.
commented 2018-10-03 02:17:26 -0400
So instead of making a good mutually beneficial deal these infantile clowns took a deal that lets them keep Quebec happy only.
commented 2018-10-02 22:24:44 -0400
It is so embarrassing to be a Canadian right now. We have the stupidest people imaginable running our government, our courts, our Universities and our media. The rest of the world is laughing at us, and I can’t blame them. where is the light at the end of the tunnel? I can’t see it.
commented 2018-10-02 18:54:35 -0400
I guess her “Diplomat of the Year Award” can be thrown in the trash can now!
commented 2018-10-02 18:14:36 -0400
YVETTE MOZOL commented 3 hours ago
To hear Freeland boast about what she claims to be so accomplished, you’d think they just won the Nobel Peace prize.
Well if the leftist Obama can get the Nobel for merely getting elected, I’m sure the leftist Freeland will be a shoo in for a gong , too.
commented 2018-10-02 17:17:41 -0400
No it’s not constipation, movement like that comes from fentanyl withdrawals.
commented 2018-10-02 16:45:17 -0400
“What’s up with Freeland’s grimacing & twisting facial expressions?”

Well, I’m no doctor, YVETTE. But I’m betting acute constipation.
commented 2018-10-02 16:41:16 -0400
At least the Canadian media will have something to talk about now other than Brett Kavanaugh. Let’s hope.

Dan Mancuso: “…lie and lie and lie through their teeth…”
How can they do this? It’s better than doing the job they were hired to do.
commented 2018-10-02 15:02:17 -0400
Republican Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan actively limited and helped Canadians repair the Socialist economic nightmare created by Pierre Elliot Trudeau in Canada.

Canadians should be thankful the USMCA agreement is a decent deal…as, the Trudeau government would have drafted a trade deal that would have been a complete disaster for Canadians.
commented 2018-10-02 14:50:58 -0400
What’s up with Freeland’s grimacing & twisting facial expressions?
To hear Freeland boast about what she claims to be so accomplished, you’d think they just won the Nobel Peace prize. Such a display of self ego.
commented 2018-10-02 14:43:47 -0400
Agggh! The screeching on the Lieberal side is painful to the ears! Caps on the Auto Industry? That just delays the inevitable!
commented 2018-10-02 14:37:41 -0400
I just don’t know how these ‘people’ can stand up in the HOC day after day, or sit in their newsrooms and other taxpayer-funded 5 P professional offices, and lie and lie and lie through their teeth, stroke their own egos and vanity at the expense of most Canadians, and then ask for more money (fundraising) than what they already steal from us in the form of taxes.
Of course, I’m not a liberal…
commented 2018-10-02 14:33:11 -0400
Crying Chrystia needs to be sent packing after her ridiculous performance and her insane aggressive behaviors towards our main trading partner. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. Especially one that’s being paid to work for Canadians best interests, not her own.
commented 2018-10-02 14:20:13 -0400
Freeland with her shrieking voice is only showing how the Libs consider the Parliament as a theatrical comedy. So disgusted and tired of paying for those Scumbags.
commented 2018-10-02 14:16:27 -0400
Trudeau played chicken with a big transport truck .Too bad his survival instinct kicked in and he jumped out of the way.
commented 2018-10-02 13:47:04 -0400
I didn’t play the video, because I just know what Polievre, a true-blue small-c conservative with the best interests of Canadians at heart, said to Freeland:

“Will the Minister please explain to the millions of Canadians who are being screwed daily by this Country’s dairy cartel, why her Government insists on retaining the very system that will continue to ensure the enrichment of a few by the impoverishment of many.”

That’s what he said, right?

Okay, okay…..just being silly.
commented 2018-10-02 13:34:23 -0400
PCs just stirring the Liberals up! They know that Trudeau blinked, one minute before the midnight deadline.