October 25, 2018

(WATCH) Owen Benjamin: Evolution of “How they rule ‘ya”

Rebel Staff

Shortly after Tommy Robinson was shoved into a police van in May for committing the act of journalism, American comedian Owen Benjamin in collaboration with his fans, wrote a tribute to Tommy.

The song went viral and came to the attention of Tommy supporters around the world and Tommy himself.

Watch as Benjamin explains the evolution and impact of the powerful song.

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commented 2018-10-25 20:14:52 -0400
It’s worse than a “Secret Court where journalists aren’t allowed to report”. No, it’s the journalists themselves that ARE the problem, at least mainstream journalists. Thank God for alternative journalism…. like Rebel Media.
commented 2018-10-25 19:17:58 -0400
Owen is a talented musician, comedian and common sense activist.
commented 2018-10-25 17:10:08 -0400
I hear there was a secret court
Journalists weren’t allowed to report
But you don’t really care, for freedom do yeah?

It goes like this without the 5th
The Gavel falls and they cuff your wrists
It’s not OK that this is how they rule yeah
How they rule ya
How they rule ya
How they rule ya

But Tommy has been hear before
He’s seen this room and he’s walked this floor
Last time they tried to kill him, but he endured yeah

They need the votes for this growing state
And won’t stop who their voters rape
It’s not OK that this is how they rule yeah
How they rule ya
How they rule ya
How they rule ya

There was a time they let you know
Who’s really coming to your shores
But now they never tell the story true yeah

The state tries to say Tommy has racial hate
It’s really a fear of a calephate
The state says “no, it’s how we rule ya”
How we rule ya
How we rule ya
How we rule ya

Pedophiles are celbrated
Tommy Robinson is incarcerated
But you never seem to care for children do ya?

The grooming gangs moved in on you
And the kids looked up to you for truth
Please just don’t say “baby this how the rule ya”

How they rule ya
How they rule ya
How they rule ya
commented 2018-10-25 14:07:27 -0400
commented 2018-10-25 14:05:24 -0400
Sorry. Wrong video. I’ll try to get the right one.
commented 2018-10-25 14:03:58 -0400
Wow! Do theses guys ever know how to celebrate! Diversity is truly our strength. Thank yo Justin and Iqra for leading us in this direction. Can’t wait for the caliphate.

commented 2018-10-25 13:46:32 -0400
Owen – not a greedy or selfish bone in his body. He makes no money off this song. A generous good man gives to another generous good man.
commented 2018-10-25 13:44:22 -0400
Maybe someday there will be a national holiday in his name. Guy Fawkes watch out.
commented 2018-10-25 13:42:08 -0400
“I heard there was a secret court where journalists weren’t allowed to report, but you don’t really care for freedom, do ya” Canada?

Self censorship and quelling those we should be supporting in the name of free speech will be what takes Canada down.
“This is how they rule ya”

Awesome Owen, always raw and unedited
commented 2018-10-25 12:26:00 -0400
The Tommy Robinson Saga go’s on, gathering supporters worldwide. Tommy will become a legend in his own time. I take satisfaction in the fact that the Rebel paved the way.
Little Tommy Tucker now a Government F….r. The case will be dismissed.