July 04, 2018

(WATCH) Paul Joseph Watson: Why I Joined UKIP

Rebel Staff

Paul Joseph Watson contrasts the mainstream media's panic over supposed "far-right" free speech advocates, to their muted response to 25,000 potential Jihadists carrying out terrorism on the streets of London.

The legacy media has even started referring to Paul as "alt-right" because of his strong support for freedom of speech, despite alt-right leader Richard Spencer firmly rejecting the notion of free-speech.

WATCH Paul's video to see why he thinks UKIP is the only British political party that supports free speech anymore.

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commented 2018-07-05 01:08:39 -0400
Liza Rosie…..Oh I knew exactly who you meant (Trudeau) and his " wrong headed moves", trying to make the US suffer when they could care less, or don’t even know what he did.
It is always good for us to be clear, as people from different countries read comments, and they wouldn’t know what Trudeau’s wrong headed moves are. Maybe I’m wrong as even a Pakistan Newspaper wrote a front page story calling him different , not too nice names.

Trudeau’s Tariffs on some US goods really make the Americans suffer. I love Kraft Frozen Pizza’s, as I put my own good stuff on them; they got a 20 % tariff. One of the grocery stores that I go to simply put an extra 40 % on the price.
commented 2018-07-05 00:31:13 -0400
Paul Joseph Watson…..Although you are among my favorites, you are wasting your time joining UKIP, a Dying Party with only 1.5% of the vote.
It looks like close to 90% of the UK people are happy with their Totalitarian Government, with Islam and Sharia Law at the doorstep.
Only one occurrence that I can think of will change your " submit to everything " Country, and that being the Swedish Election in 2 months . If the lowly Swedes can fight back to a Government that smothers the people with Draconian Laws and Radical Islam, maybe the once mighty Brits will come out from hiding.

Remember Brits, North America isn’t coming to save your sorry, worthless asses this time.
commented 2018-07-05 00:28:33 -0400
Just to be clear, …‘the man’, referring to Trudeau, of course.
’Trudeau’s’ wrong headed move, of course.
commented 2018-07-05 00:24:11 -0400
The war rages on in all western counties too short sighted to recognise the ill intent of their own governments and politicians against their own citizens, all for the promise of some globalist prize. Do the left even realise that every criticism they lob, is an obvious projection of their true selves? Their disingenuous accusations are only a reflection of themselves. This will be great for Paul, Sargon of Akkad and Count Dankula. No press is bad press.
Gotta love the triggered.
commented 2018-07-05 00:14:07 -0400
Ron Joseph that is a disturbing statement about our fellow Canadians. Surely that many can’t be that ill informed! Willing to put the last nails in the coffin of our economy to keep 10,000 farmers afloat, and to teach Trump a lesson for putting his citizens ahead of bad global trade deals.
Are we really that afraid of the free market?
I can’t believe people are giving him one ounce of credit for such a wrong headed move. The man wants to take away free speech and with it free thought, it already looks like many Canadians have been brainwashed. Lets hope it’s only temporary.
commented 2018-07-04 23:31:02 -0400
Terry Gain—-Todays poll shows Trudeau regained some popularity as he gathered 55% of the vote as favorite leader. It seem that the ignorant Canadian Public think the PM Mouse is beating up the American Elephant.
Wait till they lose their jobs.
commented 2018-07-04 20:02:03 -0400
PETER NETTERVILLE commented 24 mins ago
Paul described the Tories as “spineless”. He could just as well have been talking about the Federal Conservatives in Canada.
I’m not thrilled with Scheer, but to compare him with PM May is unfair. It seems that Scheer is likely to win in 2019 and he may have made a tactical decision to avoid the Islam file. But I concede that if he is not going to attack Islam, he should know enough not to praise Islam.
commented 2018-07-04 19:30:30 -0400
Paul described the Tories as “spineless”. He could just as well have been talking about the Federal Conservatives in Canada.
commented 2018-07-04 19:27:42 -0400
Those that are against free speech are too stupid to realize the table can be turn on them to restrict their own speech. Dullards.
commented 2018-07-04 18:45:50 -0400
“lying to their readers to smear me” – and, also focus smearing everyone who opposes hysterical leftists who behave like fascists!
commented 2018-07-04 18:38:53 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,595 Attacks, 230,565 Killed, 310,462 Injured that we know of