August 27, 2018

(WATCH) Paul Joseph Watson: “Why Our Culture Creates Mass Shooters”

Rebel Staff

In this new video, Paul Joseph Watson says that the Jacksonville shooter "was a product of his diseased society."

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commented 2018-08-27 21:44:45 -0400
Alex is not shut down! For anyone seeking Alex Jones, he’s alive and well (maybe a little angry right now) on and Bitchute. For those of us who like David Knight, he is also handy at and on Bitchute (ditto for the War Room). I realize I might be the only person listening but … for any other designers or artists out there who need something to listen to while they’re working, these are excellent and informative shows. I prefer to listen via Ron Gibson on Bitchute. That’s Ron Gibson on Bitchute. Alex’s show, David Knight’s show and the War Room are all broken up there into individual hours (hour 1, 2 and 3). Go for it. No one has to know….
commented 2018-08-27 20:15:41 -0400
PJW tells it like it is, as usual. Ezra should give him a regular slot on the Rebel,his subscribers run into the millions. With Alex Jones shut down he will be looking for a slot.