July 27, 2018

(WATCH) Project Veritas catches Twitter admitting to shadow-banning

Rebel Staff

James O'Keefe of Project Veritas just released a new undercover video:

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commented 2018-07-29 20:05:41 -0400
I know a lot of that people use text message maybe this is better way to talk to your friends and voice any opinion! Facebook and Twitter should be shut down for what they are doing!!! YouTube is riding the thin line. People are going to find new ways to get their messages out and the losers will be the above companies.
commented 2018-07-29 17:13:54 -0400
Tony, you still haven’t answered the question. I never asked about refugees. Germans were not refugees during the war. Answer the question O Gutless One.

What difference does it make that they were at war with Germany? We knew that not all Germans were Nazis. So why not let the good ones in?
commented 2018-07-28 19:35:44 -0400
This is what was said, transcribed directly from their own captions.

“One strategy is to shadow ban so that you have ultimate control. The idea of a shadow ban is that you ban someone, but that they don’t know that theyv’e been banned, because they keep posting, but no one sees the content. So they just think that no one is engaging with their content, when in reality, no one is seeing it. You just sort of turn off all the features for them, so, like, they still see everything, it’s all there. You can like it, favourite it, or you can like retweet or whatever. But at the end of the day, no one else interacts … no one else sees what you’re doing. So all that data is just thrown away. It’s risky though. Because people will figure that shit out and be like … you know, it’s a lot of bad press if like, people figure out that you’re like shadow banning them. It’s like, unethical in some way, You know it. So, I don’t know. In the past people have been really really pissed off about that. And even people who haven’t been shadow banned have called it, like, a really terrible thing to do. So, yeah, it’s a risky strategy. "

Notably absent from this “admission”, is the actual admission. He’s just defining what shadow-banning is, and the possible negative consequences. Project Veritas strikes again.
commented 2018-07-28 01:37:56 -0400
And what people really think about the “we know best what’s good for your types” at Twitter and Facebook was clearly demonstrated by today’s stock markets losses, which was in the billions… Couldn’t happen to a nicer pair of bastards…
commented 2018-07-28 01:29:28 -0400
I don’t have twitter or tweets or other twits that are required to watch this video! Is there any other way to hear this?