September 19, 2018

(WATCH) Project Veritas exposes the hidden face of the resistance in “Deep State Unmasked”

Rebel Staff

Project Veritas has released the first two installments of an undercover video series unmasking the deep state.

The first video features a State Department employee, Stuart Karaffa, engaged in radical socialist political activity on the taxpayer's dime, while advocating for government resistance. Stuart Karaffa is also a ranking member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (Metro DC DSA.)

The second video features a Department of Justice paralegal Allison Hrabar reportedly using government owned software and computers to push a socialist agenda. Also featured is Jessica Schubel, the former Chief of Staff for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during the last Obama administration.

All those featured in the Project Veritas videos make admissions revealing that federal employees are using their positions in the government to resist or slow the Trump administration's policies, some breaking laws in the process.

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commented 2018-09-20 04:29:30 -0400
Socialism is slavery.
commented 2018-09-20 00:37:27 -0400
That’s the real challenge facing Donald Trump and Americans that voted for him… During the eight years of Barak Assalamualaikum Obama, every government department from the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the Treasury, the EPA and even the Pentagon was stacked with subversives and Muslim advocates… They are evidently still there and it is going to become very “messy” in the coming years as they are weeded out… That is indeed why the upcoming mid-term elections are so critical as to who is going to prevail in the long term, or the "cancer"is beyond repair…
commented 2018-09-19 23:00:05 -0400
These Commies’ need firing like the time when Ronald Reagan fired Airport Dispatchers’ wouldn’t Negotiate wage settlement!