August 02, 2018

(WATCH) White HuffPo writer “confused” when black man supports NRA — so Colion Noir sets her straight

Rebel Staff

In a since-deleted tweet, a Huffington Post writer expressed her "confusion" when she saw a black man driving a BMW with pro-gun rights bumperstickers.

In response, vocal African-American gun rights activist and NRA TV host Colion Noir joked that, personally, was "anti-bumpersticker," then explained why these sorts of prejudices are so common among "tolerant" liberals.

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commented 2018-08-03 12:26:26 -0400
Colion is an excellent speaker and I enjoyed how he calmly stated his position.
The woman who started this was quick to back track and blame everyone else by saying that she was misquoted or her bigoted comments were misinterpreted. Typical lefty.
commented 2018-08-03 11:55:49 -0400
The leftist progressive imperative is to define and accuse others of who and what they themselves are .
commented 2018-08-03 03:17:17 -0400
Liberals are bigots.
commented 2018-08-02 21:01:19 -0400
Leftists will either really dig in & attack or walk back their statements when confronted with their own bigotry and condescension on-line. Another tactic is to gaslight people who call them out on it!