October 13, 2016

“Worse than 100 TrumpTapes”: Hacker claims video of Hillary making racist remarks, other bombshells to be released

StaffRebel Columnist

An anonymous hacker took to the 4chan message boards to deliver a potentially huge message: a devastating blow to the Democratic Party and Clinton is imminent.

The hacker posted that, “All 33k deleted Emails are going to be released by November 1st. probably in 4 – 5 sets. these emails are going to be the complete undoing of the Democratic Party. We are purposely holding them back so they cannot have time to replace Hillary.”

He adds that he is not working with Russia, but knows six videos of Hillary will be released. One of which shows Clinton making racist remarks to a black woman

“The amount of hatred seen on her face for their community will be worse than 100 TrumpTapes,” he claims.

However, as Paul Joseph Watson put it, “Normally when it looks too good to be true, it isn't true.”

Only time will tell.

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commented 2016-10-14 21:13:12 -0400
Rebel news… entertainment web page. News rebel does not do. The hacker is fake same with the original post. One only has to do is ping the IPS addy and you find out it was posted from tump’s foundation. It’s rather funny. But rebel entertainment would only post what there viewers want to hear not actual real news.
commented 2016-10-13 22:15:59 -0400
Trump needs to get off the little stuff and start focusing on the bigger issues.
Clinton’s emails on Catholics and the ‘Spring’ needed in the Church to create descent and ultimate control by the Democrats.
She wants to make abortions legal up to 9 months….sound familiar (Canada’s no law abortion status)? Have abortions paid by taxpayers…sound familiar?
The MSM is not covering this.
According to EWTN, she is way down on support from white working women. How many people even know she is promoting this?
commented 2016-10-13 22:10:58 -0400
‘Journalists’ are not reporting the news anymore, they are creating it.

The news is now the new reality shows. And there is definitely a ‘reality show mentality’ they are feeding.
commented 2016-10-13 18:32:25 -0400
Why is Canada’s media following the narrative of the US? I could understand a few rotten apples, but the entire industry is ripe with spin.
commented 2016-10-13 18:10:26 -0400
Seems like Bill has become too big of a liability for Hillary, which is a very dangerous place to be. Both Bill and Hillary would be keenly aware of how likely this video is to exist. It would be very fortuitous for her if Bill were to have one of those pesky “barbell accidents”. That would nullify all of these campaign-destroying leaks coming against Bill and garner Hillary some public sympathy when she desperately needs it. #KillBill
commented 2016-10-13 18:06:28 -0400
@sean….by your words dear boy you will stand condemned after your knocked off your pedestal of arrogance and pride.
commented 2016-10-13 17:40:46 -0400
Only the far right are concerned about this stuff; normal Americans are opposed to the Trump sex fiend!

The Donald is likely to get less than 43% of his he votes, and WILL NOT win more than 99 electoral votes. And, thanks to the Tea Party, the Dems will regain the Senate and the House! Speaker Nancy Pelossi!
commented 2016-10-13 16:39:13 -0400
Any negative press about Hillary, Bill or the DemocRATs will be suppressed from now on in MSM.

All the more important that the alternative media of the internet reach those few of the left-leaning whose faculty of reason may still exist.
commented 2016-10-13 14:59:24 -0400
PJW is likely correct. The Rebel should be careful of promoting “unsubstantiated” things like this. Just reduces its credibility.
But if the expose is true, especially the Hillary thing, I’ll be the first to admit being wrong, and praise the Rebel accordingly.
commented 2016-10-13 14:50:40 -0400
Kelly Weber commented 35 mins ago

Bullshit. The MSM has done it to you too. Trump has said some “women suck” statements and now some alleged assaults are surfacing (MSM has already said guilty) – timing is interesting, don’t you think?

But Hillary has stolen, evaded taxes, lied under oath, supported a rapist, attacked raped women (you know the kind – where "they deserved it), murdered Americans and has walked every time.

Hopefully the upcoming videos of Bill Clinton raping a 13 year old girl will help you distinguish between what Trump says and what the Clintons act upon and do and how the US has their own “media party”.
commented 2016-10-13 14:49:44 -0400
I agree with Joseph Paul Watson..
commented 2016-10-13 14:10:48 -0400
America is fucked. These two losers are the best they could come up with.
commented 2016-10-13 14:00:40 -0400
Wiki leaks has already released bombshell after bombshell on crooked Hillary but the MSM won’t report them, especially in crooked Canada.