December 12, 2016

“You get married to make babies, or why bother?”

Gavin McInnesArchive

I met a married couple who are using birth control, and thought, "Are you gay?" 


The whole point of getting married is to have kids.

And I don't mean just one — you're a loser if you have fewer than three.

No, children aren't "expensive" and all those other excuses I hear.

Just do it!

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commented 2016-12-27 15:21:21 -0500
You have got to be out of your mind. Get married and have 5 kids?? Are you suicidal? Ready to ruin your life? Ha! Have you actually looked at laws regarding marriage in the western world? A system set up to to incentivise women to divorce you? Where your “wife” can just leave you, take your kids, and go and go raise them with some other guy and have you pay for it all the rest of your life? Getting to see your kids when some leftist judge tells you when you can? Ha! You have got to be insane to do such a thing. I will never get married or have children. I blew that off that idea long ago. I’ve been a man going my own way long before it was ever even a thing. I retired at age 40 and am now worth well over a million dollars. My time is my own. I have a girl friend who is already divorced and had her children. I told her on our first date that I’m never going to get married. and I’ve been with her for about 5yrs, she knows not to even go there with me. I’ve worked far too hard to give it all up for a western marriage. I’ve seen it happen to too many of my friends to be such a sucker. I recognized what a scam this advice is in my 20s and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. ! LOL I agree with all you are trying to do to save western society but this advice is totally lame. Good luck to you Gaven.
commented 2016-12-13 00:29:57 -0500
Babs—- Don’t ever apologize to anyone. You made you decision and it was a tough one. Try this one one out Babs—- My daughter has troubles with her body. When pregnant there is always the possibility that the baby will be born — NOT Normal. She has to make the BIG decision about 4 months into the game—— Got any advice?
commented 2016-12-12 22:51:24 -0500
I guess I fall into the loser category as I only had 2 live births. During my 3rd pregnancy I was diagnosed with a life threatening condition. 10 months after the birth of my 2nd child I under went major surgery. I was told in no uncertain terms not to get pregnant again.
I guess I am a loser as I didn’t roll the dice and get pregnant again, thinking that the 2 children I had needed a healthy mother more than the world needed another child.
Go to hell Gavin.
commented 2016-12-12 17:40:29 -0500
love it free speech
commented 2016-12-12 16:57:33 -0500
I have 4 and the last two are boys—- MEN -make a father proud . There was not any particular technique to producing males . It is just the wife wanted more kids and I didn’t really give damn. I had other things on my mind as I rested on the couch. Both times—the wife come in disrupting my slumber and visions with this nonsense and excitement that ‘times a wasting’ and ’isn’t this this exciting’ ? I do the deed and leave her in the bedroom as she hoists her arse in the air— to keep—- the semen in. - Any way—- it was boys both times.
commented 2016-12-12 15:04:03 -0500
I went deep once ,
commented 2016-12-12 12:38:29 -0500
Pro – procreation ;-)
commented 2016-12-12 12:34:48 -0500
Thank You Gavin!!

I watch your stuff not only for the humor, but also for the clarity you bring to the table. Simple and concise (the soul of wit is brevity…….). Thanks!!