April 27, 2015

"You'll have to read the book": Danielle Smith responds to floorcrossing question

Rebel Staff

She's back. Danielle Smith, Alberta's most famous political turncoat, sat on a three person political panel exchanging views on the election campaign and the future of the province.

Smith stunned and outraged Albertans last December when she crossed the floor along with eight other Wildrose party MLAs to join Jim Prentice' PC government.

She later lost her bid for the nomination in the riding of Highwood and now appears to be trying to remake her image as a political pundit, planning a book about her time in politics.

Asked whether she'd do things differently as far as the floorcrossing is concerned, she told a member of the audience he'll have to buy her book once it comes out.

She did say however, the PCs are in trouble in part, because the floor crossings have come back to hurt the Prentice campaign:

The anger that was directed towards me when I got defeated in my riding, I think it ricocheted — that anger had to go somewhere. It ricocheted back on Jim Prentice and the PCs.

Duane Bratt of Mount Royal University agrees with Smith on that point, saying Prentice overplayed his hand by trying to destroy the opposition.

As far as possible election outcomes are concerned, Smith says she'd like to see a PC/Wildrose coalition.

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commented 2015-04-27 14:33:38 -0400
She’s planning on writing a book? Does she not get it that, because she decided to become a turncoat, people don’t care about her anymore? That they actually want her to go away and fade into obscurity??? Anything she endorses is going to be vilified, and it appears she won’t understand why… While I applaud her positive thinking, I’m gobsmacked that she has ho apparent comprehension of “consequences to actions”…
commented 2015-04-27 14:24:32 -0400
The very mention of the name Danielle Smith makes me angry! An to think I was an ardent supporter of the traitor before she joined “the dark side”. There is nothing that justifies betraying those who voted for you.
commented 2015-04-27 11:56:31 -0400
The “opposition” destroyed the PC party years ago . . . the Alberta PC party is infested with leftists of every stripe, the have played the citizens of Alberta for decades. The last Conservative leader in Alberta was Ralph !