July 24, 2018

A Dignified Response to Owen Jones’ Harassment Campaign

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

On my show today, I talked about Owen Jones’ latest video, in which he calls out LBC for continuing to host the Nigel Farage Show.

In the video, which you can view below, he claims that Farage is the front man for the “far right” in Britain and is potentially encouraging violence and mayhem on the streets. Or something. The whole thing reeks of middle-class outrage, faux concern, and the authoritarian streak that runs through every far-left movement in the UK.


I used my show to encourage people to use the hashtag #DumpOwenJones, and to respond to this harassment campaign in a classy and dignified way. I think it’s important for us all to show LBC’s advertising partners that we value their products and services, as well as their commitment to supporting an open-dialogue platform like LBC.

You can do so by tweeting the following accounts:

McDonalds @McDonalds
TK Maxx @TKMaxx_UK
Oasis @OasisFashion
NatWest @NatWest_Help
British Gas @BritishGas
Experian @Experian_UK

It’s essential that we respond to these harassment campaigns, and do so in a dignified manner – at least, to the companies he’s attacking. I can’t help but call Owen Jones names.

As the decent majority in this country, it’s our duty to fight back against the tyranny of the far left.

But I can’t help but get angry. It must be nice for far-left activists like Owen Jones to hire venues without fear of violent protest, or concern that the venue owner might drop out. I saw that the far-left writer and activist is set to speak at Leeds Town Hall, where he'll talk about building a new Britain under his socialist ideals. He’s flogging tickets for 16 quid a pop, and you can bet he isn’t risking violent protest.

Meanwhile, anyone even right of centre would struggle not just to hire a venue and arrange an event like this, but to even advertise the event without harassment campaigns against the venue owners, speakers, and attendees.

This is how far we’ve come. The “right” – or even the free-speech left – are being silenced by an increasingly hostile, violent fringe. Our politicians are saying nothing about it, either. When has a politician ever stood up and said: “Hang on, why are the police not arresting people who harass venues, attendees, and speakers? And why are violent protesters not being arrested, too?”

And make no mistake – that is what’s happening. Anne Marie Waters was blocked from attending a democratic hustings debate during the Lewisham East by-election. Hundreds of far-left activists, promoted by the Labour Party and Stand Up To Racism, descended upon the Salvation Army building in Lewisham, attacked attendees and spat at people. The police didn’t make a single arrest.

We do not live in a free country, and supporting the two main parties will mean it never changes. Whether it’s a Labour or Tory government, you can bet that these communists, Trotskyists, socialists, and far-left extremists are being emboldened. I feel bad that I voted for Theresa May in 2017 – even as a tactical vote. I’ll never do it again – but I’ll also never vote UKIP. You probably already know why.

It’s time we did something different in politics, and voted for people who stand up for the truth. How else can we create change?

Tersely-worded complaint letters won’t change anything. Street protests won’t change anything. That leaves us with two options – one desirable, one catastrophic and thoroughly unacceptable – political and electoral upheaval, or violence. The left wants us to descend into violence. That’s why Owen Jones and his pinheaded cronies harass companies and individuals. It’s not just to silence us, but to provoke us.

The minute we take the bait and engage in violence on the streets, we lose, and the left gains the moral high-ground they’ve long pretended to occupy.

It’s time to think differently. We must vote differently, and we must be thoroughly dignified and civil in our social responses.

So please, consider countering this attack in a polite and dignified way. Remind LBC’s advertising partners that we value their products and services, and we support their advertising deals with LBC and any other open-dialogue platforms.

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commented 2018-07-27 07:08:43 -0400
Sorry, I could only watch the video for less than a minute before I felt a bit queasy. Who was this jumped up narcissistic schoolboy who chooses to lecture me on what I think? The arrogance is stunning.
commented 2018-07-25 06:39:47 -0400
The UK is circling the shitter and these Lieberal (leftist) delusional scumbags have there grubby little hands on the handle.

It just makes me shake my head at the thought of anyone who would purposely destroy their own country.
commented 2018-07-24 22:48:47 -0400
Nary a word about Muslim Murders nor Rape Gangs.