October 05, 2015

A gun registry by any other name: That's what Trudeau, Mulcair are vowing

Brian LilleyArchive

Despite protestations, we now know that a Liberal government will essentially bring back a gun registry.

Just read the Liberal platform released today, to find out. Make sure to read between the lines though otherwise you could misunderstand his plans for law-abiding gun owners.

Tom Mulcair and the NDP aren't much different. He has actually said it but likes to add that they'll do it differently than the Liberals did.

We’ve had a long hard fight to get some sanity restored to our gun control laws in this country. I’d say there is still plenty to do but if this election goes the wrong way, all the progress of the last few years and any hope for further progress will be lost.

Tell your friends, post this video to Facebook, Twitter, email it to your gun club buddies and let them know the truth about Trudeau and Mulcair before it is too late.


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The High River gun grab violated every Canadian's civil liberties, and must never be repeated.
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commented 2015-10-06 09:37:49 -0400
Ahh Francis – the beast has woken from her slumber. Let the games begin. Shoo bad fly. Shoo. be gone with you. Mature.
commented 2015-10-06 09:32:40 -0400
“Francesca Moronski”

I’ve been called worse things by better people. :-)

What is most telling in terms of a trolls status as a troll is how quickly the conversation devolves into mere name calling. Being unable to control the conversation and promote his/her agenda the troll lashes out with names and anger – a result of being unable to think past the script.

Go away troll – go back to your liberal masters and lick their boots. You have no place here you sad pathetic creature. There will be no bonuses from the party for a job well done today. Be gone!
commented 2015-10-06 09:32:02 -0400
Left wing politicians are very adept at figuring out ways to spend/waist money; the long gun registry or whatever name it goes by is no exception.
commented 2015-10-06 09:30:43 -0400
Trump supported Clinton’s “assault weapons ban”, but don’t let that get in the way of your anti-American CBC stereotypes, fudd.
commented 2015-10-06 09:27:21 -0400
Dennis Young has tried all avenues to write public officials of all political persuasions… They all stonewall, shrug their shoulders and play dumb, “I don’t know who gave the order” and “I don’t know that any recourse can be achieved”.

What’s clear is that the order came from high up, and no one has been disciplined for it. I am quite jaded at this point, can’t help but feel that High River was a practice lap for what’s coming in the near future.
commented 2015-10-06 09:22:20 -0400
Peteski, this started as an interesting discussion about gun laws and gun control. I always enjoy a healthy and mature debate and as a Canadian I think I am still allowed to have an opinion. No nerve struck here – what struck me is how you teabagger fuckwads always derail these threads by making unfounded accusations when confronted with reality ie. Socialists have always created problems when there is no problem, they love red tape but whats worse they do it for revenue, that’s what socialists do. Or BTW lefties, lots of lefties own guns and vote NDP and object to any redundant make-work registry. So shall we call these rubes “fringe lefties”?
Not sure if you all huddle together in your holes planning this BS and trot it out the minute somebody objects to your 1930s jerkwater US political values.
Heres our plan – inundated them with lies and crap, call names (Trump would love you morons), pout, stomp or feet and maybe they will go away. Hey Peter, there is a world beyond that cess pool you call home. Look past you coke bottle lenses and you might see it. Reality is – you are completely out of touch with reality. Living in Disneyland must be fun.
commented 2015-10-06 09:20:12 -0400
Good work, gentlemen! You have Jason R. on the defensive and spewing anger, hate, and insults. This particular troll is easily provoked.
commented 2015-10-06 09:12:54 -0400
What happened in High River was criminal and must be prosecuted, but what was even worse than that was the lukewarm barely reported response from the main stream media. Clearly they saw it as nothing news worthy, probably even agreed with the illegal activity. As heinous as the High River incident was, the MSM’s response was even worse. Neither can ever happen again.
commented 2015-10-06 09:03:43 -0400
Francis Marion, I like your 7 step guide. Then I read Jason’s response, “Thanks for the insight Francesca Moronski”

I think you hit a nerve in Jason the troll. He says he only read in a few words, but the insult tells a different story.
commented 2015-10-06 08:57:50 -0400
Your inbred queen and her minions have made it criminal for me to have a steak knife, I’ve been forced to register my hands to them, they’ve stolen my private property and told me I don’t have the right to self-defense. I’ve seen the other side of the curtain, your appeasement of these tyrants will not end with you having some special privilege, unless you are in fact one of their knights.
commented 2015-10-06 08:36:08 -0400
Ah – the Urban dictionary – lets see. Richard – ie Dick.
1.The male genitals
2.An abrasive man
3.Short-form for "Richard
Do you feel like a Dick are us it hard to feel when you are just a dick – and well an abrasive man too. Hope you have figured out how to use those steak knives
commented 2015-10-06 07:59:25 -0400
Socialists have always created problems when there is no problem, they love red tape but whats worse they do it for revenue, that’s what socialists do.
commented 2015-10-06 05:39:17 -0400
Amazing how the lefties showed up for this one. Ezra must be loving the CPC, CPM click revenue.

Lefties are good for something.

BTW lefties, lots of lefties own guns and vote NDP and object to any redundant make-work registry. So shall we call these rubes “fringe lefties”?

Can’t wait to see troodo get the beating of his life on October 19 – my bet is that troodo loses his seat.
commented 2015-10-06 03:46:51 -0400
“An armed society is a polite society”.
commented 2015-10-06 01:53:14 -0400
They’ll use their lab to turn your double-barrel shotgun to be outfitted with a 200 round drum mag and fire full auto, claim it’s easy for you to do yourself… Then they’ll take your steak knives… Then they’ll demand you register your fists and pay them for a license. It’s not firearms they oppose, it’s self-defense… “Security of the Person”… The very core of what it means to be “free”.
commented 2015-10-06 01:50:28 -0400
“…After the Ecole Polytechnique massacre, when Wendy Cukier asked “Why do we allow people to own this type of gun?” the best we could manage was some mumbled excuse about the police not investigating Mr. Lepine’s FAC application properly. A superior response would have been: “You should not be asking why a lunatic had a gun, but why no one else did.” Of course, she would have described in lurid details how concealed carry would cause gun battles to erupt as people jostled for position at supermarket checkouts. She would have called us neanderthals. She would have accused us of being un-Canadian. But an aggressive response would have placed her on the defensive. The focus of the discussion would be shifted away from the viability of strict gun control, and towards the viability of concealed carry permits.
We must stop being so damned apologetic. It is the gun control activists that have blood on their hands, not us. Every time the do-gooders make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to acquire a gun, they guarantee someone else will be left to stand unarmed before an armed criminal or lunatic. Canadian citizens are dying like lab rats in some insane social engineering experiment, while most gun owners do nothing more than prattle on about the joys of moose hunting. The Ecole Polytechnique massacre should have steeled our resolve as much as it did the gun grabbers. Fourteen young women died needlessly. Fourteen young women died because their government did not trust them to possess a means of self defence. How many more deaths must there be before we find our damned backbones?…"

from: “Self Defence: A Pro-Gun Strategy”, By John Orth
commented 2015-10-06 01:44:52 -0400
Yeah Bill, If I was CMP it would make a lot of sense that would come here and get involved in this discussion. Do you really think CSIS gives a shit about mindless pricks like you. Oh I shoot guns professionally, I trained a one armed blind man to shoot – look at me. You certainly think highly of yourself. And are references like Tommunist or Minime meant to be funny – because they just aren’t. Scary that with all your worldly experience and intimate knowledge of my ability to handle a gun that’s the best you can come up with. You teaparty conservatives need to spend some time under a teabag. Pathetic.
commented 2015-10-06 01:35:39 -0400
Folks who did not own guns in High River, but used to own guns, had their doors kicked down… Even in non-flooded areas… Their neighbors’ doors, not listed on the outdated registry, left untouched.

No need to argue this, I know it to be true. I thank God that these men are so stupid, so prone to error and oversight. I thank God that our military outright refused to participate. I salute you brave men and women who truly uphold your oath to defend the integrity of this country.
commented 2015-10-06 01:22:34 -0400
Yeah, the old registries may be virtually obsolete, but they still act on those records and treat them as current, warrant-worthy (if they even bother to seek one from a judge at all).

This may be “tinfoil hat” land, but a rational man would assume that these Dudley Do Wrongs are monitoring forums, tracking who searches how to repair or clean what, who orders accessories for what, etc. Don’t put it past these assholes for a second.

Do not forget that in feudalist, medieval England, only a "royal"s knights were permitted to carry a sword. Houses were searched and our forefathers were punished for daring to have the means to defend their lives, families, and what they dared to view as their property. That is why we came to this continent, is it not??? Even if it was to barely escape that sort of invasive, anti-human caste system. We may have electricity, phones, internet, but the same desire by our “nobles” remains, to have a disarmed serf class to work the land for their benefit. Look at England today… Cameras in the home, operated by the state, to monitor whether kids need to be taken away, for not doing their “social justice math” homework. This is what it’s come to, the Swiss, Russians, Americans and Canadians, the last “bitter clingers” to the ideology of self-determination.
commented 2015-10-06 00:55:59 -0400
Richard Vanderlubbe – The illegal copies of the registry the Dudleys have is useless data. There have been so many long guns change hands acting on this outdated junk is a legal liability.

Speaking of illegal registry copies, I bet the Duds are out pimping for the Tommunist and MiniMe hoping to stop a new Harper government from prosecuting the High River crimes from B&E division.
commented 2015-10-06 00:44:31 -0400
Careful when discussing with fudds such as Jason R (CMP) what you may own, or seek to own. They absolutely have a copy of the registry, and what’s more, metadata showing what essentially amounts to credit card statements for their employer’s subjects.

Remember “cash is king”. If there’s one thing to pass on to the kids, it’s that diamond-coated piece of advice.

In the words of Chris Carter, “Trust No one”.
commented 2015-10-06 00:39:47 -0400
Francis Marion – Yeah happens every time, but this one is pretty transparent. Party trolls always leave that unmistakable stench of ripe mendacity.
I’ve hunted extensively and shot competitively as well as trained shooters for more than a few years, – been around hunters and sports shooters most of my adult life – take it from me Francis, “Jason” there hasn’t shot at anything except the rim of a urinal .
commented 2015-10-06 00:29:43 -0400
Thanks for the insight Francesca Moronski – I got a far as “stroll in…….” then I tuned out the rest of your BS. You have all the humour of the plastic lamp in front of me right now. Bill – I think it was sponsorship scandal that was the ultimate undoing of the liberals. Not the gun registry.
commented 2015-10-06 00:28:51 -0400
I hope the RCMP and CSIS are reading, I’d like to report an armed gang that is using sophisticated CNC equipment to modify the semi-auto sears of consumer rifles to fire full-auto.

This same armed gang is responsible for countless break-ins targeting gun-owners. A “big fish” to cath for any pigs reading… Something to make you move up the union ladder if you bust this lawless crew.

Their gang-leader is a man named “Paulson” from what I understand. Exercise extreme caution when attempting to apprehend these criminals, they can be considered armed and extremely dangerous.
commented 2015-10-06 00:17:41 -0400
The two globalists can try to pimp their war against moose hunters agenda all they want but I’m willing to bet they get less buy-in than ever before. Liberal legal abuse of honest gun owners put them in the opposition benches last time, I’m willing to see them stay there if they haven’t learned a thing about oppressing the wrong people.
commented 2015-10-06 00:05:53 -0400
Some one mentioned earlier about all the BS that goes back and forth between law abiding responsible fire arms owners defending their rights, and gun-grabbers trying to take their rights…and their guns. Well I’ve had enough of the BS and I will say only this:
commented 2015-10-05 23:46:08 -0400
Troll’s Guide to Controlling Threads on anything related to Firearms in Canada:

1 – Stroll in and present yourself as a middle aged male that has owned guns forever and has hunted and shot most of his life and who grew up in Canada in a rural area (preferably on a farm) and is an expert on most things related to the subject.

2 – Drop some brand names of various firearms manufacturers in conversation like you were in your local hunting shop so it looks like you know what you are talking about. If someone expresses some knowledge on the subject give them a pat on the back and move along.

3 – Keep a quick reference list of the history of gun control in Canada handy so you can look like an authority on the topic. Better yet – memorize the list and internalize it being quick to point out that registration does’t lead to confiscation – that’s just crazy right wing conspiracy talk. Be quick to mention that we don’t want to be like the USA – it would be the end of life as we know it and that any reasonable person can see that registration is needed to keep us all safe.

4 – Be quick to call anyone who disagrees with aforementioned statement unreasonable, non law abiding, radical, American right wing militia types who want to run around the country with fully automatic AK 47’s shooting at babies and giving guns to drug dealers.

5 – Try to build consensus in the thread by controlling the topic to be discussed and always appear ‘reasonable’ when discussing said topic when folks are silly enough to respond within the parameters you have set – be careful not to let the topic stray from your set agenda. If in doubt on how to do this always refer back to rule 4. No one likes to be accused of being an AK47 toting baby killer.

6 – Go over the same points over and over again until you are sure that people have either thrown their hands up in frustration and left or the last straggler has conformed and given you the consensus you require. Moreover – never let the conversation stray to anything important. Stay focused on trivialities, side issues and circular arguments. Never forget rule 4.

7- Punch your time card and head home for an evening of surfing porn and Gerry Springer knowing that once again you’ve made the country a safer place for the poor stupid plebs that populate this nation and sites like the Rebel. Good job patriot! Have a drink – you’ve earned it!
commented 2015-10-05 23:42:30 -0400
ATC – I never said it was coming back. In fact, my whole point here was that this was some fear mongering on Harps part – know have either the Libs or the NDP stated they would reinstate the gun registry. That is flat out BS. The argument started when I stated that I had no problem (at the time) registering my two guns – a rifle and a shot gun for hunting. The point – one more time – I a have been traditionally conservative but I am sick of Harps BS and deflecting the issues. JT and TM don’t want to go near this issue. It was the same thing when Harps started on about opposing a netflix tax. No one ever said there would be a netflix tax. No one even mentioned netflix acccept Harps. He is just so full of shit. Time for a new leader.
commented 2015-10-05 23:34:19 -0400
Jason; an attempt at discussion: when the registry was introduced I believe the fees totaled something like 40 dollars per firearm. I knew a few collectors in Alberta who had many of these weapons, and one guy in particular had over 400 of them. That’s a whole lot of lettuce for something that he’d no idea he’d have to pay so much more for, in many cases decades later. There’s no doubt going to be a lot of similar cases should any form of registration be re-introduced by a Trudeau or Mulcair government. Unless you’d have us believe the federal government, a Liberal or NDP government, would proceed with such a plan with no fees for the registrants? LOL! But, back to reality, what do you tell them, Jason? We haven’t had a registry for a few years now, it’s entirely possible there are collectors out there who’ve bought quite a few of them. It may even be possible some people are buying a lot of them right now in the fear of a Trudeau or Mulcair win in a few weeks. So, tough cookies for them, then? Sacrifice their privacy as well as a nice chunk of change in the name of, what, the concept of just go along with whatever the government says (I call it the velvet rope argument)? Seems like grasping at straws to justify an intrusive and un-necessary policy to me. Gonna get a lot of people really pissed off, especially in the west. Not a real “inclusive” policy, IMHO.