July 28, 2015

A law against everything: College is the fourth layer of government

Aaron ClareyRebel Blogger

I find sleep hard to come by. To aid in this I do many things, one of which is listen to podcasts as I go to bed. As long as they aren't terribly cerebral or detailed, they usually send me off to slumberland. But while half awake and about to make the jump last night, it was Bernard Chapin's podcast that jilted me out of my slumber. The reason why was because he started quoting an article about yet ANOTHER female college student complaining about some sort of injustice or another.

I can't remember even precisely what it was, nor was I able to go back and find the article. But I do remember my brain kicking in saying:

"WTF? ANOTHER college drama? ANOTHER complaint filed about harassment or trigger warnings or what have you? Why is this happening? Why can't college students get their act together and just go to school? Why all the made up drama?"

And then it dawned on me.

I leaned over to the bedside table, grabbed my notepad, made a note, and though the brain juices were stirred, I managed to fall back to sleep.

When I woke up this afternoon and looked at my notepad the note read "College is the 4th Layer of Government." And I realized, despite being half awake, this epiphany was dead on.  For not only is it true, it also explains why we can't go one day without some sort of "news article" about some petulant little child filing some complaint in the world of Academia.

Understand the current three layers of government exist for one logical reason or another.

Federal handles all things national and international: Defense, roads, trade policy, etc.

States handle regional issues, roads, national guard, interstate commerce, etc. And local handles issues closest to home: Schools, parking regulations, police, fire department, etc.

And between these three layers of government the US people have ENOUGH (if not more than enough) governance to make sure society works. However, whereas governments typically form out of a requirement by the people to either regulate, legislate, or provide a certain public service, additional layers of government may evolve simply because an organization has enough power or is put in an effective position of power over a large enough group of people.

For example, most people really don't have freedom of speech in the US. The reason why is that employers act as a defacto 4th layer of government.

You can't make politically incorrect posts on facebook.
You can't participate in politics publicly, lest you be fired by Mozilla.
What's your Twitter password?
Pee in this cup.
Were you out late last night? You look tired at this morning's meeting.
You can't date at work.
And (the all time favorite "law" one of my employers told me) you can't teach dance class.

And the reason employers can get away with this is because they have power over you in the form of employment. You need their money to survive.

However, a new and even more Orwellian fourth layer of government has formed and that is colleges or "Academia." But whereas the power of employers come from the fact you need a job, Academia's power comes from the fact you need a degree to even get a job! (or so they say.) Ergo, entire futures of young people's careers are literally balanced in the hands (and whims) of the unelected officials of Academia.

And who are these unelected officials?

Professors, administrators, diversity officers, and other worthless academic bureaucrats who most certainly, if not entirely, hail from the left.

This has resulted in a de facto tyrannical government forcing their own leftist, socialist, feminist, and anti-white anti-male ideology on the unfortunate and unsuspecting student-citizens of Academiaville.

No longer can "Bill" just show up, get his degree in engineering and go on to work for Boeing.  No he needs "diversity training" before he can graduate.

No longer can "Amy" just show up, get her degree in accounting, and go work for Peat Marwick. No, she needs to have 20 credit hours in "Corporate Social Responsibility" before she gets her degree.

And no longer can "Bob" just show up to class, flirt with "Jessica" (who he had the hots for on the first day of class) and nail her a month later after a couple dates. No, Bob needs to worry NOT ABOUT THE COPS, but about how the City Council of Academiaville have revised the definition of the word "rape" to mean "regret."

You combine this all together and you get nothing short of a propagandizing, tyrannical, leftist, Soviet, Orwellian nightmare. And Mr. Chapin's recent podcast was just one example of the many instances of this hell young people must endure.

The Duke lacrosse team was a perfect example where the fourth layer of government didn't care about police reports, facts, or justice. They (frankly) hated white males and used their effective government power to punish them for, well, being white males.

The fraternities of UVA were shut down by this fourth layer of government because Rolling Stone magazine wrote a story about a rape that was found out later to be false. Again, facts, police reports, forensics, and reality be damned. The leftist, feminist ideology of UVA's City Council was the effective law of the land there and they don't like fraternities. Shut them down!

How about Mattress Girl at the Soviet Socialist Republic of Columbia University? Again, a provably false rape accusation where the unelected officials of Columbia university made the life of Jean-Paul Nungesser not only hell, but made it very likely he'd never have a career. It wasn't until Mr. Nungesser provided proof (in the form of texts) that the sex was consensual and that Mattress Girl (and Columbia University) was proven wrong. (He is now suing Columbia University - good for him.)

And how can we forget when they turn on their own? Laura Kipnis, a feminist studies hack professor enjoyed the experience some lampreys enjoy when other lampreys attack their own. After writing an article decrying the "sexual paranoia" she witnessed on college campuses two complaints were filed by (you guessed it) two lampreys feminist college students against her. After a circus court ordeal where college administrators wouldn't even tell her what the complaint was about, she was exonerated.

But what makes the drama in college campuses today so frequent and "newsworthy" (not to mention laughable) is not so much the Orwellian nature of leftist college administrators as much as it is their own success. Through nearly three generations of leftist brainwashing in both K-12 and media, the (predominantly) aged, baby boomer leftists of the 60's who run Academiaville are now reaping what they’ve sowed. 

Thus, their problem students are not the "evil" "Straight Laced White Boy McGee" who comes in, wants to major in Actuarial Studies (who they desperately wanted to punish because of whitey-malelyness).  It's the professional victim-monsters they've created that are now the citizenry of their domain.  And they couldn't deserve these little self-created Frankenstein monsters more.

Nineteen-year-old spoiled brat children from the suburbs who have NEVER been held to a standard and have ALWAYS been told they were right filing complaints against professors.

Eighteen-year-old adult children who have NO real world experience, but have been brainwashed to believe because they champion the politically correct approved crusades and causes, they are "smart" and know better.

And particularly delicious is the egomaniac hordes of young American female students who have been led to believe that not only are they great, but are automatically victims, constantly under assail and assault, because they have a vagina. And that if things don't go their way, by god, they need to file a report and get people fired.

The result is a circus that belies not only the true intent of these academian leftist ideologues, but shows us what a leftist utopia looks like and the ultimate insanity that would ensue.

Trigger warnings.
"Safe rooms."
False rape hysteria.
Worthless college graduates with worthless college degrees.
Financial ignoramouses who VEHEMENTLY defend wasting $200,000 on said worthless degrees.
Fat acceptance.
Tuition increases at 8 times the rate of inflation and 5 times the rate of wage increases.

And ultimately:

An entire generation of adult children who are not only completely useless and valueless to the rest of society, but are LIABILITIES NOBODY will want to have anything to do with.

The solution, of course, is twofold.

One, you do not have to live in "Academiaville." You can attend conservative colleges like Hillsdale which do NOT have the totalitarian, leftist insanity. You can focus on your studies and side step all the leftist indoctrination that is falsely posing as your "pre-requisite" classes to ensure you're a "well rounded person." Plus girls at Hillsdale will unlikely accuse you of rape if you kiss them on the cheek goodnight.

Two, that internet is coming. Already the IT industry (rightly) places more value on certifications and experience than it does that increasingly worthless piece of paper. Additionally, with places like ASU offering accredited degrees online in conjunction with the likes of Khan's Academy and CourseX, the MOOQ's will be replacing college campuses for a fraction of the cost, and NONE of the insanity. The only thing stopping it is getting American employers to realize it.

And truth be told, the Ole Captain has a little trick up his sleeve that might just make that happen sooner than you think.

But that is another story for another time.


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commented 2015-07-29 15:29:03 -0400
i not sure but I feel someone should be offended because you told the truth ..which i find offensive that I said such a thing…thus you must be the offender because you wrote the article…
commented 2015-07-28 21:27:06 -0400
Really good commentary. The vid’s awesome , except I don’t agree that anyone can learn anything, and we are all born with equal abilities, but I don’t think that was your point with the last video. Keep up the noise level, or common sense will be forever more drowned out.
Loved it.