January 09, 2018

A left-wing bureaucrat attacked a Christian school for teaching the Bible. But now the school is fighting back in court!

Rebel Staff

Last year we told you about the Cornerstone Christian Academy in Alberta.

A bureaucrat at the Battle River School Division, Lauri Skori, literally ordered the school to stop teaching passages in the Bible that she personally disagreed with.

For example, Skori ordered the school to stop teaching a passage from 1 Corinthians, because she finds it “offensive”.

Not just that, but the bureaucrats tried to put a gag order on the school, to forbid them from talking to anyone about what the school board was trying to do!

Things have gone from bad to worse. Rather than respect the Cornerstone Christian Academy’s religious freedom, the school board has served the school notice that it will be officially kicked out next year — so the school won’t get any funding. It’s effectively being shut down, because a left-wing, anti-Christian activist doesn’t like the Bible.

But I’ve got good news: Canada’s best (and only?) civil liberties lawyer, John Carpay, is taking the school board to court, to stop the Battle River School Division from banning the Cornerstone Christian Academy.

Here’s my interview with John, where he describes the situation, and what he’s doing about it:

Last year we raised more than $5,000 for John his team to help the school — they tried to reason with the school board, and negotiate an amicable solution. That failed, so unfortunately, they have to sue.

Let’s help them out.

I’ve promised to help him raise another $2,000 to help pay for his team of lawyers to fight for the school’s freedom of religion, against government censors.

If you agree that this anti-Christian bigotry is unacceptable, please join with me in helping to chip in to support the school by clicking here.

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