January 05, 2016

Dump the "Progressive" moniker and fire everyone: 5 things Patrick Brown needs to do in 2016

Neil FlaggRebel Blogger

In an otherwise nauseating political year, there was a glimmer of hope in the Canadian political electorate back in June.

After four straight electoral defeats by three separate failed leaders, the grassroots of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario gave a massive Tea Party-style kick-in-the-ass to the party’s downtown Toronto establishment. The grassroots rejected Christine Elliott, the party's favoured candidate for next leader, by a massive majority.

Proving the majority 100% right, by the end of the year Ms Elliott had quit the party she sought to lead, and accepted a patronage appointment from the party she claimed to oppose, the dreaded Death Star of Canada’s provincial governments: the Ontario Liberal Party led by Kathleen Wynne.

The beneficiary of the Conservative uprising was Patrick Brown, a backbencher from the federal Conservative Party who promised to come in from the outside, shake things up, and bring success back to the Ontario movement.

Brown had enlisted a group of bright young political organizers from federal circles to out-hustle and out-organize the stale, arrogant Elliott campaign. He sealed the deal by securing the endorsement of upstart grassroots favourite Monte McNaughton, who went from virtual unknown to kingmaker in the course of a few weeks by leading the principled opposition to Premier Wynne’s pornified Sex Ed curriculum, and by embracing the grassroots power of Ford Nation. 

With new leader Brown now firmly settled into his seat at Queen’s Park, and a honeymoon fall session behind him, we’re starting to get a little itchy for some action.

I’m not going to be overly critical of Brown’s performance so far; however, as someone with his pulse on the grassroots of Ontario’s conservative movement, I want to start 2016 by reminding Patrick and his people what we are expecting out of our party, to rescue us from this seemingly-endless have-not Liberal epoch.

1)    Drop the oxymoronic “Progressive” moniker.
It’s time to end the delusion that you can succeed in politics by trying to please everyone. We can delve deeply into political theory and opinion all we want, but the bottom line is: Conservative parties across the country have either abandoned the “Progressive Conservative” name for sheer survival, have become permanent opposition, or have imploded entirely. “Progressive Conservative” is now inexorably linked to failure, and I have not been able to come up with a single downside to shortening the party’s name.

2)    Declare a set of principles that will inform your future actions.
Since the end of Mike Harris’ successful “Common Sense Revolution”, it’s been impossible to define exactly what the party stands for. I believe this is because the party has been dominated by competing groups of downtown Toronto elites, wishing to exploit the conservative movement for their own means. With his blank-slate victory fuelled by resentment against these insiders, Brown has the opportunity to go with his instincts and define the party according to what many believe to be a solid conservative heart and mind. Here’s my suggestion on where to start: “Less Government means Better Lives”, and “The left is wrong, we will reverse their failure.”

3)    Stop obsessing over Liberal scandals.
The point of diminishing returns arrived a long time ago. We know they’re crooks. We know they should be in jail (some may actually be heading there). We know the Liberals don’t deserve to hold power over a prison cafeteria.
But you can’t build a movement by focusing solely on your opponents. You need to promote your own principles, policies, and strategies. Steer the conversation away from the crooks, and towards yourselves, so the public can get to know you.

4)    Focus on two or three serious solutions to two or three of the biggest problems.
Don’t get bogged down in internal party squabbles or side-issues trumped up by the media or the opposition.

Here’s three examples of big, important policies I believe a majority of Ontario residents would rally behind: repeal the Green Energy Act and replace it with an Energy Abundance Act.

Partner with the outraged doctors of Ontario on a Health Care Reform Act, promising to rescue our choking system with the free-market reforms opened up by recent Supreme Court decisions.

And third, propose an Educational Renewal Act that will strip the radicalism out of the curriculum, and reduce or eliminate the role of radicalized local school boards from the system.

Hammer your two or three serious policy proposals incessantly for three years, until every single Ontario voter has them on the tip of their tongues. Treat every other issue as just another opportunity to promote those three lead policies. The grassroots wants substance, and they need that substance matched with bold solutions and true commitment.

5)    Truly clean house in the party.
Fire everyone. List every job opening publicly, and encourage new blood from diverse parts of the economy and the province to apply. Take the party away from the domination of poli-sci grads, lobbyist cronies, and professional consultants, and hand it to qualified individuals who have been in-touch with the population of Ontario for the past 15 years.

Across Canada, there’s nothing we want – or need – more than a viable, effective conservative movement in Ontario.

Just as Ontario, under Kathleen Wynne, paved the way for the Justin Trudeau Liberal disaster, our biggest, most populous, most economically-diverse, and traditionally most prosperous province can pave the way for another cross-country conservative renaissance.

If Patrick Brown gets down to true renewal in 2016, there’s a chance it could actually happen.


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commented 2016-01-08 21:21:45 -0500
Geeze, Jamie MacMaster —-you must be a terrible person. Scott G has deemed it to be so. He apparently has a strategy. If we are all really Lucky—- He might someday unleash his wisdom.
commented 2016-01-06 22:04:13 -0500
Browns’ a dud. Great salesman, apparently (he won the nomination by selling the most memberships) but that’s not what you need to win elections.

I figure you should go for a Trump. If you’re going to lose, at least go down entertainingly. Whoever mentioned Doug Ford, let’s go one up and pull the full Rob.
commented 2016-01-06 10:07:25 -0500
My MP is a member of the Ontario “Progressive Conservative” Party. In thought, opinion and favoured policy, he’s a Liberal, but Liberals won’t win a seat in our riding, so he’s a PC. The OPC party is rotten to the core, with few exceptions. They have no stomach for openly defending property rights, personal liberty and limited government, thereby dropping the “progressive” name and its implied support of social welfare, universal health care, public education, public pension plans, supply management cartels and/or hydro-style corrupt monopolies. There will be no evisceration of a bloated government bureaucracy, or any other action on necessary reforms because they’re gutless – even worse than the Fed Cons. Whether they win the next election or not, our Province will continue to slide toward bankruptcy, economic depression and the attendant rioting and lawlessness that will follow as a matter of course. The PCs can change their name, but they can’t change their inherent character flaws.
commented 2016-01-06 07:22:49 -0500
I am reminded of the children’s story where a bunch of mice come up with a great plan to put a bell on a cat, but it all comes to naught because of certain facts they hadn’t considered when they drew up their marvelous scheme.

It is a fact that a sufficient number of Ontario voters have demonstrated in the last three elections (we can forgive them The Dildo’s initial victory) that they have no capacity for the blunt truth, honesty and ethical behaviour don’t matter, and they couldn’t give a damn about their fellow citizens or the future generations. That’s what happens whenever you have an increasingly urbanized population that needs its arse wiped, trivia and drivel to keep it entertained, and depends on government cheques. And that is the reality that confronts any political party in this Province.

The PCs have neither the guts nor the ability to start speaking the truth. They are – and have been for fifteen years – paralyzed into resolute ineffectiveness by the media. There is a crushing debt coming down on the shoulders of our younger generations and the economic tools to deal with it are going south in both a literal and figurative sense, yet nobody has the balls to say anything about it or the brains to turn it into a rallying call for action.

I say keep the PC moniker – pathetic starts with a P.
commented 2016-01-06 02:50:02 -0500
Dear Jamie MacMaster, No I am not a “strategist” I have written thousands of letter to the past PM and a few to the new PM. And several times in the past they have used my Ideas. Was so funny, one time I’d swear that when Lawrence Cannon was in Quebec with Hillary Clinton dealing with the Haiti Crisis, that they used the list of notes I made. I took a day off. I was so upset at what happened and knew our Gov’t couldn’t have had time to think about the whole thing, so I spent the whole day jotting down Ideas and then putting them into order. then I sent them to Cannon. And I am pretty sure they listed off the things they dealt with in the meetings in the same order that I had in my Email. If you could check, and get access to information, you could likely find my email, and then match it up. There are other cases as well. So, just cause a guy isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, doesn’t mean that he has no vision or can’t have a better strategy. Obviously a key factor is that people trust you.
Trust, Some one like Trump for example should clarify himself and once in a while tell people he is going to dumb it down for the far left. That when he says he is going to build a wall, its rhetoric to a point and there is already a wall of fence in many places but far from complete and only in certain places would there be any Concrete walls, So for the record, for those liberals, we won’t be spending all of peoples money on a wall like they have in Israel. But there will be a wall/fence/ security and a strategy to stop illegal movement across the border. And its not about what race or language someone speaks but where they happen to be coming from, and if the far left would get a life, they would realize that people don’t have to spell out every detail. And most people get general picture…

And by doing something like that, people will see that his plan is reasonable and trustworthy and what they would do if they where building a wall. And they will relate. There is a strategy, and some wording. like using “Far” left, so that he doesn’t alienate voters, most don’t see themselves as “far left” and so the slight isn’t against his possible voter pool.

commented 2016-01-06 02:32:53 -0500
Was reading though the comments and came across “Rebelation” comment in reference to one of my comments about Family court. The Idea of Sole Custody is alive and well. I fought several judges male and female tooth and nail and both lost and won to a degree. I was able to see my kids, by several different means, but never had custody, but my X did. It was a 15 year battle basically. And as many said, the kids start coming around more without their mother interfering. One of mine is still at home with Mom so she has to tow the line, play by the house rules or there are consequences in wanting to see me. It was easier when the court had set visitation times or days. Now, because there is nothing on the books and my daughter is a free agent to choose, Her mother tightens the noose. My Son on the other hand Older and out of the house, both visits and some times works for or with me on the odd job doing electrical. So, thats nice, but it was hard sledding. Because some how, in this country, if you are a man, you have done something evil and must be punished and have your kids taken away unless your X is not in the court system or involved with CAS. Once the Evil Lords of the court get their hands on your family/children, you can kiss choice and a normal life goodbye. The whole concept of a trial which I did twice is really very dumb and the choices made are not based on anything really, more like someone choosing what new truck to by, and deciding on one, then sending the other to the scrap yard, sort of a odd horse race that has only one winner and the loser gets the wood chipper. Why they set it up in such an adversarial way is beyond me. Some of the most daft and unreasonable people I have met on the planet who are brainwashed to think and do things the completely wrong way. Anyways, that quagmire of Hate as it stands needs to go. Our culture and our families deserve better. Men deserve better. You do know its always the mans fault even if its both or the womans. I started to understand their bigotry and now understand how black people feel in some states in America. I don’t take it personally anymore, I just realize the court and workers are sick and need help, something our Gov’t should fix.
commented 2016-01-06 01:37:57 -0500
I won’t contribute to the Ontario PC because this Patrick Brown sounds like such a namby-pamby leader it’s just a waste of money – I might as well write a cheque to a pet rock.
commented 2016-01-05 21:05:30 -0500
ON PC ’s were always Red Tories. Is Patrick gay? Is he even a Conservative? What mark did he make as an MP? Does he have the guts to eviscerate Wynne and her minions and prosecute them for their criminality? Yet to be seen.
commented 2016-01-05 18:23:21 -0500
We can’t win with exclusivity and elitism. We must draw Ontario voters in, not alienate them.

Harris’s rule ended up looking more like a cultural revolution than a common sense one because into the masses of homeless that resulted from his welfare cuts moved organized crime to recruit the destitute to do the dirty work of corrupting democracy for foreign terrorist interests.

So Brown is taking a Jason-Kenney approach to building a Conservative base by engaging with ethnic communities. And it appears he wants to take a high road: http://youtu.be/QOC5p-WZhc8

Let’s think about what the adjective “progressive” means. It means progressing, moving forward, innovative, creative – everything the regressive left is not. If Conservativism is to inform the future of Ontario society, we bloody well better stay progressive. Don’t let the left define what we are. Own “progressive” and use it to define our brave, honest movement toward the restoration of integrity in government, bureaucracy and society.
commented 2016-01-05 17:33:32 -0500
Toronto is the battleground. One of the big issues is transportation and that could be included as one of the focal points. I do not have any magic answers on transportation but this could be gleaned by local experts. One of the campaign strategies the Liberals employ is who is doing the dirty work by undercutting the opposition and making themselves look like the good guy with slogans like sunny ways. Lead Now, plus all of the unions (OPP, UNIFOR, Media, Teachers, etc) all undercut the opposition very effectively. This strategy needs to be countered by the Conservatives in Ontario. Again, I do not have any magic answers but I will throw one out there. I think that the Conservatives should hire Doug Ford, or somebody from Toronto who is well known and respected. The sole job would be to campaign early and often and advise people about all of the lies and failures of the Liberals. As an example, one young man from Toronto was asked about the gas plant scandal and he replied he didn’t know much about it. Toronto may be living in a big bubble and they only hear what is in the media and we know which side they are on. Communication is an absolute key campaign strategy!
commented 2016-01-05 17:06:26 -0500
Scott. I like some of your ideas, but not sure if they’re good for winning elections. Shared Parenting: Sole Custody has been illegal in Canada since April 17, 1985, when the HRA came into effect. The radical feminists (and their besties, the radical Lefties) whom had already hi-jacked the legal system by that time, decided the HRA “doesn’t apply” to divorce laws. This was their only way around mandatory shared parenting. It would be easy to make a moral case to support the legal truth, as the stats surrounding boys, and the cost to parents, to society etc – are HUGE!! They do it in Australia, and no, they didn’t fall into the ocean, their stock market didn’t plummet etc. BUT, I think that’s an issue to be done like a Liberal – sneak-attack after being elected. It’s WAAAY too controversial for an election issue.
Your sales pitch for smaller government I think is good, as it gets the idea across much better than a generic phrase like “smaller gov”. Too many rules choke a society. Now, let’s pair that with your notion on abortion. To adopt a child in Canada, takes SOOOOO long (like up to 10yrs), it acts as a perfect example of excessive Gov, and as a result, ppl turn to Russia for kids. Try this; Lower the abortion limits, open up the adoption process. There’s xxxx number of families looking to adopt, and they shouldn’t have to go to Russia to do it!! Ok, so now you’re providing an option beyond simply “less access” (as the left will see it).
Now, take what I’ve done in that example, and apply it across the board wherever possible.
commented 2016-01-05 16:02:43 -0500
I do agree Neil with many of your suggestions especially those that affect our pockets, people start to listen when it affects their lifestyle and standard of living and hydro is a biggy.
I also feel that the party needs to find a way to get the private sector really involved because that is where our job creation opportunities exist for this province’s future. I recently came across some information concerning how many bureaucracies, agencies, boards , commissions and entities such as LHIN have been set up since the Liberals took office in 2003., the total to date is 650 and counting after all Winnie’s not done yet is she, we still have cap and trade and her new pension plan, so to date we have lost over 300,000 manufacturing jobs but not to worry people there have been over 300,000 new civil servants hired just to take up the slack. No wonder we have such a problem with unions in this country.
commented 2016-01-05 15:58:20 -0500
SCOTT G. You been a strategist long?
commented 2016-01-05 14:11:00 -0500
If you want a Education system that works, as Conservatives, thinking blue collar there should be a system that works for the parent and student, and the teacher. Which integrates life realities, futures and outcomes. For example, schools that have early classes for those who want to shorten their year up by taking more classes and or for those who have parents with a different work day. for example, where there is two or more English classes, teachers or students wanting to start early, in that class should have the ability to schedule such so that it works for everyone. The same should be said for Hi-school where a student can take courses early so they can shorten their years in school, Or be part of a co-op program, that starts kids at 16 for part of a integrated work/school program that bends education toward a job. giving courses that suit those jobs, that take the tech courses and attaches them to collage courses, so that employers can have higher education earlier, and longer. My son already not even 21 is going to be licensed as an electrician because of this sort of program that could go further, and further education could be attached to his job, with options that don’t have to be sought out. If a Gov’t makes hoops, they should not make them difficult to find, to then jump through. They should make Education accessible and part of life. For example, once my son has his license I suspect that the Gov’t will forget him, the co-op will end, and any further education will be a matter of him digging through the system and a fight to get further education. Instead, on going courses should be sold or integrated into the community of licensed individuals so that the Idea of further upgrading is normal and one can end up having more options, be more employable and more apt to do a good job. In fact, every doctor, teacher, lawyer, electrician etc. should have a community attached to higher education that gives 1 week update courses that are not fluff but meaningful, that include books, that attach those who attend to further education with partial funding or loan guarantee’s so that our schools are well used, and do the job they are called to do, and that is, provide education so that our public can serve the community well.
Gutting the education system from Liberal bias, sex agenda’s etc. and putting in place a people focused system that keeps the worker in contact with ongoing education would be key to full employment, quality work, better wages, by proxy education through educated employers teaching employee’s. And such a program wouldn’t exclude less educated people but give them a way to start in to the process of education and integration into the work force. Some might say that you only need X amount of education to do a job, more is a waste. And for some that might be the case. But there should be a flow, that can sweep up right from the welfare rolls to the brain surgeon that helps all of us be better than we are, which is a good job worth the expense. Call it a flight plan, or path program that all of us can be on. So the question will be what is your path in life, Not what are you wandering around confused about. And the answer would be, my field of study and employment is thus. Not just I am an electrician or a doctor, but the answer would be about a persons quest of excellence and progressive education and job advancement. That is what I call a Gov’t policy that focuses on people.
commented 2016-01-05 13:45:21 -0500
How about we start by becoming more like the Libertarians? Truly conservative, if you read their platform.
commented 2016-01-05 13:09:33 -0500
Here is one Policy change.
Make Minimum wage progressive. that after 4 months it goes up a buck, after 8 months another buck and after I year another buck so that employers cant starve their people keeping them in depression working but not getting anywhere. The change would only add a few cents to a cup of coffee and spur new hires and reward those who stay. It would mean the starting rate would end up being lower, to compensate for the increases, and the discount would help pay for the training new hires need.
If you consider welfare recipients as lost causes, that keep taking gov’t paid classes but not getting jobs, make the condition that they work part time for someone, to get that class. And help the employer hire them with that $4 hr. bonus, so now you will have a perpetual cycle which includes at least some productivity and behavior change. The education, the work, the money could take a portion of them off the welfare roles but more importantly improve our productivity as a province. And, with the progressive wage, those who then where on welfare could see the benefit of staying, and not get the bottom side of an employers boot that will only pay poverty wages. Seeing that there is a huge service industry, and some will never get off of welfare without help, such a program that combines current programs would create a type of co-op environment that could work to help increase further education of workers, that attaches benefits to that cause, and wages to those workers after the fact. Welfare should be a emergency service but could turn into a stepping stone for those who don’t find jobs that easy. And sure it starts you at the bottom, but doing work and making cash and learning is exactly what you need for those who need the help. (call it a fight plan that integrates gov’t programs, school and social assistance with a co-op style view.)
commented 2016-01-05 12:54:09 -0500
Not a winning strategy. I just wrote 5 pages of notes, that I see wrong with the above Ideas, that will ensure you will not win the next election. Patrick could drop the name Progressive but that means beans about being elected. And talking about Smaller gov’t sounds like cuts and a gov’t that will do less or be worthless. you cannot skip over job losses with “thats how things have to be” because the voter will give you a job loss, and tell you “that is how it has to be”. There are lists of things and ways to word things and do things that will get you elected, but alienating the voter, which in many cases is a Gov’t employee before the election is not a winning strategy. This is why the Liberal pay off the teachers etc. so that they gain their vote. And rather than be envious of those, thinking they should have a reduced pay, meaning you lose all their votes, you should see the economy as something bigger, and raise all the other boats, which by proxy is lowering their boats, and so instead you should be giving the teachers a pay raise. for example, and not be against them. Being against them is ridiculous, against Nurses and doctors, ridiculous. How silly for a smart political group to be sat on a horse that loses by another party. stop it. start being for the people. including the nurses, doctors, hydro workers. And its not about out spending the liberals. What if you decided that the teachers deserved a good wage. and thought, Oh, the Liberals where just doing right by them. (they leave others behind by over doing it, but you don’t say they over did it, cause you alienate that whole crowd.) And you don’t sulk and say, oh well, I guess we will leave it that way, cause they will still vote Liberal. There is just one little bit of a quarter of one point I have on a list of points.
Here is a campaign slogan. “let my people Go.” (let my people be.) which can be about removing the thumb off of people, from top to bottom, which in a way will shrink Gov’t expand services and treat people with respect. Freeing up people to get an education, to drive, to own a house, not to be burdened with more hoops, and more taxes, and more imposing. The courts, squash people. The Law squashes people, the excessive rules and regulations and fees and tolls and taxes squash people. Be the Gov’t , be the leader who is different than all Liberals and conservatives of the past, and just wants to stop squishing people, ergo the term. Let my people go. Land transfer taxes. Gone. Tolls, Gone. Driver test fees Gone. License and plate fees Gone. General revenue can deal with it, The Gov’t wants it done, it can reduce red tape and paper work simply by not having red tape and squashing people. Forget the health card fee’s. I am not saying people can’t pay tax, but its of no benefit to make it harder for a teen to get their license by charging them for it. They will pay it in taxes when their travel gets them work. Its just another harassment. It would be better to charge 1% PST and remove every bother out of life so that we can just live. Build parking garages, stop harassing people cause there is little parking and you want to push people around. That sort of thing. Be a good Gov’t not a thumb on people gov’t. Award Joint custody, cut out all the arguments, unless someone is charged with child endangerment, stop filling the courts and punishing men for being men. get rid of all that harm to families. Just like that. The default should be joint. a week about. leave the kids out of it, stop the emotional damage of all parties so that lawyers can get rich and Judges can snub their noses.

Leave us out of your revenue problems, stop selling off Hydro one that cannot be in competition with others.. Its something like hiways that should be gov’t run. Garbage on the other hand can have 40 different companies in competition. But unless you want to build another 407 beside the 407 for competition you can’t have it private. Buy up the shares, drive the rates down, and then take it back.
Get off of squashing people, and start thinking of people. Look at welfare people as people, and help/force them to work, by simply providing jobs that include education. Help people who are in wheel chairs fit their houses with tech so they can get themselves around, not just half the job, then they can be more independent. have workers that will employ them. give them jobs. Even if its 2hrs. working for Pizza Pizza answering a phone on a headset. At least there is a job done, and some cash coming their way they can be proud of. Stuff that lifts people not squashes people.
If its abortion, set limits (up to 16weeks), provide counseling against it and adoption services. rather than just yelling No. or getting the negative press by having perceptions dropped on you… Show some compassion for both the baby and the Mother. Champion the Child, extend human rights to the unborn child who can feel pain. Its about expecting responsibility but more importantly respecting people.

that just touches the surface. But without that change of dynamics, the Conservatives will not win again for a long time. Lets face it, if a Criminal Liberal Gov’t gets re-elected, then you got to ask yourself what is the problem.
commented 2016-01-05 12:15:36 -0500
Socialists call themselves progressives. A progressive conservative is an oxymoron. Change the party name to Conservative and be Conservative in thought, word and deed.
commented 2016-01-05 12:14:47 -0500
Great words Neil, As a card carrying member of the Conservative Party of Ontario, I feel sure that your words will become the new agenda for the CP of Ont. At least I hope so.
commented 2016-01-05 11:39:41 -0500
Now we’re talking! It’s good to see an action plan for how we can interest people in the Conservative Party of Ontario and the ideas it should be presenting. If we’re going to replace the Ontario Liberals, we need a road map for how to go about it and this seems like a good start. We could – and probably should – argue about what the key planks should be in this program but not to the point where we degenerate into a group of squabblers. Let’s find some things we all agree on – and that we might expect others to agree with – and then build a party platform that has appeal to large numbers of Ontarians.

I was astounded that McGuinty got in even ONCE. Having him re-elected twice more and then having his even loonier successor get elected WITH A MAJORITY continues to anger and embarrass me. What were voters thinking? The same applies to Justin Hairball and his federal Liberals. Have Canadian voters lost their collective minds? Sanity needs to be restored and Conservatives are the only credible option for doing that.
commented 2016-01-05 10:53:43 -0500
Nail on the head.
commented 2016-01-05 10:32:16 -0500
The term “progressive” has become another name for socialist. This article makes a lot of sense.
commented 2016-01-05 10:30:28 -0500
Property Rights Legislation – with the simple principle that if a provincial or municipal government places a land use restriction on private property, the property owner must be compensated for any losses of value and/or utility.
commented 2016-01-05 10:25:01 -0500
Peter this would work on the Federal level as well, it seems to me to be a really good common sense strategy.
So yeah, after Ontario use it in Alberta and then Federally.
commented 2016-01-05 10:23:52 -0500
cons in alberta were liberals in disguise for years, WRP is the only real option for us in alberta, notley and her bunch are incompetent fools who will be gone next election. Liberals have been trying to get power for years in alberta and they did and look at what they did. Redford steady eddie, all libs. One only has to look at Ontario to see what complete utter incompetence and corruption look like, The only glimmer of hope at this moment is brad wall, the rest are useless and will say anything promise anything to get elected, its all about them and rewarding the party faithful with plum jobs.Not about making the province a better place
commented 2016-01-05 10:15:08 -0500
I totally agree with changing the party name because it is attached to so many failed policies and failed attempts at the box office (elections) , and it certainly doesn’t represent the ideas and policies which will be necessary to correct the massive mess the Liberals are creating.
But it is going to be a struggle. The old party “brain trust” has to go along with the name. They all suffer from group thinkitis!
I guess the main question is how do we make these things happen ?
commented 2016-01-05 09:43:25 -0500
Good article, Neil. So in four years can you take this article, substitute “Alberta” for “Ontario” and republish it please? We will need it. Heck, we need it now!
commented 2016-01-05 09:41:19 -0500
If you look at the electoral map of Ontario for 2014 you’ll see where the Liberal vote comes from: Toronto and Hamilton regions predominantly with a few outliers such as Thunder Bay region; areas that seem to have a larger public sector presence. Northern Ontario only has a few seats but they should be considered precious—they typically vote NDP because of the the labour movement with respect to mining and resource extraction; this makes for a strange marriage when mining has been affected by poor markets, exacerbated by Liberal changes to the mining act that has made exploration and development difficult and costly. There will always be a challenge for the conservatives to inspire and uptick in voter turnout, as that’s the only way to dilute the vote carried by unions and it’s members, who always vote and good for them. But when 48% of the population doesn’t even bother to vote, Ontario almost deserves it’s fate under that kind of malaise. Wake up Ontarians!