October 27, 2015

A Ontario pharmacist warns doctors: A war on the private sector is coming

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

One thing we can look forward to in the new Canada (that hasn’t been complained about here on the Rebel as much as it should) is the oncoming, all-consuming war on the private sector.

What that means is: If you’re not part of a union, you’re dead. It’s officially your fault that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

You could be, let’s say, a doctor in Ontario and save lives for a living. Too bad. You get a nice fee cut courtesy of Kathleen Wynne, and you also get to watch while teachers unions’ get a fat payday. (The fat payday isn’t enough to satisfy the teachers, of course, but that’s beside the point.) Boy, did you ever choose the wrong profession!

I suppose part of me is grateful that it’s the doctors this time around, and not nurses or, um, pharmacists like myself, having gone through a bruising and ultimately losing battle with the OntLibs back in 2010 when they did the same thing to my profession, and having watched as the MD’s acted like it wasn’t their problem.

Even so, I know what the doctors are going through.

They’re congregating on social media, shocked at how poorly they’re being treated by Health Minister Eric Hoskins (a doctor himself) who refuses to meet with them, as if a meeting would accomplish anything.

Some of them are writing erudite but sadly very boring articles explaining the problem. This is done out of the misguided belief that the reason Canadians aren’t on their side is because they aren’t educated enough.

Maybe so. But a DIY social media campaign can’t compete with a column in the Globe and Mail chiding doctors for their “sense of entitlement."

When this same thing was happening to pharmacists, I was somewhat less bothered by all of the above than my less politically savvy colleagues.

What I remember being shocked at was how easily the Liberals were able to leverage anger and resentment towards pharmacists from the same people who rely on medications to stay alive.

Sure, there were thousands of people who signed petitions protesting the cuts to pharmacies, but you know which side the media listened to, don’t you? Of course you do.  

Now if you’re wondering when Patrick Brown is going to take advantage of the situation, don’t hold your breath.

He and his party aren’t facilitating the transformation of doctors into conservatives because it’s not what they’re used to. Besides, what kind of conservative party would complain about cutting spending?

It must be said that the doctors don’t want to cozy up to Patrick Brown and his right-wing rumpus either because they’re all like ewwww, gross, but really, who’s trying to win an election here? Them, or the PC’s?

What P-Bizzle and his crew need to do is win the undying loyalty of doctors, the way Monte McNaughton won the loyalty of parents opposed to Wynne’s sex ed program, or how Stephen Harper won himself a place in the hallowed halls of righteous Gentiles with his stand for Israel. This would involve doing something radical, something that would upset the demonstrably false paradigm of, “In Canada, we’re entitled to free health care.”

What if Patrick Brown called a press conference and said, “If elected, I would make sure Ontario’s doctors are the best compensated in all of Canada, so they could do the best job possible for patients?”

Oh, was that too scary a prospect for you to contemplate?  Did you think, “Don’t touch the third rail”? Well, that’s why we are where we are as a movement.



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commented 2015-10-28 22:52:57 -0400
Good to see Marissa again.
commented 2015-10-28 22:52:04 -0400
It would be good to know how many of our tax dollars that go to health care are wasted on needless bureaucracy/paper pushing and useless “studies” rather doctors, nurses, essential technology and facilities. I’m sure some private health care facilities would be better able to optimize allocated dollars and set an example for the public sector to follow.
commented 2015-10-28 02:14:58 -0400
Public private mix is the best, i wonder what the left will do when there are no more doctors?
commented 2015-10-27 23:18:56 -0400
The current funding model for single tier public health care is unsustainable – any increase in demand or quality of care will crash it to a rationing system. There needs to be private funding streams and private support functions for public system shortfalls.
commented 2015-10-27 15:17:38 -0400
This is part of the UN Agenda 21 pattern, demonize those that are professional, by turning the incensed masses loose on them, to stir the pot, so that they can attack them in the news, using false stories, and the rent a loser mob. They are those who feel they should have your slice of the pie, that you worked for, because they didn’t have the drive, to change their own lives. They just voted stupid in, because they were led to believe that that mean old PM Stephen Harper, was trying to screw them. The truly sad part is that PM Harper was putting money back into Canadians pockets, it is the Liberals that the ones who are going to implement all the things that they accused PM Harper of. It’s the sleight of hand Liberal way. Liberals are mostly liars and whiny little 2-year olds. At least that is how they act, and exactly why the UN pays them to agitate. Yes, they are the useful idiots, and once the are no longer useful, the same pattern will be used to take them down.