July 04, 2017

AB NDP side with “pet jihadi” Omar Khadr over Edmonton soldiers

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to offer Omar Khadr an apology and a whopping taxpayer funded payday for anywhere from $10 to $20 million.

Khadr is from the first family of jihad here in Canada, working with his dad and brothers working for Al Qaeda.

Khadr was just shy of his 16th birthday when he was working in the family terrorist business in Afghanistan, building IEDs to kill Canadian and American forces.

During a firefight where all the women and children were given ample time to leave, Khadr, who now conveniently claims to have been a child at the time, threw a grenade that killed a US army medic named Christopher Speer and blinded a green beret named Layne Morris.

Khadr was shot, patched up by the Americans and sent to Gitmo for 10 years.

An American judge ruled in 2010 that Khadr was not tortured, not that I would care if he was. But now he's getting at least $10 million from us and an apology because Trudeau thinks that as a country we didn't do enough to bring this terrorist traitor home to the country he was fighting against so he could enjoy a shorter, easier young offender sentence.

It's like the Palestinian Authority’s martyr’s fund, but for Canadian terrorists and you don't even have to die to get it.

I’m here to bring you, as I almost always do, the Alberta angle to everything. What you might not know is that Khadr actually lives here in Alberta. He lives in Edmonton where he can be closer to his lawyer.

And, of course, the NDP in Alberta just had to weigh in on this and of course, they are on the wrong side of normal people.

Watch my video to see the tweets of an NDP backbencher named Marie Renaud where she scolds conservatives for telling the truth about Khadr.

(For more information on Omar Khadr, his family, his psychological assessment, and trial, check out The Enemy Within: Terror, Lies, and the Whitewashing of Omar Khadr by Ezra Levant.)

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commented 2017-07-04 18:26:08 -0400
Khadr will probably next be in line for the Medal of Honour and maybe even the Nobel Peace prize.