April 26, 2019

(WATCH) FreedomToons: “Affirmative Action Hurts Minorities”

Rebel Staff

Despite being made up entirely of readily available statistics about affirmative action, the animator at FreedomToons notes: 

It may shock you beautiful people to know this video was demonetized before I could even make it public. I requested a manual review, but regardless we won't be making as much money off of this one.

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commented 2019-04-26 11:23:12 -0400
Common Sense in an entertaining cartoon.
They forgot about the 10’s of thousands of Government employees that are overpaid to implement these affirmative action policies.

Have Governments ever thought of taking other human qualities such as sports abilities and applying Affirmative Action to them.
Blacks can usually run faster than Whites; shouldn’t Whites get a 10 yard head start in a 100 yard race?

The National Football League has a majority Black players; shouldn’t the league make a rule where the teams have to employ 50% Whites. The same with the National Basketball Association, as Whites are typically shorter.

Wonder what Blacks would think of the new rules in these sports? RACIST, RACIST, THOSE WHITES ARE RACIST.
commented 2019-04-26 10:52:05 -0400
Given the damning truth of the info in this cartoon, it’s no wonder the fascists running things want it banned…
Given the tendency of blood thirsty bullying and violent persecution of dissenters by the authoritarian left, I’m surprised they haven’t sent around some goons to ‘straighten you out’ yet!

Still there?