October 20, 2017

Afrikaner family’s refugee application rejected as “unreliable racist propaganda”

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

In September Eric Williams Endre, Sonia Endre, their two children, and Sonia's parents had their refugee application to Canada rejected. The family of six Afrikaners based their claim on white South African's being at risk of persecution for their race

Their asylum application detailed a series of crimes perpetrated against them, including a carjacking, home invasion, and repeated break-ins.

South Africa is a crime ridden and somewhat lawless country with high rates of violent crime like murder and rape. However for Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board, this was not enough to accept their status as refugees.

The definition of a refugee is very narrow, and only applies to those who face specific discrimination based on race, religion, nationality, or membership in a persecuted group.

But the basis on which the family's claim was rejected had less to do with them not fitting the definition of a refugee, but rather, with our government taking issue with the statistics and evidence presented by the Endre family.

According to the National Post, government lawyers said the family’s concerns for their children's safety was based on “patently unreliable racist propaganda” and any fear the family had that their children could be raped by blacks was “white-supremacist hate literature”.

Once again we see this politically correct belief that whites cannot be the victims of racism.

Experts like Immigration lawyer Guidy Mamman maintain that the current crop of Syrian Muslims fleeing civil war don’t meet the requirements for true refugee status and yet, they were accepted.

I’ve provided commentary on the racial tensions and political situation in South Africa, so it’s bizarre to see this reaction, especially during a time when Trudeau has opened Canada's borders to the world, with no deportations or rejected claims for over 40,000 illegal migrants crossing our southern border.

While the situation in South Africa may not rise to the level of legitimate refugee claims, the crimes that befall them are dire.

In 2007 the South African government stopped recording the ethnicity of victims of farm attacks, but according to the Transvaal Agricultural Union in 2016 there were 345 attacks resulting in 70 deaths, and between 1998 and 2016 the total number of farm murders is 1,187 though many put the number closer to 3,000.

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commented 2017-10-23 02:13:26 -0400
Refresh my memory… Is there even ONE country in Africa that functions as a true democracy after being reverted to local rule since being a colony?… Note I stress “A True Democracy”… Not ballot-stuffing theatres of the improbable; not putting you opponents in jail as elections evolve…
commented 2017-10-21 18:03:02 -0400
Again watch the SJW’s meltdown but anytime the white man pulls away from a civilization that he’s developed from the wilderness that civilization D evolves back into chaos with warlords and tribalism instead of capitalism and democracy.!!
commented 2017-10-21 17:57:00 -0400
Watch all the SJW’s meltdown over what I’m going to say next…South Africans had been saddled with the term “apartheid” wrongfully but in the globalist hands that was a powerful tool very similar to playing the racist card in North America and having the world pass judgement on them without being fully aware of the circumstances… I know some South Africans, white South Africans and they are ordinary people living ordinary lives here in Canada..
The globalists would have you confuse apartheid and racism associated with the white South Africans..
But in actuality it was handing out justice for crimes against them committed unlawfully by the blacks in that country.!!
A black breaks into your home rapes burns and steals and then is forced to stand in front of a judge for justice and they cry apartheid or racism .. most of them cannot read or write or have any trade skills beyond breeding now when they can’t get a job in the white man’s world because they won’t go to school and don’t care they cry apartheid for racism but the fact remains they have no trade skills and basically only good for field labour..
We all think in this country that the racist card is been overplayed but you guys ain’t seen nothing yet.!!
commented 2017-10-21 17:46:36 -0400
It seems to me the first thing they did was disarm civilized South Africa back in the day and shortly after that happened the well armed black militants started rampaging knowing full well all the farmers we’re defenceless and ripe to be slaughtered and raped
commented 2017-10-21 17:23:50 -0400
Wouldn’t you like to drop “feminist” Trudeau and his “feminist” Islamic Cabal Cabinet into some 7 th century Islamic hell hole and leave to their fate ( they would all have the life expectancy of a fruit fly ! )………then they could tell us how “oppressive” the white man is and how “inclusive” and “accommodating” Islam is. These ivory tower anti-western globalist maggots deserve nothing less.
commented 2017-10-21 14:18:17 -0400
Janice, He was asking about the black south africans.
I do know that they are mostly christian of some sort but their true religion is plunder, steal, murder, incest and rape.
commented 2017-10-21 13:51:07 -0400
In 2017, to suggest conflict of interest for any reason, is racist. I imagine eventually Justin will be handing out the new handbook for western inclusiveness which will lay out all the new definitions for us ’deplorable’s’ so we might learn to be less deplorable by taking our new place in the corner of what was once a good and decent society. Islamic fundamentalism is the new punk in Canada. How do we like it so far?
commented 2017-10-21 00:24:51 -0400
Isn’t there a conflict of interest here where the majority of refugees are Muslim & Trudeau appoints a Muslim as Minister of Immigration. How come that Come One, Come All to Canada tweeted by Trudeau doesn’t apply to these Afrikaners like someone else mentioned in their post. Trudeau seems to have a heads up on persecution everywhere else in the world, but, totally dumbfounded about what’s going on in South Africa.
commented 2017-10-20 22:08:57 -0400
Good call Krispy Larue, the Endre family should get on a plane, then walk across the border, the way a good many of Justin’s preferred ‘refugees’ do it. There has to be a lawyer out there who can prove they were in danger in South Africa. Leave it to government lawyers to call their concerns, “unreliable racist propaganda”.
Outrageous! Our Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen really should have another look at this case.
Fat chance.
Who’s the racist?
commented 2017-10-20 21:36:57 -0400
Well said, Freedom Rebel, Bravo Zulu and Janice Kay.

If you are the victim of (anti-white) racism, you can go to the courts to rectify the injustice.

But if the GOVERNMENT, Prime Minister and Immigration Minister are racist against you, what do you do?? Where do you turn to?

It’s no secret Trudeau wants the Great White North to become the Great Brown North. He’s not even hiding it.

And you know what, he just might succeed.

October 19, 2015: the darkest day in Canadian history.
commented 2017-10-20 21:27:32 -0400
Hey Chris. Do some more stories about South Africa.
commented 2017-10-20 21:22:21 -0400
The liberals are running a civil war where the color of your skin is your uniform.
commented 2017-10-20 21:06:15 -0400
Barbara Flegel commented 20 mins ago, What would it take to sponsor them?

I don’t think there’s much chance of sponsoring white South Africans. I googled every which way and came up with nothing in the MSM on this subject. I’m afraid they’re not on Trudeau’s list. On the other hand, he’s gung-ho about Rohingya Muslim refugees and in fact has reprimanded the Myanmar head of state over their treatment:

National Post, Sept 18: Trudeau calls on Suu Kyi to condemn violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar: “Aung San Suu Kyi must publicly condemn the atrocities being committed against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, or else her rhetoric and global reputation as a champion of human rights will mean nothing”, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

So, there you go!
commented 2017-10-20 20:57:37 -0400
Krispy Larue said in part, “My suggestion to the Endre family is to take a plane to New York, drive up to Lacolle, and walk across.
By the time their file is processed the Conservatives (God willing) may be in power.”

My thoughts exactly!
commented 2017-10-20 20:33:14 -0400
What would it take to sponsor them?
commented 2017-10-20 18:23:04 -0400
The correct answer as to why they were not approved?

They are white.

If you ever have been there – South Afrika is now a dangerous place and slowly but certainly turning into the same schitte hole as the remainder of the continent.

Go to the airport and if you look you will see many cars – abandoned – keys still in them.

The owners sold everything – drove to the airport and departed.

When you have to have steel in your walls and a house like a bank vault to keep the blacks out you know it is a bad place to live.

The lieberals are racist as can be.

NEVER forget that.
commented 2017-10-20 16:57:43 -0400
Dirk Kanis commented 1 hour ago, “@ Robert, what does religion have to do with this?”

I assume from what I learn of PM Trudeau and from the fact that he said, “Fundamentalist Christians are the worst Canadians”, that religion does have something to do with his government’s immigration policies. I suspect he may view white South Africans generally as Christians.

He’s totally ignored the huge numbers of Christians who’ve been slaughtered in the Middle East and Egypt. I saw former Supreme Court Judge, Louise Arbor, shake her head to indicate “No” when columnist Mark Steyn during a Monk Debate on immigration, suggested that Canada should bring in Christian refugees,

Trudeau refuses to promote anyone in his government who is Pro Life or anti-abortion. I think one’s religious views are quite important to our Prime Minister.
commented 2017-10-20 15:47:31 -0400
Well Rebel, we always have to sign petitions, where is the one for the Afrikaner family
commented 2017-10-20 15:37:14 -0400
We have a muslim as Immigration Minister. Of course, non-muslim whites are rejected. This country is a shame.
commented 2017-10-20 15:28:59 -0400
@ Robert, what does religion have to do with this?
It is persecution of the white minority.
And our government is all for it. Real refugees not allowed.
This country stinks
commented 2017-10-20 15:15:45 -0400
Trudeau and his minions want to reduce Canada to nothing better than an islanimal hell hole where people will live in poverty and squalor.
By doing this, the rich elitists will be wealthier and wield more power.
Similar to what Stalin did in the thirties to the Ukrainians by imposing taxes consisteing of robbing the citizens of their wealth, land and even food resulting in starvation of the Ukrainian populace.
Trudeau and his taxation is doing the same.
The major difference is that with Stalin you knew you were being robbed and led to slaughter whereas Trudeau is doing it in a stealthy fashion.
The sheeple will not even notice that they are being fleeced.
Good luck to us all and pray for your children and grand children. THEY will inherit a country ravaged by greed and fake refugees..
commented 2017-10-20 14:50:09 -0400
Trudeau’s politically correctness will be the ruianation of our security, safety and our culture as we know it.
commented 2017-10-20 14:19:38 -0400
I thought he said everyone is welcomed to Canada . I didn’t hear him say except if you are white . I guess he’s trying to stop white privilege .
commented 2017-10-20 13:09:26 -0400
Even though their concern for safety are legitimate still; Sorry, no admittance in Canada, Wrong Race, Wrong Colour, Wrong Religion.
Turdo & his globalist masters want Canada to be a third world hell hole, they’d only let in people who will help them to make their dream realize.
commented 2017-10-20 12:55:10 -0400
Only 7 th century Islamic terrorists qualify as “refugees” in the West now. They are the pet of Soros and “our” Trust fund baby PM and his Islamic Cabal so they can virtue signal to their masters in the Islamic controlled UN.
commented 2017-10-20 11:58:49 -0400
Don’t you get it? Black lives matter, and only black lives matter in S.A. Whites are good only for bringing in money.

We see what has happened to the former Rhodesia. South Africa is next.

Have a fear of children being raped in the rape capital of the world, where it is believed that having sex with a child is the cure for aids? Naw. Their children’s untouched body openings are completely safe, just as would be an orthodox Jew in the middle of an ISIS camp.

Sorry to say, but if these South Africans were white Muslims, the door would be open and the red carpet rolled out for them.
commented 2017-10-20 11:51:43 -0400
Liza Rosie, your summation of Trudeau’s ethos is spot on.
The Endre family just doesn’t meet the LPC’s core policies to support Soros Immigration Agreement; the OIC’s & Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for Canada.
Why don’t they take Trudeau up on his Twitter invitation and allow the RCMP to carry their luggage across the border?!!