October 02, 2015

After Oregon shooting, is more gun control the answer?

Thomas PrattRebel Blogger

While Obama said the nation's response to mass shootings has become routine, laws supporting gun control to deterring the violence is not the entire answer.

Nor is the confiscation of guns which have been obtained legally.

Following this week's mass murder at an Oregon community college, Obama went on to say:

"We've become numb to this."

The fact of the matter is that the answer to all this unwarranted violence is not necessarily tighter gun control laws.  In fact we need to look at the very route of the ills of our society.

While the President is correct in stating that gun laws need to change, he and others keep making the same mistake.

The answer to this high volume of crime is very complicated, but a good start would be to start putting murders in prison for life. Life should mean life. Not 5 years; not 25 years, but life. If society cannot afford it, than hang the perpetrators. It may not act as a deterrent, but it will be one less murder on the loose.

In addition the government needs to start supporting the traditional family unit. A marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Until our perspective governments stop turning away from a Godless life style, we as a society shall continue to reap the rewards of the evil corruption our society is supporting.

Marriages should not be entered into lightly, but need to be carefully thought out. Once the commitment is made by the couple, then as a couple they need to make every effort to stick to that commitment, especially if there are children involved.  The biggest ill of our society is due to the destruction of the family unit and inconsistent discipline of children.

Schools need to teach moral rules to live by and reinforce the positive behavior when children are demonstrating them.

High unemployment gives too many people too much time on their hands. Idle hands lead to disaster. If a person is out of work then they should be looking at volunteering a couple days a week somewhere. Not because they have to, but because they want to. It has proven an excellent way to network and find new paid work. At the very least they are working for their unemployment cheque.

Our social workers actually punish constructive efforts to find employment through taking courses or volunteer work.  I ask you, if all you are doing is spending all your time trying to find work instead of taking a proactive stance through networking as well then how are you any further ahead? Does it not make more sense for the welfare state, to assist the unemployed with opportunities to network through volunteer programs?

The social workers attitude seems to be we shall just access more money through different programs without the proper encouragement to work. Trust me I know of what I speak. This type of unemployment assistance is useless and only encourages a learned dependency. Heaven help the person with a work ethic.

Bullying in the schools need to stop. Perhaps programs need to be set up to teach children how to deal with bullying constructively. The bullied need emotional support from their friends; teachers & parents and a very clear message needs to be sent to the bullies that the behavior is not tolerated.

Disarming the public is not the answer. This was tried in Australia with serious negative consequences. You can disarm the law abiding citizen, but you shall never disarm the criminal. This just simply leaves the public vulnerable and the crime rate has become so high in some areas that the police cannot deal with it quickly. While it may not be politically correct to say this: If the criminal knows that Joe blow average citizen may have access to weapons in their home they may think twice before attacking them or their family.

The media has to find a way to stop giving these gunmen a platform. The less press the perpetrator receives the safer the public. Other would-be assassins may discover they are no longer getting an audience for what they have done so the idea of ending their life in a blaze of glory is taken from them.


The High River gun grab violated every Canadian's civil liberties, and must never be repeated.
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commented 2015-10-05 03:03:36 -0400
I hope somebody from the Rebel will do a video summarizing Bill’s post.
commented 2015-10-05 01:30:35 -0400
The simple truth remains: here was a young man with no criminal record and no charges against him and the police state was about to interfere with his right to go home to his own property. Driven to despair, he killed himself. Some people say he had no self-restraint and yet we no he took only six weapons with him to the college and left the seven others at home. All his weapons were legal. This was not some criminal crackpot —this was a law abiding young citizen.
commented 2015-10-04 14:33:02 -0400
Well done Bill!

Too bad your synopsis will go no farther than here – it might wake up a few folks.

Interesting take on the colour issue.

I guess if you are white you are a killer and if you are black you are a victim?

Anther proof of agenda driven media.
commented 2015-10-04 14:09:46 -0400
Update on Oregon Shooter “official” narrative: Information is slowly materializing to fill in the vast blanks left by authorities and the disinfo consensus media and Obama have spun – there is a bad smell to the whole official narrative we’ve been given to date.

First it has been revealed that the shooter was rejected as an army recruit 4 weeks into basic training – they give no cause but it isn’t a hard leap of logic to think it was either behavioural or mental issues. The consensus media is spinning his army rejection as Mercer “dropping out” of boot camp. This is complete disinformation as the only way to fail your basic training is to wash out as unfit or be rejected for mental issues, you can’t just quit – media lie #1.

Mercer was constantly screwing up with his neighbours and his Mom would apologize stating her son was dealing with “mental issues” as an excuse. He had been enrolled in the Switzer Center – a school for problem kids with psychological issues. This behavioural pattern/record should have caused a blip on his FBI background check for handgun purchase and carry permit check. Media lie by omission #2

Feds were involved in the investigation – FBI, ATF, Homeland Security (Justice Dept. foot soldiers) and CSA (Uber-hackers who can alter any static net data) are all active in the case. We must assume this is at the urging of the White House because the shooting was local jurisdiction. To date we have seen the shooter’s on-line profiles sanitized of his Islamic extremist support, and his black lives matter racism and new profiles constructed substituting “conservative republican” persona for his previous Jihadi leanings – Media Lie#3

Then the torrent of Media disinfo -
Media are sanitizing Mercer’s race and political persona – It began with changing his name. His name as he identified himself on government documents was” Christopher Sean Mercer or Chris Mercer”. The media invented the hyphenated persona Christopher Harper-Mercer, probably because it sounds more WASP-ish now the orders are sent out to create a profile for the shooter that matches the political enemies profile from the White House. AP/CNN are complicit in this reprofiling.
CNN and other Pro-Obama propagandists photo shopped the shooter’s photo to make him appear white and adhere to the concocted profile of white house political enemies (white, republican, gun owner, Christian) when in fact the shooter was socialist, the same color as Obama and had terrorist and mass murderer sympathies.
The shooter was not a “conservative Republican” He registered as an “independent” and identified with the socialist terrorist IRA
The “conservative Republican” disinfo came from a recently edited On-line profile which was doctored after the shooting

The shooter was not American but British born with British citizenship until just before he enlisted in the army.

The shooter was not killed by police, he committed suicide -

Oregon shooter was on a European security watch list as a potential jihadi. The list was offered to Washington but rejected.http://www.eutimes.net/2015/10/oregon-mass-shooter-on-terror-list-obama-refused-to-take-from-russia/

Islamic state is claiming Oregon shooter was one of them.

Meanwhile the self-serving political narrative emitted from the White House does not reflect realities on the ground. There is only once clear link to all the mass shootings which define the Obama administration – they all occurred in widely advertised “gun free zones” where Obama political influence has directed authorities to deny citizens their 2nd amendment right to armed self defense or armed security. Creating these no 2nd amendment areas (even on military bases) has resulted in leaving these open to terrorist attacks as we see happening now on mil bases and campuses. Maybe this deranged killer heard Obama’s Easter Sunday speech blaming the Christians for the Holy Wars….He should take blame for helping inflame this tragedy and not finger point at the NRA and law abiding firearms owners. I combine that with Obama’s profuse anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-cop remarks which have fueled and contributed to these killings of innocent People. This President is a racial/religious/political agitator and a master manipulator – he has pitted Blacks against Whites, Muslims against Christians, Immigrants against Americans and Urban against Rural…Obama is a former Marxist community organizer who was surrounded by people who hate other people – so creating factional animosity through inflaming prejudices is nothing new to him. If the US had a Congress who had some backbone to impeach him after he lied about Benghazi and the smuggling of guns to Mexican Drug gangs in order to blame the 2nd amendment, maybe this and other killings would not have happened.


commented 2015-10-04 04:10:47 -0400
Having no religion, or parents that are separated are not what causes young men to become crazed killers. Religion, or to be more specific, christianity is not the answer. Believe it or not, it is possible to be a good person without christianity. Some of the worst people I know came from christian environments.
commented 2015-10-04 00:59:22 -0400
Sounds like a good place, the type of area I’m gonna go to some day. People in this Golden Horseshit area all say, “Stop acting American, this isn’t the states, buddy”… Well it isn’t Canada either. To quote the Toronto Police, “This ain’t Canada right now”.

There are United Nations Agenda 21 ICLEI cities, and then there’s Canada. I want to move back to Canada.
commented 2015-10-04 00:15:22 -0400
@ Richard Vanderlubbe – Crime is non-existent here – and if it were to happen in this area that someone had to use a firearm to defend his home and family – and that person was able to wring a trial by jury out of the legal system (it is certainly not a justice system) – a jury of peers would probably have him walking in short order. And out here women are as capable of actually thinking as the men – meaning they do not believe a matching hand bag and open toed shoes are important accessories – but a damned good dog, a working 4×4 truck and a decent firearm are. My youngest daughter is soon to be a nurse practitioner – she is probably more hard line than I am!

We tend to be backwoods here and that means we tend to solve our own issues – a little violence behind the barn with a few good men straightening up an interloper has happened in the past when someone steps out of line and will happen again in the future if required.

It is a hike by narrow and rough gravel to the nearest village – population about 150. A lot further to the nearest town of 1200. Our driveway is about 450 metres long and from our house there are no other houses visible. So we are off the track here.

A story my wife told me and neighbours have since confirmed:

One night a few years ago while I was in Afghanistan wife had two unwanted visitors show up at the farm at about 0200. Made one phone call from the bedroom while the dogs held them off at the front door – within less than 5 minutes more than 6 trucks were in the yard with drivers in various stages of dress/undress – and the two visitors were being helped off the ground and off to the hospital. No shots fired because the unwanted visitors decided to only try fists – does not work well against about 5 capable and rather mean dogs that had been brought to the party and 8-9 big boys plus a couple of wives who came along to help out.

The boys all had at it for a bit – letting the dogs do most of the work before stopping – after they figured the visitors had had enough. Firearms were present and carried by three wives and two men (men over 60) on the good side – they were not used. It was deemed not required at the time.

No charges laid – but we have the names, addresses and all contact details should follow up ever be required – and they know we would. They best hope no one else comes here – it would not be nice to be confused with someone else!

Call the cops for help if you want – where we live they might be here in 40 minutes but only if one happened to be close by when the call is made. And if he is lucky he will find us on the first try – but usually out here they actually stop in and ask for directions – making it a long wait if you are looking for help.

I can do a lot of damage in less than 5 minutes and use the other 35 to get away clean if I am a bad guy.

If you are a female in the closet and alone and I am a horny, drugged up rapist – that 5 – 10 minutes will be a lifetime for you that you will dream about forever.

So, out here you are on your own – you best be on good terms with your neighbours. They will save your ass.

And yes – I live in Canada – in a part of Ontario that is rather populated – but has a few very isolated regions – I live in one of them. I like it that way.

As for the Clinton gang and your comments – the list of dead associated with the Clinton gang is far too lengthy for there to be no truth in the matter. In my opinion they are both a good definition for the word “evil”.
commented 2015-10-04 00:09:20 -0400
Switzerland has something on the order of 500,000 automatic rifles in their homes- a phenomenal number for the population. The government builds shooting ranges, supplies the rifles and ammumnition and yet the murder rate is extremely low. Vermont has very lax gun laws and their murder rate is no higher than heavily legislated Quebec next door. So obviously the presence of guns by themselves has no bearing on crime rates.

The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart. Until we change that we change nothing. As the world becomes increasingly morally bankrupt because we have become spiritually bankrupt these problems escalate. But the left wing regressives know that all this would militate against their most cherished delusions. They also know that it would be a lot of work and would require personal responsibility and change. It is much easier to blame inanimate objects for the problems.

We have turned our backs on our Christian beliefs for a mess of materialistic pottage. Now we reap the whirlwind. The problem with western liberals is that they learn nothing from their mistakes and nothing from their history. We have become a generation that will not exercise discernment who are raising a generation who be unable to exercise discernment.
commented 2015-10-04 00:04:14 -0400
The young man took only six firearms with him to the college and left eight at home. All were legal and yet he showed considerable restraint in only taking six. Here is a fellow who was not convicted of any crime — he was not even charged with a crime — and yet authorities were set to stop him from returning home to collect his weapons. It is not surprising he shot himself. Who wants to live in a society where you are not even free to use your own legal property?
commented 2015-10-03 23:00:55 -0400
There was no US Consulate in Benghazi… It was a CIA safe-house being used to distribute weapons to Al-Qaeda. The Ambassador, Chris Stevens found out that Hitlery and ObaMao were giving Al-Qaeda RPGs and full-auto military carbines… He confronted his superiors about it, the State Department decided to have him silenced before he told the American People. So the CIA safe-house “security” (Al-Qaeda was paid to provide security) attacked the building, sodomized Chris Stevens, killed him and others, paraded his corpse around Benghazi… The narrative became “it is never okay to insult the prophet, youtube must censor free-speech”.
commented 2015-10-03 22:48:51 -0400
Something quite interesting was mentioned by Dan. The Russians warned about this guy, just like the Tsarnev clan. And just like “moderate rebels”, the intelligence briefings were conveniently ignored… Again.

Obama says these shootings have become routine… What’s become routine is the constant BS narrative in the hours after such events, then the real story trickles out… Like in Benghazi over “a youtube video”.
commented 2015-10-03 22:15:08 -0400
BZ, more than 12 firearms per house??? I’m gonna wager a guess that you folks have very low crime out there as a result.

Why is it that in places that are hostile to firearms, such as Toronto, or my city, Hamilton, where folks think owning one gun is too much, we see so many shootings?… Yet in places where there’s loads of firearms, we see predator coyotes or clay pigeons being shot.

It’s an easy one for me to understand, hopefully our European left-wing mayor here in Hamilton figures it out someday.
commented 2015-10-03 22:08:04 -0400
Well, I can drive up and down this gravel road I live on – every farm within about 10 miles of me has more than 12 firearms in their house. Every wife knows how to use the shotgun and the rifle – every kid the same.

I think people would be surprised at how many houses in Canada are actually not only well armed but well stocked with ammunition.

Not that I would do this, but I could take a firearm – load it – run one up the spout – lay it on the kitchen table and leave it there for a year. As long as no one pulled the trigger it would be as safe as could be.

Firearms, tools – all can be weapons if abused.

So can vehicles for that matter.

In the end it is people that are dangerous.

I can hear the wailing and the gnashing of teeth at what I have written but in fact it is all true.

People simply want the nanny state to look after you.

Lots of countries have an armed citizenry – Switzerland is the most famous – all military aged men who are in the service of their country keep their auto-rifle at home. I met two last year in a roadside patio restaurant outside Geneva – on their bikes – headed to work – with their rifles over their shoulder – two bankers heading to work and then to the range.

It is not the weapon – it is the people and the society – and the US of A is pretty screwed up: illegal aliens committing murder and rape, black on black murders out of hand, gang murders, drug murders, police killing people and never being charged and much, much more.

People literally cower in their homes and arm up. Good people. People you would want for neighbours. Family people.


Because they know the law cannot protect them – and in many cases will not protect them. And experience has taught them that to call the police often means THEY are sometimes the ones who are in trouble, and once in a while shot by the police. Yeah, do a Google search on that one – it happens.

If you lived in that society – and trust me no matter what you think, we have it in some areas in all the major cities in Canada – and you COULD arm up – would you?

You will only answer no to that question if you are lying or have never been afraid for the lives of your family or your own.
No matter how bad you might think it is – there are far more responsible firearms owners in the US of A than irresponsible – but all it takes is one nutter – and you simply CANNOT legislate for that.

In the end it could happen again here in Canada – and if trudope or the citizen of france mulcair are in power watch the police start entering houses like the WWII Gestapo – houses of honourable people who will be criminals over night – just like the RCMP did in Alberta during the last flood – side note – even the military stopped working with the RCMP on flood patrol because they saw the RCMP performing illegal break & enter and illegal search & seizure tactics.

Any time the feds want to take something from you – all in the name of safety – ask yourself – “What will they want next?”
commented 2015-10-03 21:11:53 -0400
Karin Bougie commented 6 hours ago "Nobody should have 12 flippen guns! "

Nobody should have 12 kids – or even 1 mental case
commented 2015-10-03 20:26:46 -0400
I’m not really sure how taking guns of people who have no criminal record is a fair response. They didn’t do anything.
commented 2015-10-03 19:51:24 -0400
The problem is not too many guns. The problem is that dummass left-wing governments require the good guys to be unarmed…..and to advertise that fact.
How stupid is that?
commented 2015-10-03 19:19:46 -0400
Now why would ‘they’ want to hide this from us?

“…The Federal Security Services (FSB) is reporting today that an American black-Islamist terror suspect, who yesterday committed an act of mass murder in the State of Oregon (United States), had been included on a list of 87,000 “known/suspected” Islamic terrorists that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) refused last month to accept from the Federation due to its not being “politically viable in the present atmosphere”.
According to this report, the black-Islamist terrorist who committed this act of terror, Chris Harper Mercer, had previously been indentified by electronic intelligence specialists within the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) as being an Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) adherent after he had attempted to gain passage to Syria via Turkey during the first week of September, 2015…”

commented 2015-10-03 19:12:41 -0400
“Nobody should have 12 flippen guns!”
Yeah, why should people have access to so many golf clubs, or why should they be allowed to have so many knives in their drawers, why do you need so many screw drivers or cups or shoes anyways? There aught to be a law!

I’m going to grant you the benefit of the doubt that you mis-spoke er, mis-wrote…because, you’re going to have to pry my one of seventeen or so BIC pens ‘from my cold dead hand…’ – seriously…
commented 2015-10-03 16:35:31 -0400
There is nothing wrong with owning twelve, or more firearms.

Obama and MSM “liberal” pals have very selective outrage. I thought when Christians are murdered, it’s called “regime change”… Was this Christian-killer not a “freedom fighter” or “moderate rebel” like the others who are funded for their efforts???

It would seem, the man so intent on taking firearms from the American people, hands them out with a carefree attitude in Mexico, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, etc.

Do these stone-cold “liberals” really care about the innocent people who’ve died?? Or are they AGAIN doing the bidding of their globalist puppetmasters? Perhaps Obama will cry on TV for Syria’s Christians, if George Soros or David Rockefeller write it into his script.
commented 2015-10-03 15:09:57 -0400
A lot of kids come from single parent and divorced families and grow to become great citizens and nice people. But if that kid is a 26 year old still living with mommy and has 12 legally owned guns but is not a hunter and is a loner and sits in the dark on his balcony all night……..mommy should have maybe got a bit more involved in her son’s life or checked his room once in a while…..
Nobody should have 12 flippen guns!
commented 2015-10-03 12:09:06 -0400
“It is the deterioration of our social values which is causing these crimes. Not mental illness. I bet you can find a mental illness excuse for every crime ever committed. Gun control is not the answer.” Agreed totally, in Canada, it was many years before you needed a formal licence or permit to buy any sort of standard hunting rifle or shotgun (FACs were not required until about 1979). Using Wendy Cukier’s logic as a guide, Canada must have been an extremely violent place back when ones like Mackenzie King or St Laurent or Diefenbaker or Pearson or Trudeau (in the earlier years of his years as PM) occupied 24 Sussex. Instead, murder and other violent crime rates were extremely low.

I can remember some years back reading a letter to the Ottawa Citizen from somebody discussing his buying a couple of Lee Enfield rifles as a seventeen year old at the Carlingwood Sears in about 1972 with him just simply showing proof of age and walking nonchalantly out with the rifles in hand and no eyebrows were raised at all.
commented 2015-10-03 11:34:31 -0400
Kelvin Grabowsky has said it perfectly. It is the deterioration of our social values which is causing these crimes. Not mental illness. I bet you can find a mental illness excuse for every crime ever committed. Gun control is not the answer.
90% of our prisoners come from broken families. Family values must be promoted.

I know this may sound chauvinistic, But the health costs of families not eating home cooked meals are enormous. Diabetes and obesity will bankrupt our health care soon. I have been studying the effects of the foods we eat since I was diagnosed with diabetes ten years ago. There is a price to pay for the convenience of processed foods and preservatives. The days of a family sitting down and eating a home cooked meal are becoming evermore rare. Kudos to the ones that are doing it

Society has forced a husband and a wife to work. To have two kids and a home in the suburbs, two cars, a vacation, and every thing that Apple produces every year is difficult to attain on one income. Both parents working is opening up a new can of worms that lead to many social problems such as divorces and broken families.

I believe income splitting will promote family values. If it helps a child to get the physical and mental nourishment of a stay home Mom, I am for it.
Again, I am not trying to be a chauvinist. I believe the job of raising children is more important than the job of bringing home the bacon. I am OK with stay home dads.

Would this Oregon shooter have committed this terrible crime if the parents weren’t divorced? I don’t know. I understand that divorces are inevitable and in many cases it is the better option. Such as cases with abusive fathers or mothers. I just wish there was a lot less of it.
commented 2015-10-03 11:20:00 -0400
I see a lot of leftists are referencing Japan now in their zeal to seize firearms. The thing is, Japan never really had guns to begin with. Their culture never had any fascination with firearms, and it’s usually only police and military who had them, not a lot of private gun owners there. Not a lot of gun crime, either, outside of the Yakuza. So, it’s pretty easy for the government to enact a ban, or whatever. That’s not possible here, or any western society as firearms are a way of life here. Especially in the west, where agriculture is still a main driver of the economy and critter guns are a common reality, despite the hand wringing liberals’ beliefs from Toronto and Montreal.
commented 2015-10-03 11:07:35 -0400
Celinez Nunez, assistant agent in charge at Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said all the weapons had been purchased legally by the shooter or members of his family. This killer, passed the mandatory background check, the mandatory waiting period for possession, the mandatory regulation that allows the purchase of only one firearm at a time and he passed the mental fitness test for a concealed carry permit.

So, the facts reveal, as usual, NO “commonsense” gun laws other than specious prohibition – (“all guns will disappear from within our borders” or “people who in the future commit a horrible crime with their guns are legally barred from buying one”—both problematic for various logistic and constitutional reasons) —would have had any effect on the killer’s ability to obtain the weapons he used to commit the crime. It bears, sadly, repeating that the enormous staggering overwhelming majority of gun owners never commit such crimes with them. This is one of person in 200 million gun owners who abused his 2nd amendment rights.

So, with these glaringly obvious facts on the table that leaves one option – to address the appalling lack of school/campus security and the epic failure of “gun free zones” as a security measure. It is certainly worth noting (in the killer’s own writings) that the killer specifically targeted the campus as it was one of the few “gun free zones” in a concealed carry self defense state. He openly mused that this would allow him to inflict maximum casualties before the police “got to him” – So he was on a suicide mission to inflict as much carnage as possible and have his name etched in the history books. The people who enforced a no armed defense policy on that campus are as guilty as the killer.

AFAIC the president and anyone else who advocates any other measure other than securing schools and public places with armed security is also complicit in the next active shooter multiple murder. I had to laugh at Obama’s frustration of making announcements of another mass shooting at a school when it is his failed ideology of gun free zones which is the cause- reminds me of that old euphemism about insanity being the act of repeating the same failed method over and over and expecting different results.

America hasn’t got a “gun problem” it has a reasoning problem. Reason dictates you react to facts not feelings.
commented 2015-10-03 11:06:33 -0400
Gun control is the answer if you really believe human beings are basically good and if you think that babies and children are not narcissistic, self- centered, carnal beings that do not need to be taught right from wrong. Advocating gun control is like saying you believe that the 1,000,000 slaughtered in the Rwanda genocide by the Tutsi’s has nothing to do with the condition of the human heart and everything to do with the availability of machetes.
commented 2015-10-03 09:44:28 -0400
Furthermore, is the Hamilton mayor willing to have Canadian society redrawn on very strict and paternalistic male lines that would probably make your grandfather blush? Is he willing to put a class of warriors (ie the Samurai) a mystique? All of these things I have mentioned illustrate the very unique society that is Japan (not intending to bad mouth it). The simple minded mention of Japan by firearms prohibitionists because it features a lower murder rate than that of Canada or the United States accompanied by very strict laws on civilian firearms ownership fails to take in these other very unique complexities.
commented 2015-10-03 09:32:29 -0400
I wonder if the Hamilton mayor, when citing Japan as an example of gun bans resulting in lower murder rates, if he is prepared to have higher suicide rates, more family murder-suicides (men coming home from work to see the aftermath of a wife having taken hers and her children’s lives is not uncommon in Japan). Is he willing to have police march into homes without any sort of warrant or formal legal permission and allow them to give suspects indefinite detentions (lasting weeks or even months in numerous instances)? Japanese police have these sorts of powers that are far stronger than what North American law enforcement agencies currently have. Is the Hamilton mayor wanting to have very strict immigration laws and be prepared to put Canada into isolation for many years?, as this is what Japan’s culture and history consists of.
commented 2015-10-03 08:54:36 -0400
What I fail to understand about sanctimonious lectures about Canadian gun control laws is that within a few hours of driving time from Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal are Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Vermont does not require a permit to carry a handgun concealed or open and the other legal provisions concerning the acquisition and possession of other types of firearms there are very casual compared to many other parts of the United States (including Texas). Maine and New Hampshire have firearms laws not dissimilar to the ones of Vermont. Basically using Wendy Cukier’’s and Clayton Ruby’s logic, these places (particularly Vermont) should be, along with Switzerland, among the most violent places in the Western world (as opposed to being among the least violent).
commented 2015-10-03 08:09:57 -0400
I watch a show called "911, One of ny favourite episodes was a 12 year old girl at home alone. Her mom had bought a pistol and taught get how to use it. A crazed doped up creep broke in. She called 911. They told her to hide in a closet with the gun. The tension was unbelievable as the cops raced to save her. The creep found her closet and tried to get in. She wasted him after warning him. Shot him twice through the the door. I confess, I cheered as he staggered to the front lawn and dropped dead.