December 05, 2015

After San Bernardino, gun control fever returns

Stephen GraystoneRebel Blogger

In the wake of every mass shooting, liberals are quick to blame inanimate objects and law abiding gun owners for the event.

Rather than waiting for facts to unfold, the gun control fever kicks in and the rhetoric begins to fly. It has come to light that the female shooter in San Bernardino had pledged support to ISIS in a Facebook post.

The issue revolving mass shootings is neither firearms nor is it the law abiding owners, hence their name; law abiding owners.

This clearly illustrates a more prominent issue:

Radical Islamic extremism.

Liberals are quick to defend the Islamic faith when an individual straps a bomb to themselves and blows up innocent civilians, citing that this individual acted alone and therefore does not represent the whole of Islam.

When a firearm is used however, they paint every owner or enthusiast as a threat to society.

The younger crowd needs to quickly learn that firearms are not the issue, but that religious extremism and deranged, mentally unstable individuals are.

I often get told that I am "Islamophobic" due to my cautiousness when it comes to openly allowing any refugee into this country without proper screening.

I am neither against Muslims, nor am I afraid of Islam; I am more concerned with the safety of my friends, family, and fellow Canadians than I am with offending them.

I am worried about what will happen should ISIS' sympathizers be allowed to enter Canada under the guise of a desperate and poor refugee.

In the span of a month, we've seen dozens of extremists commit these atrocities in the name of ISIS or Islam. From Paris, to Beirut, to San Bernardino, the threat remains more prominent than ever. Firearm owners are not to be blamed for these, but religious extremism is.



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The High River gun grab violated every Canadian's civil liberties, and must never be repeated.

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commented 2015-12-09 01:58:09 -0500
Switch “Guns” and “Muslims” in this article.

Not much changes, does it? Everybody’s playing the victim here, including gun enthusiasts.
commented 2015-12-06 18:38:37 -0500
The powerful don’t want their subjects to be armed,we might pose a treat to their control.
Individual freedom begins with the basic right to defend oneself again tyranny in all of it’s variations.
We the peoplerule the politicians or at least we should, and not the other way around.
Disarming us only serves to weaken us.
commented 2015-12-06 18:26:57 -0500
Meanwhile gun sales are soaring in the USA.
commented 2015-12-06 07:41:25 -0500
What is it now terrorist supporters now have frigin Muslim lawyers speak for them WTF.
commented 2015-12-05 16:49:07 -0500
Funny IED’s and pipe bombs are illegal , yet the terrorists had lots of those as well. I always love the foolish left who whines about drug laws and says they do nothing, yet they think gun laws will accomplish everything.