February 17, 2016

Air strikes work: Cash-strapped ISIS forced to slash salaries, free captives at 'cut-rate' price

Rebel Staff

Oil is the so-called Islamic State’s (ISIS) economic aorta — it funds the terror group’s genocidal war machine. But following a number of air strikes targeting its oil and cash reserves, the fanatical Islamic organization has been forced to slash all wages by 50 per cent, cut benefits and ration electricity. 

The self-proclaimed Islamic caliphate, also known as ISIL, has asked residents in its ‘capital’ city of Raqqa in Syria to pay utility bills and taxes in black market U.S. dollars instead of the local currency, and are now releasing prisoners for a US$500 fee, the Associated Press reports.

Having ditched Al Qaeda’s model of relying on donations from wealthy Arabs, ISIS famously raked in more than US$360 million per year in taxes, according to CNN Money, meaning it could build up loyalty among its fighters, offering competitive salaries and bonuses. But now ISIS has reportedly stopped offering even the smaller perks to its force of barbarians: free energy drinks and Snickers bars.

The Associated Press also reports that coalition air strikes have impacted the group’s ability to replenish its weapons stores lost in the air strikes and battles with opposition factions.

“On account of the exceptional circumstances the Islamic State is facing, it has been decided to reduce the salaries that are paid to all mujahideen by half, and it is not allowed for anyone to be exempted from this decision, whatever his position,” an official ISIS directive reads.

Lisa Monaco, President Barack Obama’s counterterrorism advisor, told the Associated Press: “We are seeing our efforts having some effect on their financial flows. And it's difficult to get a handle on just how much because of the different illicit ways in which they are handling their finances but you've seen the efforts that our military has taken to take out cash storage sites, and I think it is our hope and expectation that that will have demonstrable effects.”

Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada will cease all participation in coalition air strikes against ISIS by Feb. 22.

“It is important to understand that while airstrike operations can be very useful to achieve short-term military and territorial gains, they do not on their own achieve long-term stability for local communities,” Trudeau said during an announcement in Ottawa last Monday.

As of Feb. 15, Canadian Armed Forces personnel participated in the destruction of 267 ISIS fighting positions, 102 ISIS vehicles, and 30 ISIS Improvised Explosive Device (IED) factories and ISIS storage facilities.

In the coming weeks the six CF-188 Hornets and associated aircrew and support personnel will depart the region in a phased approach, marking the end of Operation Impact.

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commented 2016-02-20 20:51:57 -0500
For once, I agree with Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party’s withdrawing of the CF-18 fighters from engagement with ISIS. Now, before those among us who might call this a betrayal of Conservative ideals, hear me out.

No air campaign against an entrenched enemy will ever work unless the campaign is so extensive and over-whelming that it strikes terror into the heart of the enemy. This means that the West and her allies would have to embark upon a campaign of air-strikes so huge and devastating in scale that ISIS will capitulate. Cut it in any way you wish, we become no better than ISIS because terror would have to be massive and that includes the total disregard of civilian casualties (Collateral Damage, if you prefer a more politically correct term). Even so, history has not proven this tactic at all. Consider Nazi Germany’s Blitzkrieg of London or the Allied forces bombing of Berlin and other parts of Germany or the Russian bombing of Afghanistan. Moreover, please do not try to tell us that air-strikes today are “pin point” and strategic. No matter how sophisticated our technology and intelligence, bombs and missiles are indiscriminate. Also, if we understand ISIS and the nature of the conflict at all, the notion that ISIS will capitulate because of a rise in civilian casualties is a pipe dream! Civilian casualties ARE their aim, they have no concern at all for the death of a few hundred thousand of million civilians! It is what they are doing themselves! In other words, eventually, there must be boots on the ground. There are no two ways about it.

My concern is NOT the withdrawal of our CF-18’s but the increase of ground support of local troops and forces and the implications that it carries have not been addressed — implications that either Justin Trudeau and the Liberals either do not understand or choose to downplay. First of all, the battle lines are hazy with governments that support the ruling regime and those that support the ‘rebel’ forces . This puts our troops into a highly confused and volatile situation — between several anvils, so to speak. So who exactly do we support and what risks do we take in terms of international conflict and relationships? Oh they will say that their roles are only advisory and training. Please, does anyone recall that the highest body count of our military in Afghanistan were exactly when we were in support, advisory, and training roles? What lasting results have these garnered. Also, please do not say that the lack of result was due to the premature withdrawal of ground troops. How many years did the conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq last? If they did not gain the objectives they wished, what makes us think that the same strategy would now? Once again, the failure of “boots on the ground” was the lack of clear resolve and the willingness to do the hard thing and pay the price that it takes. The adage that politicians make terrible generals cannot be taken lightly.

Lastly, the increase in humanitarian aid in and of itself has proven to be ineffectual. Consider how much humanitarian aid has already poured into the Arab world? Just what gains have they achieved. None of the rich Arab nations will take in any refugees and the fact remains that the crisis we face is directly related to the intransigent positions taken by Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. I am not saying that we should not be sending humanitarian aid, but please to equate humanitarian aid to “winning the battle against ISIS” is another pipe dream. By all means send humanitarian aid, it is our duty to do so, but please do not try to say that it is a way of defeating ISIS, it belittles our intelligence.

The fact is that we are playing right into the hands of ISIS and other radical Islamic groups. We persist in thinking that these are primitive barbarians who lack the sophistication it takes. Please remember that the so-called barbarians of our history undertook some very sophisticated campaigns of conquests. Yes, ISIS and other radical Islamic groups employ terror and some very uneducated people to do their dirty work but please sit back and see what they have done. First, their campaign of terror have resulted in the mass exodus of millions of refugees. It has gained to support of borderline radical Muslims, even from within our own borders! This in and of itself places a heavy humanitarian, political, and military burden on the West. This burden depletes the West’s resources and by extension its capacity to respond militarily. Second, radical Islamist groups take advantage of the chaos and humane response of the West to infiltrate the West with their operatives or those with radical leanings. One does not have to look very far beyond Germany, France, Sweden, and England to see this. This ramps up civil and political unrest and increased security threats in the West demanding even more resources. These unrest have yet another fallout. In every one of the countries mentioned here have seen the rise of extreme right-wing groups and they, in themselves add to the destabilization of Western governments and nations. Furthermore, the huge influx of people with worldviews and ideas anathema to Western Civilization bring both political and social upheaval and chaos. These are attacks from within and there are names for these form of ‘attack’. We have not only identified them, they are blatantly expressed in the manifestos of Radical Islamic Groups. They are called, Political, Economic, and Cultural Jihad.

What amazes me is that the West either do not see the brilliance of the threat or choose to willfully ignore it. The great strength of the West is our humanitarian bent but it is also her greatest weakness, and groups such as ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Boko Haram are taking full advantage of it. If we are to meet the problem of the Middle East, the first thing we MUST see clearly is the situation and currently, our leadership is either blind or willfully blind to it.

As for Canada and Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government’s response, my reply is simple … naive, ludicrous, and dangerous! Canada by itself lack the resources or military power to effect change politically, economically, or militarily. The current position taken by this government is inept and dangerous. The best role that Canada can play is that of truth speaker and consensus builder, a role that we are not even remotely coming close to.
commented 2016-02-18 10:44:27 -0500
Last weekend and yesterday Turkey attacked Kurdish Militias in Syria and Northern Iraq where the Canadian soldiers are located while they train Kurdish Militias.

The Trudeau policy of sending more Canadian soldiers to Northern Iraq and sending arms an ammunition as well is splitting a very fine hair.

At present Turkey distinguishes between Kurdish Militias and only attacks the PKK who are avowed enemies of Turkey. Only politics distinguishes the PKK from other Kurdish Militias.

What will happen when Turkey finds that Canadian trained Kurds and Canadian weapons are found with the PKK, as they inevitably will? To assume they will not is like thinking Conservatives from Calgary never travel to Liberal Edmonton. When this happens Turkey fighter jets will attack positions in which Canadian soldiers are located.

Since Canada under Trudeau in not included with Coalition planning and is not invited to Coalition planning meetings, who will come to defence of Canadians in Iraq when attacked by Turkey for training and arming the Kurds?

Trudeau and Dion are digging a deep hole which they will need to bury the unfortunate Canadian soldiers who will be killed because of their opportunistic politics and dumb plan for defeating ISIS.

Stupid does as stupid is.
commented 2016-02-18 00:35:09 -0500
There needs to be credit given to Russia who actually bombed columns of turkish oil tankers which were transporting stolen Syrian oil for daesh. We should align ourselves with Russia and the Syrian government who are fighting daesh and alqueda plus many other islamist jihadis at once.
Keep in mind that the Syrian government and Russia are also supporting the Syrian Kurds to a moderate extent.
commented 2016-02-17 23:42:06 -0500
How disheartening when we got taken down by a Leftist Prime Minister who may know where he wants to go Left wise while at least 60% of the Country are not in favor of going there, to us this man has the wisdom of a Fruit Loop right out of the Kellogg’s box!
commented 2016-02-17 23:28:51 -0500
An ISIS terrorist passing himself off as a Syrian refugee in Turkey carried out a car bomb attack in the middle of government facilities. Authorities were able to compare the attacker’s fingerprints with those on file from refgees, so he has been identified,
As for the air bombing mission, It only makes sense that zeroing in on strategic targets & destroying them eventually weakens the enemy & if that report is factual then more bombings are needed not less, so Trudeau, more than 60% of Canadians don’t agree with your decision & saying you’re doing what “all” Canadians want is not being very truthful, especially after the big deal you made that YOU & your gov’t would be transparent. You’re about as transparent as a solid steel door.
commented 2016-02-17 23:23:16 -0500
Our military builds mosques now, its 2016
commented 2016-02-17 22:58:13 -0500
Sharon – right on the money gal!!
And so typical of a Lefty to try to take credit for something they didn’t do! I wonder if Obama did that often while in university? Something tells me he did – in spades!!
commented 2016-02-17 22:55:23 -0500
I’d just like to know why someone, don’t care who, didn’t do this a long time ago? The less there is to go around, and here we are speaking about (oil) money, the more difficult it would be to get and keep “soldiers” and the more difficult it would be to keep the civilians in check who are under their domineering rule. Apart from hurting the environment (!), why allow this to go on for so very long. All the while more heads are being lopped off, and other heinous acts of barbaric brutality are being wreaked upon any and all who are not of their peculiar Islamic belief, mindset and practices.
commented 2016-02-17 22:48:04 -0500
The boy prince Trudy is so much more sophisticated in his thinking and rationale. . . Oh the experience he has in foreign affairs! Canada was once a leader. . . Now we are the brunt of every joke. It’s sad really.
commented 2016-02-17 22:25:21 -0500
Obama is so full of it. Putin is the reason ISIS has no dough. They started blowing up their money chain and the US had no choice but to join in to save face. I said from the beginning that Obama was going to go down as one, if not the worst, President the US has ever had….and I’ve been proven right so far.
commented 2016-02-17 21:53:58 -0500
I think it was Russian bombers that cut off the oil tankers going into Turkey, therefore cutting of major funding to isis . The coalition had nothing to do with it, because it would have been an environmental disaster according to Hussain Obama. Somebody please buy boy Trudeau some big boy diapers.
commented 2016-02-17 21:09:02 -0500
The facts are here Mr Trudeau. You have sentenced the proud people of Canada to a term of shame.
commented 2016-02-17 20:55:54 -0500
Everybody should mail Trudeau a White Feather. During the First World War, a white feather received in the mail , was a sign that you were considered a coward and would be ignored by all.

I see that Trudeau has suddenly become an expert on Military strategies. Wonders never cease.
commented 2016-02-17 19:55:05 -0500
Someone PO’d my Dad the other day – they took the Roundel and painted a yellow chicken in the middle to replace the maple leaf.

In all honesty I laughed but he filled the room with four letter words.
commented 2016-02-17 19:40:39 -0500
Justin bought himself a season ticket at the kids table.
Well Done!
commented 2016-02-17 19:33:23 -0500
Don’t worry ISIS, Butt Head and the Boy Blunder will set up financial ways in which you can continue being funded right here in Canada!!
commented 2016-02-17 19:06:52 -0500
lets fly white flags from our cars in protest.

torn sheets anything white!

if we can do for the leafs . . . surely we can do it for CANADA!
commented 2016-02-17 19:00:24 -0500
What the heck is Trudeau thinking?