April 12, 2019

VICTORY: Airbnb cancels boycott of Jewish-owned homes in Israel's West Bank

Rebel Staff

Good news: Airbnb has cancelled its proposed policy to boycott Jewish-owned homes — and only Jewish-owned homes — from the West Bank.

It was bizarre — Airbnb operates in many disputed political territories in the world, including such contentious places like Tibet.

But only the West Bank was banned — and only Jews, weirdly.

You might recall that here at the Rebel we put together a large petition called Protest AirBNB.

We didn’t call for a boycott — that was the whole point; we wanted to let people choose where to go, including the West Bank, including to those Jewish families who opened their homes to strangers. We just wanted to register our protest. And thousands of people did.

I’m very pleased and somewhat surprised to tell you today that Airbnb has backed down!

Let me read the first sentence of the press release:

Today, Airbnb is announcing that we have settled all lawsuits that were brought by hosts and potential hosts and guests who objected to a policy the company recently announced concerning listings in disputed areas.

Oh — so it wasn’t just about doing the right thing — it was about settling “all the lawsuits”. Well, fair enough...

If you were one of the thousands of people who signed our petition:

Thank you!

I think we helped make the world just a tiny bit fairer and freer, and we gave a set-back to anti-Jewish extremists.

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