February 21, 2015

NON-SHOCKER: Al Jazeera "reporter" smears TheRebel.media

Rebel Staff

But who's the one taking money from dictators...?

An Al Jazeera mouthpiece calls Ezra Levant's new venture, TheRebel.media, "very pitiful."

He'll take that as a compliment, considering the source: Al Jazeera is owned by an investment arm of the dictatorship of Qatar.

Ezra was joking around about his makeshift TV studio -- his living room -- but Al Jazeera's Megan O'Toole didn't find that funny, humble or even inspirational.

Fans of TheRebel.media did, though, and voiced their support of Ezra's entrepreneurial spirit on Twitter.

As of Thursday, TheRebel.media was working out of a downtown office. But O'Toole was still working for an OPEC dictatorship.

For more about OPEC and their energy wars against the west, read Ezra's two critically acclaimed books:

Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada's Oilsands

Groundswell: The Case for Fracking

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commented 2015-02-25 17:44:24 -0500
I Love It. How quick the rats abandon ship. At least her last name sums it up….Tool!
commented 2015-02-24 18:41:14 -0500
Viva Ezra !
commented 2015-02-23 20:17:08 -0500
That was a funny one Ezra,…in a cage,lol lol lol.She sold her soul to the devil.
commented 2015-02-23 14:17:17 -0500
Loving TheRebel.Media, and am proud to be a supporter of this! Keep up the excellent work Ezra and company!
commented 2015-02-22 16:09:56 -0500
Megan O’Toole – if you wish to make a career in your industry you will need to gain respect so readers will want to listen or read what you write. We all need to earn a living but one day working for Sun News representing the Conservative view point and then the next working for another media outlet and criticizing former co-workers that haven’t changed their beliefs where you obviously have is a little hard to take. Sun news and Quebecor gave you the freedom to say what you believed. i don’t believe your new employer will offer you that same frerdom.
commented 2015-02-22 11:23:41 -0500
You know you’re doing something right when………
commented 2015-02-22 10:24:38 -0500
In journalism, there are scruples and there are “scoopals”. You have both, Ezra. You defend journalistic scruples as you seek to get the “scoop” on the other side of the issue.
commented 2015-02-22 09:47:01 -0500
Amazing! That is just too sad. BTW, congratulations on “therebel.media”. I am sure there a lot of folks out there who were wondering where to go for an alternative to the media party. Not saying I don’t look at other news, but therebel.media gives everyone an opportunity to see a viewpoint (agree with it or not) that is not covered elsewhere. I’m loving it and I am sure a lot of former sunnews watchers will love it too.