March 04, 2019

Bomb threat to UCP HQ Edmonton – Accused man blames Rachel Notley

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

Breaking news today that has gone unreported for a month – the United Conservative Party of Alberta received a bomb threat from Abdul Anas Habash. 

Habash has been criminally charged with making the bomb threat, and was in court last Friday, where I was able to sit down with him — and he freely confessed to committing the crime.

Amongst other revelations, he told us that he actually blamed Rachel Notley and the NDP for radicalizing him.

One day prior to his bomb threat, a mosque in Edmonton was sent a letter that promoted white supremacy. Nobody knows who sent the letter, but it proudly boasted the UCP logo – exactly the last thing any party supporter would put on such a repulsive letter.

That letter had all the hallmarks of a hoax; Edmonton is Canada’s capital for hate crime hoaxes, such as when the man delivering white supremacist flyers to Edmonton homes was caught red-handed by a doorbell camera — and he turned out to be black.

As you’d expect, the mainstream media sensationalized the mosque letter and they were certain it was the last nail in Jason Kenney’s coffin, they ran with the story, just like they ran with the flyer story.

But then something happened that was very real:

The mosque received the letter on February 6.

On February 7, the United Conservative Party received a bomb threat.

Of course, it didn’t matter that the UCP clearly did not have a hand in what looked like a blatant false flag attempt. It was a real bomb threat and the UCP party, its staff, and Alberta’s political system were terrorized.

(A terrorist doesn’t have to blow you up to be a terrorist, intimidation is the occupational requirement for a terrorist.)

Habash has been charged with one count of violating Section 264.1(1)(a) of the Canadian Criminal Code. Amazingly, he went to the Edmonton courthouse with his father in an effort to retrieve his cellphone and laptop. (The request was denied after a conversation with the Crown prosecutor.)

If found guilty of an indictable offence, having sent this threat to the United Conservative Party, Habash will be facing jail time.

But if the court is as nonchalant about this terrorist act as the media is — it’s more likely that he’ll be given a slap on the wrist, and sent back out into the community.

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commented 2019-03-04 18:59:30 -0500
Another Rebel SCOOP!
Good job Keeane
commented 2019-03-04 18:22:19 -0500
He should be “sent back out” into his own community, back in Shoe Bombistan… At least 10 time zones away.