April 17, 2019

A new day in Alberta: Election analysis with guest Keean Bexte, plus William McBeath of Save Calgary

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

It was a massive and decisive win for Jason Kenney's United Conservative party last night in Alberta’s eagerly awaited provincial election.

Alberta is back to blue — except for Edmonton, a place the late, great Ralph Klein once described as “a fine city with too many socialists and mosquitoes.” After last night, the capital city and the seat of government remains a progressive wasteland, save for one lonely UCP seat.

I don’t know who is more devastated to hear the words “Premier-designate, Jason Kenny”: The newly unemployed and remarkably under-qualified former NDP MLAs and hangers-on, or the mainstream media who worked so hard to scuttle Jason Kenny’s campaign.

But Notley’s near wipe-out wasn't the only thing breaking the hearts of the media party and the progressive left. They absolutely hated to see the Rebel reporting live from UCP headquarters in Calgary.

That’s where we recorded tonight’s show, right after our live stream with Ezra wrapped.

Keean and I pulled our friend, William McBeath from Save Calgary out of the crowd to talk about some of the surprises of the night and some predictions for the future.

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commented 2019-04-19 03:00:27 -0400
And every day Saudi oil tankers plow their way up the Bay of Fundy, often killing whales, to dump their oil at the Irving’s Canaport Terminal in St. John… But hey! No big deal deal in the mind of our Boy Blunder!….
commented 2019-04-18 13:32:44 -0400
Re unethical oil imports.
1) All imported oil should have a significant duty charged – this would also be useful in current “Nafta” controversy as eastern Canada imports significantly quantities of US petro products (some even via those Quebec hated oil pipelines).
2) Oil from countries with bad environmental practices should also have an additional “Carbon Tax” added.
This would only be fair to these “EASTERN BASTARDS” who still have the option of “freezing in the dark”.
commented 2019-04-18 12:36:25 -0400
A new day in Alberta but with the same old reality. On that same day, Quebec’s premier smacked Kenny down and said, no pipelines, even after Kenny spoke french as a message on one knee, to Quebec’s premier. BC’s Horgan, came out and backed Trudeau’s oil tankers ban carrying Alberta oil from Alberta, referring to Trudeau’s bill C 48, which does not include American tankers carrying Alaskan oil down the coast in the very same waters. Now, Trudeau’s energy mister has come out and said they won’t abide by the 90 day time frame to approve the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. Kenny and the others will lose the carbon tax fight, because there is no way the courts are going to tell the feds they can’t tax. I would be awfully surprised if they did. On the matter of equalization and transfer payments, again, there is little to no chance of stopping the plunder of Alberta because Quebec will oppose it, as will others. Kenny will be like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest even if he does try to fight for Alberta.
commented 2019-04-18 11:47:37 -0400
ROBERT MANDERS commented 2 hours ago.
What gets me is how the left is crumbling in Canada………………..

In my opinion, the ‘Left’ as it is in Canada is nothing but mild Socialism as dreamed of by wannabe small L Marxist who want to drag everybody down their level of mediocrity. What our current PM is forcing on us is full blown Marxism and death to the white working class. The people with money, the mega rich will not be affected. Cheap Islamic labour will make the rich richer and unions extinct.
commented 2019-04-18 09:18:23 -0400
What gets me is how the left is crumbling in Canada, the US, Europe and around the world. Universally, news media is heavily socialist , anti-democracy, Marxist, left wing , anti-capitalist, pro-Islam, anti-conservative, anti-Trump, pro-LGBT, ant-free speech, pro-transgender, and anti-western values, even when one thing they promote contradictors another.. Yet people see through the lies and the propaganda. Image how much better off we would be if CBC, CNN and others were simply neutral.
commented 2019-04-18 08:35:38 -0400
Why cant we run all the pipe lines we need along the trans Canada and other highways?
commented 2019-04-18 06:06:46 -0400
Jason Kenney has major work ahead of him now, he not only has to clean up Notley’s messes but also has to contend with Trudeau’s machinations.

A reminder:
June 25, 2018
“Canada is rigged. Now the fix is in for another five years.
Rarely has there been a sneakier ploy than the Trudeau government’s unilateral renewal of the current equalization system without formal notice to provinces or the public.
The closest for sheer nose-thumbing gall may be the 1980 meeting of Pierre Trudeau’s cabinet in Lake Louise, to discuss details of the National Energy Program.
The equalization dodge comes in federal Bill C-74, a wide-ranging implementation of budget details.
You almost need a sniffer dog to find this little section. But it’s there. And it keeps the current equalization system in place from April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2024.”
commented 2019-04-18 05:10:28 -0400
Kenney and Ford better be married at the hip when it comes to fighting Trudeau and his energy policies.
commented 2019-04-18 03:16:34 -0400
The Alberta/B.C. dynamic is going to be “very interesting” in the days to come as it seems Horgan has already wiped that usual smarmy smile off his face in the latest interviews… Given that his own home riding on Vancouver Island already has some of the highest gas prices in North America, the thought of Kenney “turning off the taps” even for a few months, should be enough to sober up the usual pakalolo smokin’ crowd here… About one in four vehicles on the roads of Vancouver Island is a a gas-guzzling pickup truck, so even the “tokers” are bound to ask some hard questions then… Stay tuned!…
commented 2019-04-18 02:49:39 -0400
Quebec Premier François Legault and BC’s Horgan would get a reality check if Bernier got in. Unfortunately that is unlikely. Both of our main ports are being held hostage by what ever Legault and Horgan are.
Quebec needs to extract and export their own damn resources and Horgan needs to get the hell out of the way. Equalization payments should reflect ability, not whether or not they feel like taking responsibility in their own neighbourhoods instead of continuing as parasites.
Stop importing Saudi oil and make provinces utilize their God given resources. Stop sucking off Alberta for transfer payments , the teat is dry, until further notice.
commented 2019-04-18 00:35:37 -0400
It sure will be good to find out what’s really going on in those anti-oil ministers’ offices. I suspect though that the shredders were running all night. Then the staff will say no records were kept or they couldn’t find them.
commented 2019-04-17 23:15:37 -0400
Ann McGrath lost by 790 votes as of Wednesday.
Bexte made a difference in this vote.
commented 2019-04-17 23:06:14 -0400
That Keean knows his stuff. Smart young fella.
The coverage last night was outstanding.
I like Keeans suit and tie. Dressed for success.
The other fella’s sentiments are compelling enough, but the visual presentation gets in the way of serious consideration. Hate to comment on looks, but nail polish and smurf hair is hard to take seriously in a professional context (Milo he’s not. I almost hate myself for posting this, but I may not be the only one who would listen more intently to Keean than the other guy. Don’t care about proclivities, I am only referring to professional presentation.
commented 2019-04-17 22:41:58 -0400
Sheila is hilarious at the end of a long night of election coverage. Maybe she is also a bit tipsy on the big wins of the UCP too. Great election coverage, great show. Your hard work is appreciated.
commented 2019-04-17 22:36:00 -0400
Anybody know the name of the first song that was playing in the background, if so please paste it on this page. I shall be in your debt for ever.
I enjoyed your show Sheila, al lot of in depth information for us all to swallow and inwardly digest. Keep up the fine work that is your standard. I include Keean in that also..
commented 2019-04-17 22:12:22 -0400
- Same feeling as the Ontario election that sent the Ontario Liberals packing. We need to get rid of the Trudeau Liberals next & then start building pipelines as quickly as possible.
commented 2019-04-17 22:06:13 -0400
I’m happy for Alberta. I hope it’s a similar result for all of Canada this October.