April 01, 2019

What should Rachel Notley do after losing the election? Albertans have some ideas...

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

It was a long weekend traveling around Southern Alberta, meeting real Albertans who want nothing more than to Stop Notley! Between Sheila Gunn Reid in the north, and me in the south, we were handing out 500 signs a day!

In Lethbridge, while handing out signs outside of pathological liar Shannon Phillips’ campaign office, I asked regular Albertans what they think Rachel Notley will do for future employment when Albertans hand her a pink slip on April 16...

P.S. The Rebel has just published a NEW book by Sheila Gunn Reid, called simply Stop Notley: The Case for Throwing out the NDP.

You can order it right now on Amazon, where it is already a #1 bestseller, or at StopNotley.com.

And while you’re there, you can order a STOP NOTLEY lawn sign, too!

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commented 2019-04-03 12:30:18 -0400
don`t forget that cam gardner the rancher brought cattle from the USA,& introduced BSE the dreaded MAD COW sickness to ALBERTA CATTLE PRODUCERS
commented 2019-04-02 22:58:43 -0400
Notley should be true to herself and go to work for the Tides Foundation.
commented 2019-04-02 07:55:33 -0400
I hope that Socialist scum ends up in Venezuela eating donkeys with her comrades !
commented 2019-04-02 02:32:47 -0400
Not a chance Alberta Maga!… She’ll be gone on a private plane before the Alberta frost has even touched her fairy feet…
commented 2019-04-02 01:40:40 -0400
I hope to run into the hag in Edmonton after she is no longer Premier and let her know what i think of commies.
commented 2019-04-02 01:40:01 -0400
Well she can get &&*^%%^ then go $%$%$%$^% herself!
commented 2019-04-02 01:34:52 -0400
Thank you, Liza Rosie – I was just going to say something similar! I need to add that the Tyrannical Left should be sent to a certain kind of hospital – hey, after all what else do you do with those Leftist Supremacists who want World Domination?

LIZA ROSIE commented 5 hours ago
Let her move to Toronto, we don’t want ANY of those be ach’s in BC. We have enough problems.
commented 2019-04-01 20:52:12 -0400
Let her move to Toronto, we don’t want ANY of those be ach’s in BC. We have enough problems.
commented 2019-04-01 20:03:31 -0400
Not sure about Notley, but I assume Marg M-B will take her pink slip and go to B/C for a job, just like she advised Peace country oil workers to do when her policies, as Energy Minister, deleted their jobs. Or learn to code.
commented 2019-04-01 19:17:57 -0400
“What should Rachel Notley do after losing the election?”

I can think of a few things, but cannot say them in polite company.
commented 2019-04-01 19:02:58 -0400
As I’ve posted before, I’m betting she’ll wind up here in B.C. again, working in some capacity for the Horgan/Weaver Tango…
commented 2019-04-01 18:36:50 -0400
Motley Notley is only good for Tar and Feathering and running out of town on a rail.
commented 2019-04-01 16:54:10 -0400
Hopefully this hag of the north will jump a plane to Venezuela never to return-go live in your socialist paradise you cow!!!
commented 2019-04-01 16:38:11 -0400
Notley will be well looked after for her role in destroying the Alberta energy sector.I don’t think Wynne is hurting or her mentor McGuinty in Ontario.
commented 2019-04-01 16:22:05 -0400
Well a leopard can’t change her spots, so I’m thinking she’ll be rented out to other NDP governments across Canada.
commented 2019-04-01 16:06:54 -0400
Great work Keean, thanks for stoping in our town, “Make Alberta Great Again”. Would loved to been in Front of Lyin Philips head quarters with you but Pee Wee “AA” provincials in Med Hat took priority.
Thanks Again!
commented 2019-04-01 16:03:22 -0400
What should Rachel Notley do after losing the election?

Start a story that Kenney hired Fort Mac prostitutes to pee all over the hotel room bed where she once cuddled with David Suzuki and Neil Young?
commented 2019-04-01 15:53:46 -0400
After listening to this, I’m a little upset with Albertans. What did we do to you that you would want to punish us by sending Notley here? Don’t we have enough problems here already? :-)