April 18, 2019

Toronto’s liberal snobs react to Alberta’s election. I think they're jealous.

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Alberta has spoken. Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party won 63 seats, and the NDP, 24 seats.

The election wasn’t as close as pundits wished or claimed it was. 

But those pundits just won't let it go. Here's the Toronto Star:

Alberta is now in reverse gear and roaring backwards. Back to the day when a high-school dropout could earn $100,000 a year driving a truck for an oilsands giant. Back to a time when no one had even thought of climate change. All delusion.

Really? That sounds like a pretty good day to me. In 2013 and 2014, there were welders making $180,000 a year. I remember meeting a mom from Newfoundland in Fort McMurray. She came out to cook at a work camp for part of every year, and made $75,000 for six month's work.

The Toronto Star hates it that the “little people” are getting ahead without some government grant or taxpayer “investment,” but by driving, welding, digging — building a country and selling things people want.

Unlike the Toronto Star, for example, which is losing so much money that it’s applying for a bail-out.

A college degree? Spend four years, and incur a hundred grand in debt, to get what? A degree in gender studies? So they can work for $15 an hour — writing clickbait for the Toronto Star?

The funny thing is that the Toronto Star, and the NDP, actually think they’re for the people. 

But if they were, then the fact that a high school “dropout” could earn a good living wouldn't make them so mad.

I think they’re jealous.

I have two university degrees. But the day I say that what I do for a living is more morally important than someone without a university degree who not only builds our country, but more importantly, builds a life for himself and his family — well, that’s the day you should stop watching the Rebel...

NEXT: In other news, Justin Trudeau's ethics violations case is being re-opened.

Who better to talk about this with me than viewer favourite, lawyer Manny Montenegrino

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-04-20 15:05:11 -0400
LIZA…Yesterday, all our troubles were so far away……….Now the Trudites are swarming.
commented 2019-04-20 08:42:26 -0400
I hope I’m wrong, but I think the fears of the Useless Class that their subsidized existences under Kenney will be in jeopardy are unfounded.

As RON VOSS pointed out in a related thread, on all green matters other that the carbon tax, Kenney is pretty much in lock-step with turdo la doo and Scheer-the-Steer. And you can bet your bippy that he won’t have the balls to cut off any funding to the perpetually in-search-of-recognition alternative lifestyle crowd.
commented 2019-04-19 20:55:53 -0400
Trudeau is going to run and hide until October.. If this demented basturd gets into the PMO again.. Then you know that the Canadian Political system is so corrupt that there will be a …. ….. !! and a …….!! a love fest of sunny ways….
commented 2019-04-19 17:12:46 -0400
Charred Remains, this was in the 90’s I guess its different now. The cook ruled in those days, but if they were no good they were replaced pretty quick.
commented 2019-04-19 16:35:17 -0400
Andy Neimers commented 13 hours ago
Hey!… I’m still waiting for CTV to explain why it cut off Kenney’s victory speech in mid broadcast!… Anybody???
Andy, I was so mad that I wrote a letter to CTV Executives and Management saying their biased decision showed their ignorance ect. ect..
No reply yet, however they probably had thousands of complaints to go through.
commented 2019-04-19 14:45:51 -0400
Charred: You got that right!! I was up at Wapasu Creek a few times hauling gensets in,yeah lots of middle easterners. It must have been bad because the Indians were even pissed off with them-lol!!
commented 2019-04-19 13:33:29 -0400
That same welder is making $80,000/ year if he’s working at all
commented 2019-04-19 13:12:29 -0400
- Watched the election coverage on the Rebel’s live stream. Watched the CBC from time to time to watch the tears. I saw that Toronto Star tweet. What better example of elitism could you find? How dare some high school dropout make more money doing something useful that someone’s willing to pay them for than a “journalist” who calls their propaganda news & relies on taxpayer handouts to stay employed. These are the people who’ll fight for a $15 minimum wage. What they won’t say is that they want all the little people to make that minimum wage & rely on the elite to throw them more crumbs from time to time.

- It seems that after the SNC-Lavalin scandal broke the dam opened up. Covering for Trudeau is making the people who should be calling him out look like fools. There was bound to be some push back by those who care at all about the country. Always great to hear from Manny.
commented 2019-04-19 10:37:20 -0400
My mom would have been a great camp cook. She and her sisters had to cook for 30 – 40 hired men on the family farm in Manitoba, during harvest season, and other times when they needed extra labour. They cooked three meals a day. And my German grandmother would have made sure that the food was the best. Mom’s 80 now and is legally blind but she can still cook better than anyone I know!
commented 2019-04-19 08:50:31 -0400
When I want a good feeling to stir my Soul this is what works for me. What the ignorant arrogant Progressives forecast versus how the folks put the brakes on their desire to enslave the masses. Then they become more arrogant & ignorant towards the folks who understood the tragedy of electing the Progressives Candidate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G87UXIH8Lzo
commented 2019-04-19 07:21:33 -0400
“I think they’re jealous.”

Naaawwww, it’s not jealousy – it’s bitterness and fear. Steward is just another champagne socialist who sees conservative governments as a threat to the lefty green gravy train that has kept her alive.
commented 2019-04-19 03:15:58 -0400
Hey!… I’m still waiting for CTV to explain why it cut off Kenney’s victory speech in mid broadcast!… Anybody???
commented 2019-04-19 02:21:00 -0400
There will be no RCMP investigation because the commissioner is a Trudeau appointee (minion).
However, Privacy Commissioner Therrien is not one of Justin’s minions. He held a senior ministerial appointment in the Martin gov’t, and then was appointed PrivComm during Harper’s govt. Therrien is one of the holdovers that Justin forgot to fire and replace, which could mean trouble for Dear Leader when he investigates Justin’s ethics violations.
commented 2019-04-19 01:11:01 -0400
commented 2019-04-19 01:10:47 -0400
Good on you Alberta.. Make sure Kenney is not a Liberal-Lite please.
commented 2019-04-19 00:31:40 -0400
Those camp cooks Ezra, have to be top notch. A camp full of hard working tired and hungry rig workers look forward to meal time as a highlight. If the cook was crap he/she didn’t last long. The camp cook reigned supreme. I know of a pressure tester who took his dog up to camp. The cook’s cat had just had a litter of kittens, and that dog ate everyone of them. Needless to say that cook kicked that guy and his dog out of camp never to return again, at least not while she was on duty. Camp cook is more than bacon and eggs. Its a prestige job and yes, it pays well, as it should.
commented 2019-04-18 23:05:54 -0400
Those idiots on the news clip are right about one thing. And Trudeau pay close attention too! We, the people that make life easy for morons like you don’t give a rats ass about your ignorant ideologies. And YOUR the ones causing people to have disdain for you, because of your self absorbed intolerance towards normal people. WTG!
commented 2019-04-18 22:57:12 -0400
Leftist hypocrisy: High minimum wage for people with no education is good. Really high minimum wage for people with no education is bad.

The difference? One was mandated by government and the other was agreed upon in the free market. Can’t have that sort of thing going on. Pretty soon all the elitist lefties will be making minimum wage.
commented 2019-04-18 22:23:58 -0400
I don’t know Sean Lance, I don’t think any detective work is required. Its all pretty obvious.
commented 2019-04-18 22:23:04 -0400
Wow those two ladies with chips on their shoulders definitely went coo coo for coco puffs !
commented 2019-04-18 22:17:51 -0400
The value of 200k for a weekend on a private island is in my opinion exaggerated. You can’t really put a price on someone hosting you at their home. but you sure can put a price on the cost of Canada’s jet to fly everyone in and the RCMP security team and the planning costs and most importantly the amount of the next donation made to the Aga Khan’s favorite Charity!
commented 2019-04-18 22:11:23 -0400
Hey it’s Lace Bentura Transgender detective.
commented 2019-04-18 22:01:27 -0400
In their world we are not allowed to function and they would annihilate if they could. In our world as far as dealing with the minority (which is what smurf girl and chip on shoulder are) we live and let live, but we carry on for the betterment of the majority.
Exactly right Lee and Deborah.
commented 2019-04-18 21:55:34 -0400
That’s just to bad for the ladies who think they are allowed to tell the rest of us how to vote in a democracy. Cry me a river!
commented 2019-04-18 21:24:16 -0400
I kind of feel sorry for all the weeping, wailing, hand-wringing LGBTQ activists in Alberta right now. Because four years from now they are going to be sooooooo disappointed that nothing bad happened to them.
commented 2019-04-18 21:21:02 -0400
Toronto is one of the biggest pervert cesspool, and crap holes in the world.
commented 2019-04-18 21:21:02 -0400
BRUCE ATCHISON commented 16 mins ago.
Entitlement is the theme………………………………………………….

Bruce, I don’t think Trudeau ever earned anything in his life, definitely not respect.
commented 2019-04-18 21:19:55 -0400
Backwards? If this isn’t proof that we need to revamp what they are teaching in Universities I don’t know what is. What a pathetic result. I have watched that clip with smurf girl, and trans, mixed race, chip on shoulder spoiled entitled beotch, three times now because it was just too precious.

What selfish twisted witches. Alberta has a province to run. Pick a lane, be who you are and nobody will have a problem with it or who you are. Just don’t think that you can decide that you have the right to shut down the economy to serve your insecurities and skewed entitlements. I love you. Stand strong. Be who and what you are, but don’t expect us to stand aside while you try to dictate to the rest of us, at the expense of our livelihoods, because, it is not going to happen.

I swear, if mixed race, chip on ‘her’ shoulder, could have spit on the ground and given us the middle finger on TV ‘she’ would have. ‘She’ was dripping with contempt. What a self absorbed, hateful, confused little person. We really need to ditch the welfare entitlement state and clean up our educational institutions. We are creating monsters.
commented 2019-04-18 21:12:48 -0400
I wish Jason well but he will need Scheer to be PM and for him to declare the oil pipeline to be in the national interest of the country to get these projects moving along with preventing American activists from coming into Canada and some help from the army and Police to prevent our home grown activists getting on pipeline property.
commented 2019-04-18 20:58:17 -0400
A friend of mine said he was in the same church as the elder Trudeau’s family. Their kids could misbehave but “the little people” had to mind the rules. Goes to show what hypocrites the Pierre Trudeau family were.