March 22, 2019

Alberta NDP MLA panics when questioned about unproven “illness”

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

This week The Rebel was finally given access to the absence reports from the last Alberta Legislative session. We learned that former NDP MLA Stephanie McLean’s absence from an entire Legislative Session was due to a pre-planned injury or illness.

We knew she missed months of work, it was obvious – but until now, we didn’t know the reason. It sounds fishy, doesn’t it?

What’s even fishier is that McLean is alive and well, working at a Law Firm in Victoria, B.C. I know, because I spoke on the phone with her at work! I recorded it, and I will share it with you in my video, but first, some background.

News broke on January 2 that McLean was resigning her seat. Coincidentally, the deadline had passed for a required by-election in her riding. If she had resigned on June 18, there would have been a mandatory by-election to ensure residents of Calgary Varsity had representation. McLean made sure that didn’t happen.

In Calgary Varsity, Notley’s handpicked communist advisor Anne McGrath was slated to replace McLean, but there is no way a commie would win in Alberta with all eyes on her. Instead, she would run in the General Election. So to save the NDP an embarrassing defeat, McLean pretended to still be an MLA. 

NDP MLA Stephanie McLean pre-planned two months’ worth of absences from the Alberta Legislature, so I called her to ask her what kind of pre-planned illness she had. I called twice, her receptionist had me call back later. Listen carefully to the conversation in the video above. You are not going to believe what she said.

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commented 2019-03-25 01:04:04 -0400
Hey “oh so noble NDP”… So it’s one day latter now, and still “crickets”????
commented 2019-03-24 02:06:37 -0400
Now here’s a real and “fundamental” question about the integrity and honesty of this bitch:- is there any real and honest APOLOGY for this months long scam?… Or is just more “happy trails” in B.C.???
commented 2019-03-23 20:21:10 -0400
RON VOSS commented 1 day ago
And she’s a lawyer who deals with matters of justice?
No, Ron. She deals with matters of law. A very different thing.
commented 2019-03-23 05:55:01 -0400
Having had a family member serve in constituency office , I’m interested in what the heck her staff were doing while she was bilking the taxpayers. It isn’t just $67,000 bucks .These offices are expensive to operate.

Double dipping? When exactly did she start working for this law firm ? Obviously she was using company((government) time to set up her life and laugh all the way to the bank.
Did she belong to the Alberta Law Society and or the British Columbia Law Society ?Should an ethics complaint be filed ? What about fraud ?
A real smart ass scumbag lawyer who took her fellow citizens to the cleaners.
commented 2019-03-23 05:40:22 -0400
Getting her ducks in a row? Setting up in BC, moving, packing, new place, meeting with her new employer and fellow employees, arranging for cable TV, one last holiday before going to a real job where she is expected to work, and so forth.

Think of the $67,000 as her golden handshake, or for missing the cut-off date for calling a by-election. Either way its a heads she wins, tails she wins.
commented 2019-03-23 03:08:23 -0400
And it’s not that anybody at the Law Society of B.C. is going to ask any questions; right?
commented 2019-03-22 20:03:12 -0400
Only in government can high-priced bureaucrats get away with this sort of stuff. Peons on the bottom can’t.
commented 2019-03-22 19:54:02 -0400
I suspect she was a “trophy” selection as the NDP didn’t have anyone to run in that constituency. They likely told her she wouldn’t have to actually do anything and were likely surprised that she got elected. Oops!! The $67,000 should be repaid if not by her then by the party itself.
commented 2019-03-22 19:25:39 -0400
And she’s a lawyer who deals with matters of justice? How dare you Keean questioning someone in the establishment?
commented 2019-03-22 17:33:31 -0400
Another socialist ass wipe stealing money from Albertans,when is this arrogant piece of work going to be paying Alberta taxpayers back with interest? Notley and her DEPLORABLES !!!
commented 2019-03-22 17:32:11 -0400
Hopefully she has emails from Notley to cover her butt, and to expose this crime against the people of AB.
commented 2019-03-22 17:20:48 -0400
Looks like Jason Kenny has 67,000 reasons to ask about how Ms. McLean and the NDP conduct themselves, especially when it comes to hard earned tax payer money. This is criminal.
commented 2019-03-22 16:42:20 -0400
Keean should follow up with her former staffers at her constituency office in Calgary , which I presume remained open until her resignation. Presumably ,Albertans continued to pay for staff and office space when nobody was on the job during fall summer.
Great job Keean. This is great reporting.