September 12, 2019

Alberta's pro-oilsands “war room” isn't fighting back. Here's our advice.

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Hundreds of millions of dollars have poured into Western Canada from foreign-funded lobby groups for the sole purpose of flattening the oilsands.

No other oil industry has been targeted in the same way. Have you ever — I mean, ever — seen a call for the boycott of conflict oil from OPEC? From Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Iran?

Have you ever seen a press release by Greenpeace or Tzeporah Berman against oil produced by a terrorist regime like Iran or Saudi Arabia? Why not?

There are various motivations for the war against Canadian oil. In some cases, it’s ideological extremists. They say they hate oil. Gerald Butts would fall under that category. He’s a utopian socialist weirdo.

Who funds the foreign meddlers, like Tzeporah Berman? It’s mainly secret — the money is laundered through third party groups like the Tides Foundation.

Amnesty international is another group that is supposed to worry about OPEC countries. Now they've popped up to condemn Canada's ethical oil. This is the same Amnesty International that has literally published a dozen defenses of an actual war criminal and terrorist named Omar Khadr.

I’ve never seen them write a letter about OPEC. But boy, do they hate Alberta!

So finally, after the industry has been killed, Alberta has stopped Notley and elected Premier Jason Kenney who says he’ll defend the industry by funding a “war room” that will fight back. The new war room is the responsibility of the new Energy Minister Sonya Savage.

Savage has personally worked on pipeline projects — one that was killed, one that was made. She knows all of the enemies of Canada — by name, by face. 

But so far, the war room hasn’t done anything. Nothing. They’ve set up a website asking for ideas. Alright. I don’t think there’s any mystery about the problem, or the solution. I think we’ve all been discussing it for a decade.

Obviously, part of the problem is the media party, and the Canadian political establishment — not just foreign enemies.

If Alberta won’t fight back for itself — why should anyone fight back for it?

NEXT: Sheila Gunn Reid joins me to talk about the Hutterite turkey farm invasion, which has been the perfect story because the activists who went after the Jumbo Valley Colony use the same tactics as the anti-oil extremists. 

These activists should be sued for going after that Hutterite farm — and they should get their charities decertified. The masterminds should be charged for damages. Treat it like a drug prosecution and flip the little people, the mules against the cartel bosses — and you’ll show that indeed there’s a new boss in town.

If you don’t — well, than you’ll never have the courage to take on mighty Greenpeace. You just won’t.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-09-12 21:26:32 -0400
Politics have changed, it is not Left Right and Center anymore. All political parties have been infiltrated by the Globalist’s who’s want is, one world, one leader and no borders. They are, in fact, continuing on from where Hitler left off. Trudeau is one of them. The ordinary man on the street will soon be a thing of the past, we shall all become the Serfs of the rich, no more than slaves and paid with one meal a day for our labours.
Trudeau has to be stopped, he cannot be allowed to continue on as the leader, of what used to be Canada. ‘Stop Trudeau’. Whatever which way is easy, or return to the dark ages.
commented 2019-09-12 21:12:25 -0400
After Scheer fails to win in October, and Kenney will be ready to take over as the CPC leader, and abandon Alberta provincial politics…Let Mr. Iveson in as your Premier
commented 2019-09-12 21:06:51 -0400
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Kind Of Man

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Go find a woman and you’ll find love
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And be a simple kind of man
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Won’t you do this for me son, if you can?
commented 2019-09-12 20:58:31 -0400
This isn’t about turkeys on the farm but turkeys in the legislature. Politicians are wonderful at making promises but they’re useless at keeping them We all need to write these people polite-but-firm letters demanding action now. We don’t need studies and town halls. We need them to do what we pay them to do. We mneed protection from insane environmentalists. It’s time we got off our duffs and demand action immediately.
commented 2019-09-12 20:57:22 -0400
Alberta, just a bunch of cuckolds 😂😂😂😂😂
commented 2019-09-12 20:46:25 -0400
I will wait to pass judgement on Kenney if he follows through with his promise of a referendum on transfer payments to the lazy provinces. I am disappointed that he kicked it down the road two years as it is. If he does not move it up to 2020, after Junior is sadly held in power by Singh and May in October, then I will be on board that Kenney is just another stooge of the political class.

However, I think that after Oct 21 the hard 25% of Albertans who want a restructuring of the so-called ‘confederation’ will be up to a hard 33% automatically. After the first anti-Alberta action of the coalition, which will happen before year end, it will in the territory such that the referendum will need to be more than about transfer payments.
commented 2019-09-12 20:45:30 -0400
“If The Hutterites don’t get justice from the Justice Minister, they’ll get it from The Rebel!” Ezra, now you’re talking Turkey : )
commented 2019-09-12 20:22:08 -0400
It’s all BS like I said. They’re just blowing smoke up ass and filling their pockets.
commented 2019-09-12 20:15:11 -0400
Kenney talked a good game, but so far I haven’t been impressed. We need a warrior not a premier. Someone who actually will turn off the flow of the money going to the east. Not just lip service. Doing anything in the liberal stacked courts is a waste of time too. We need action. What we really need is separation or joining the US. Either is far preferable to this state we’re in now. For a long time it was a slow descent into the abyss, but now it’s highly accelerated. The left true to leftist actions senses victory and they’re going hard for the finish line. The only saving grace is they tend to overreach. In the past we’ve always come back, but we’re in an unprecedented time in history.