December 22, 2018

Alberta separatism mocked, Quebec separatism rewarded. What’s the difference?

Rebel Staff

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I talked about how support for Alberta separatism is undeniably on the rise though gauging the level of support isn’t easy, and a lot depends on the wording of the question.

As an example, I looked at the question Quebeckers were asked in a 1980 referendum that didn't call for immediate independence, but for Quebec to negotiate a proposed agreement with Canada.

And look what it got them. When Quebec or Quebeckers make demands of Canada, at the very least those demands are discussed, and they’re certainly never mocked the way Albertans concerns are in the manner we’ve seen.

There’s another difference at the moment in the form of an anti-oil leader in Edmonton representing Alberta’s interests, but what would happen if you had even a moderately pro-Alberta leader at the helm?

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