March 07, 2016

Deputy National Resources Critic: Carbon tax is “a cash grab” and “about wealth distribution”

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show
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Last week I spoke to a champion of Alberta, rookie Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs.

Stubbs represents the North Eastern Alberta riding of Lakeland. Her huge riding is full of farm towns and oil patch communities. She’s been one of the most vocal and articulate advocates for Alberta and for Canada’s energy sector in the House of Commons in her role as Deputy Energy Critic.

Stubbs shared with me her thoughts on the Energy East pipeline project, a national carbon tax and the impact the economic downturn has had on the people she represents and the community she lives in.

Shannon Stubbs is unabashedly standing up for Alberta and she is standing up for Canadian jobs. It’s a stark contrast to Prime Minister Trudeau who won’t say he will support Energy East, even if the National Energy Board approves it.

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commented 2016-03-08 16:14:02 -0500
What a novel concept, a politician who stands up for her constituents.
commented 2016-03-08 15:23:52 -0500
SAM YOUNG commented 19 hours ago
The rebel should be handing out the stop the carbon tax signs all over the country.

Great idea, but it has to be funded. Ezra, can we start a national campaign?
commented 2016-03-08 12:24:28 -0500
Intelligent, eloquent, truthful, correct and from Alberta – no wonder she has had no exposure with the Media Party…
commented 2016-03-07 21:50:45 -0500
Tough battle that Shannon has. There are just too many morons on the other side in the HOC and 59 too many in Edmonton.
commented 2016-03-07 20:22:26 -0500
The rebel should be handing out the stop the carbon tax signs all over the country.
commented 2016-03-07 19:55:29 -0500
Well done Shannon Stubbs. It is very refreshing to hear the voice of reason from a rookie MP.
commented 2016-03-07 19:53:06 -0500 Shannon. I work(ed) in the industry, no other industry works under these regulations. Just got the word today, work has been cut to next to nothing. Maybe 7 days a month. Thanks Notley……NOT!!
commented 2016-03-07 19:27:44 -0500
Time to separate, folks. Let’s get that referendum going!
commented 2016-03-07 18:53:44 -0500
Wow….really impressed with Shannon Stubbs. She understands the issues, gets it bang on and articulates them perfectly too.
Unfortunately the scoundrel Pierre indoctrinated his son with the same disdain for the West that he had, and he no doubt learned it from the Eastern establishment politicians who always screwed over the West to their advantage.
The West desperately needs to build a ‘Western Canada’ sovereignty movement. It’s the only thing that will work to halt the aggression by the eastern ideologue oligarchs and bullies.
commented 2016-03-07 18:52:11 -0500
Everything Shannon just said is true, every rational thinking Canadian can see this and has known this for YEARS. But, this is not a problem of education or changing minds of those rational thinking Canadians. This is a problem of agenda and ideology. More specifically, the agenda of liberal extreme leftists driven by an ideology of totalitarianism to achieve some fantastical utopia where Canada, as a typical Canadian would define it, no longer exists.
The ONLY option left at this point is to take extreme measures equal to that of the leftists. The ONLY equal measure to stop the cancer of extreme leftists is WESTERN SEPARATION.
commented 2016-03-07 18:14:58 -0500
Peter, then it would be imperative to defer any taxes or transfers to the east. Many of us are already broke in Alberta – once oil flows then money “could” start flowing. I say could because it is necessary for western peoples to put their foot down on the east’s economic rape of the west. Let those bastards freeze for awhile – I’m sure they’ll come to their senses one day. I’m kinda glad they, Quebec & Ontario are sponsoring the largest of these so called refuge camps – let them deal with the BS I’m sure will develop over time.
commented 2016-03-07 17:35:05 -0500
We all know that Justine “Puff Puff” Trudeau will not support the Energy East pipeline even when the Nation Energy Board approves it. He will pull an “Obama” and simply defer the decision ad infinitum.
commented 2016-03-07 17:15:38 -0500
Rookie Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs, has more substance than all of the Liberal and NDP MP’s put together. She is a champion for Alberta alright. Almost gives you some hope, to hear a politician speak so plainly and fairly.
commented 2016-03-07 17:07:43 -0500
March 7, 2016
Dear Diary;
Phew! Just in time. As some of my people in Canada are developing the vague perception of showing small signs of becoming ever so slightly not totally delighted with me as their dear leader I get the celebrity star treatment on CBS. It was a hoot. Who would have thunk’ed it, that just as I was lecturing Americans about how they should be more aware of the rest of the world, they screw up by showing a pic that portrays some actress nobody as my mommy. You see Stevie, for people like me, even when things get screwed up we come out of it looking like geniuses. It’s the natural way the universe unfolds, there’s no point in you right-wingers fighting it, resistance is futile.
My famous weather meeting last week with the premiers in Vancouver didn’t go exactly as planned however. It turns out that everyone seemed to be okay with reducing something called gas emissions (Gerald and I can’t stop giggling when one of us says that), but some of them still haven’t quite grasped that this has nothing to do with the weather and that it’s really all about increasing tax revenue. Remember, I’m nothing if not resourceful. So I talked using words like frameworks and common goals then split them into working groups (which is how you conquer dissenters) then everyone clapped. That’s what usually works when I want my people to forget what was originally in their mind and have them get with my program.
commented 2016-03-07 17:06:23 -0500
Not necessarily—Not likely, Notly—INCDOOGE and his bitch
Poor Lloyd
commented 2016-03-07 16:52:31 -0500
Shannon Stubbs, as a Federal Deputy Energy critic, in this brief 7 minute clip has shown more interest in Alberta’s energy sector unemployed, which includes many fly-in workers from the rest of Canada including Quebec, than has the Alberta Energy Minister (The Invisible Woman) in the past 9-10 months of being in the portfolio. I guess the difference is the invisible woman already receives a full teacher pension that was topped off by college administration; and her ministerial salary is just a nice bonus at this time of her life…so why care?