April 17, 2015

Alberta election: Brian Jean on the defensive in High River

Marc PatroneRebel Commentator

Alberta Wildrose leader Brian Jean was on the defensive today, as PC cabinet ministers attempted to shoot down his budget proposal.

Jean was in High River, promising to clean up the flood related damage claims still outstanding from the disaster in June, 2013.

He responded to PC criticism his budget numbers don't add up by accusing PC leader Jim Prentice making up his budget on the fly during this campaign:

"Jim Prentice had a plan. He started to run on that plan and then it changed. How many budgets will Jim Prentice put out during this election. That's my question back to them. They know that their plan is not popular. Albertans have rejected the PCs, for years of dithering and for having no plan except to raise taxes for all Albertans."

Six PC cabinet ministers held a news conference in Calgary calling on the Wildrose party to provide details in their budget proposal so Albertans know exactly what they're planning.      

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commented 2015-04-18 23:39:39 -0400
The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a change
commented 2015-04-18 15:14:05 -0400
If Wildrose is willing to take on the job of running Alberta, they deserve a chance to try. They can’t do any worse than the PCs and could well do much better with a real Conservative and successful businessman at the helm.
“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein
commented 2015-04-18 12:38:41 -0400
Brian Jean, promise you will do something about the AHRC. They are a mean spirited overpaid group of bureaucrats. Money back in the coffers that could be better spent elsewhere. Dismantle the failed and misused Alberta Human Rights Commission.
commented 2015-04-18 10:47:59 -0400
Brian Jean and the Wildrose have the popular vote and will form the next government. We need poll monitors to prevent the PC’s from stuffing the ballets.
commented 2015-04-18 00:18:28 -0400
Ya. Brian Jean , please step up to the plate and speak. How about an interview instead of sound bites. Its resting on you dude.
commented 2015-04-17 20:19:20 -0400
Yea, Prentice says he will slash billions from the budget while taxing us his 59 new taxes.

I hope Brian Jean makes it clear to Albertans in detail what he plans to do, because Albertans like to hear honesty in a politician. People did not like Ralph Klein’s austerity, but they respected his plain speak. And those same people that complained about his austerity were more than happy to brag that Alberta’s books were in the black and that we had money saved. HAD money saved until the PCs blew it all. After Ralph, it all went downhill.
commented 2015-04-17 19:47:29 -0400
Turnabout is fair play. Prentice is now saying that he’ll slash billions off the budget — PROVE IT.
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