April 16, 2015

Alberta election: PCs trying to "save" Calgary while writing off Edmonton?

Rebel Staff

If PC Leader Jim Prentice is trying to shore up conservative support in Calgary even at the expense of progressive voters in Edmonton, it won't work according to the NDPs Rachel Notley.

Notley was in Calgary where she talked about the need to hire more teachers to make way for the influx of students to Alberta.

Yesterday, Prentice announced measures aimed at controlling government costs by bringing in a freeze on pay increases for public servants.

Some believe the announcement signals a strategy shift aimed at solidifying conservative support in Calgary, even if it undermines left wing support in Edmonton but Notley says Prentice is just out of touch with what Albertans want.

"They don't want repeat of the slash and burn of the 90s that we're still paying for so its not about Calgary vs Edmonton, it's about hearing what Albertans have said they want or ignoring them. I think he's made a clear statement that it's the latter," said Notley.

Notley and the NDP have high hopes for a breakthrough in Calgary where the party drew a big crowd at a rally last week.

Who do you think will win the Alberta election?

Let us know in the comments!

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commented 2015-04-16 20:39:15 -0400
I miss Alberta. But not this Alberta. I wonder what the Stampede will be like this year? I wonder what Klondike days will be like?
One question. How many middle east immigrants live in Alberta? How many Mexican and asian and east indian?
Is Alberta still Alberta and is Canada still Canada?
Multiculturalism is a poor thing at best. What do our schools look like? Universities?
I know a few Chinese and some other Asians. I met/hired a taxi with a middle east background and took a ride with him. I didn’t pry and just moved on.
I am busy learning the new language PRIVACY. It is a party killer. No information was exchanged. I don’t use a resume and don’t answer questions. I didn’t get hired. I’m afraid to ask anyone directions to the welfare office for obvious reasons.
A person asked me if I could make change and I ran away. I think the thought police are on to me. 1984 and Conspiracy Theory have me in knots.
commented 2015-04-16 20:25:13 -0400
Alberta can’t afford the NDP, or Prentice and his toadies for that matter. Vote Wildrose.
commented 2015-04-16 16:47:18 -0400
She is completely wrong! Most people I know want a return of her so called “Slash and Burn” until the deficit is retired FOR GOOD! If the idiots has not gone HOG WILD after Kline, there would be NO NEED to “Slash and Burn” again, we had NO DEBT when Kline retired!
commented 2015-04-16 16:31:02 -0400
Does anyone think or speculate that the early call for an election is on the hopes that Prentice can get some of the Liberal Party vote siphoned off to his party?