April 13, 2015

Alberta election: Prentice nixes "off day," hosts rally in Liberal riding

Marc PatroneRebel Commentator

So much for a day off. PC leader Jim Prentice cancelled plans for a Sunday break, opting instead for large rally in a northeast Calgary riding currently held by the Liberals.

More than 400 PC loyalists turned up to hear Prentice and support their local candidate.

Prentice told the crowd, economists have insisted the budget can't be balanced in one year and that no one should even try for fear of gutting front line services in health care and education.

The Wildrose plan calls for balancing the books by 2017 without raising taxes or affecting front line services but Prentice is using words like "cut" and "slash" to describe his opponent's budget proposal.

"Every person in this room for yourself and for your family for your children wants good health care and good education and good senior citizen care so this is the team that respects that, that will balance the budget but will protect our front line services because thats what matters to us in this province," said Prentice.

Given the PC's expect to lose some seats in Edmonton to a surging NDP, Prentice' team may throw everything it has into winning big in Calgary so as to protect its bid for a majority.

The NDP surge in Edmonton might also suggest Prentice no longer has the luxury of taking days off during this campaign.

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commented 2015-04-13 14:25:39 -0400
Brian Jean needs to make it clear that he TOO will protect health care but by removing the middle management & by supporting the front line workers. It is imperative he get the public sector votes of those front line workers.

Prentice is doing his double talk through his forked tongue again. His vision of protecting health care is to raise taxes and make no cuts to the government or public service.
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