April 19, 2015

Alberta election: Prentice reconsiders corporate tax increase "once economy improves"

Marc PatroneRebel Commentator

After closing the door to corporate tax hikes on the grounds they would cost jobs, Alberta PC leader Jim Prentice says he'd consider an increase once the economy improves.

Prentice attended an all candidates debate in his riding of Calgary Foothills on the weekend.

The NDP hammered him over his decision not to increase corporate taxes given the PC party's proposed hikes in dozens of other levies that will hit taxpayers.

Prentice dug in his heels during the debate saying a corporate tax hike in Alberta would lead to job losses but later softened his position during a scrum with reporters:

"This is a time when we should be hanging onto every job we can in this province we can have a discussion about this another time but at this point, we're fighting to protect every job in this province because we're seeing job losses in this province on a significant scale."

Asked by The Rebel if "another time" meant "when the economy is better," Prentice responded in the affirmative.

He says the province has lost almost 50,000 jobs in the first three months of the year.


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commented 2015-04-20 12:06:35 -0400
That’s right, idiot; drive business out of Alberta, then we’ll be in the same boat as Ontar-I-owe. Ordinary people will be unemployed or see their taxes raised to the point where they’ll want to be unemployed. We need to boot the Alberta PCs to the curb. All of their ideas are old and stale and their slick new leader hasn’t a clue how to manage finances.
Wildrose leader, Brian Jean, is a successful business man who did so well he retired at age 42, then worked in federal politics for 10 years. He knows how to manage finances and is hands down the best choice for Alberta taxpayers and businesses.
commented 2015-04-20 02:52:14 -0400
Must be watching the polls……..
commented 2015-04-19 23:27:49 -0400
Moira E.
Prentice and Rockefeller. Pay attention Alberta!!
commented 2015-04-19 18:19:38 -0400
Brad Wall in Saskatchewan must just shake his head at the idiots Alberta has for a government. At the same time of course managing Saskatchewan very well and taking what the dummies in Alberta government push away. In the end so far everything prentice has pushed actually burdens the electorate with higher taxes, higher costs, and less jobs. Corporate taxes end up being paid by the consumer as usual. The man prentice must think he is dealing with a dumb and ignorant electorate. He has managed to push all responsibility and costs onto the electorate and hopes to get away with that. Alberta voters hopefully you are smarter then this by a long way and see through this PC agenda….. Prentice plans on lowering the boom on the electorate by getting the poor consumer to pay more and lowering our standard of,living . He is not here to build Alberta but to get Alberta in line with an agenda to be at the governments mercy . We cannot allow this lefty to continue to run this province. GO WILDROSE!!!!!! Time for change, serious change and get back to doing things the Alberta way…….
commented 2015-04-19 18:07:16 -0400
This moron prentice is making up his campaign on the fly here as he gets hammered on the polls. A political party that cannot even have a stance with there position and defend that. Bunch of lying entitled hypocrites. Prentice just another Redfraud in a suit. Time for this Alberta PC bunch to go the way of the dodo bird. Time,to rebuild with new people who want to work for an electorate and earn the vote. Go Wildrose……….
commented 2015-04-19 16:57:52 -0400
Prentice is starting to say anything that he hopes will make people feel better. Between him and his 6 cronies yesterday, the PCs are getting desperate and see unemployment in their future.
commented 2015-04-19 16:54:33 -0400
Darn! My several paragraphs about the invite-only Rockefeller-founded Trilateral Commission disappeared. Prentice is the former co-chair of the North American division of it. Anyone who is voting in Alberta should know about the group. If Prentice was a good fit for it, he won’t be a good fit for Alberta’s freedom.

Go to technocracyrising.com. There you’ll find info about a new book about the influence of the Commission on global transformation (which of course includes transformation of Alberta and Albertans). De-population, scientism, transhumanism, renewables,‘smart’ and sustainable everything are being pushed right along by Commissioners in business, elected office, appointed government positions, media and unions. There is also a link to an interview with the author. It is not just a good listen. It’s a necessary listen. You won’t miss a lot if you skip the preamble. So start at about the 10 minute mark.
commented 2015-04-19 14:30:17 -0400
If you increase the corporate tax rates, the people pay the price, not the corporations since the corporations just move the tax:

1) embedded in their products and/or services, and
2) by laying off employees, and
3) by not expanding their business (which in turn, of course, means more jobs and more economic activity, more taxes, etc.).

This is something the NDP and their lemming followers just can’t seem to get through their thick skulls. They all seem to think that they are sticking it to the “big bad evil corporations”, but that simply is not the reality. But then, who ever accused the NDP (or Prentice, now) of living in reality.

Just another reason to vote Wildrose.

Go Wildrose!
commented 2015-04-19 14:02:55 -0400
And how is the economy supposed to improve? Ontario keeps hiking taxes, and look where the industry has headed — away from Ontario. Stelmach tried raising the royalty rates for oil companies here in Alberta, and the oil companies threatened to shut oil down in Alberta. Stelmach caved. Prentice wants to hike corporate taxes — guess what corporations are going to do? They’ll go where there’s lower taxes — Brad Wall in Saskatchewan must be just drooling at the thought of incoming business…

Prentice, the way to assist the economy is to get your fiscal house in order, and trim the excess baggage in the government bureaucracy. But you can’t be truly “Conservative” if you don’t get that. Big government does NOT work (look at the USSR, Greece, Britain pre-Thatcher… hell, even New Zealand had to declare bankruptcy and re-structure…! Saskatchewan under the NDP DID declare bankruptcy and had to be bailed out by Ottawa… and then in the next election, Brad Wall became premier…)
commented 2015-04-19 13:06:51 -0400
All “Progressive”, no “Conservative”! These are Liberals by another name … actually the Liberals might be more conservative. ;-)
I had a local PC call me yesterday and I told him I would not vote PC this year because they have NO Conservative Values in their Platform, he just gave up and said “okay, thank you, goodbye”. Apparently they have all been consuming weak sauce and have lost their backbones.
In my personal opinion, it is time to kick these PC bums out into the wilderness. I would like to see legislation that requires Political Parties to represent the values purported by the Name/Label they claim to represent. Tax and Spend is NOT a Conservative Value, it is a socialist/left wing value.
commented 2015-04-19 12:34:24 -0400
The only Conservative parties running in Alberta are Wildrose and Alberta First.
commented 2015-04-19 11:01:53 -0400
Prentice is hosed. A party full of turncoats. Big fail. Like the Lynn Mcleod fail against Mike Harris in Ontario in the 90s – Harris took 5 weeks to crush McLeod.
commented 2015-04-19 10:49:14 -0400
When the price of oil goes down, jobs are lost. Higher oil prices equal more jobs. That is how the cycle works. So it is better to raise taxes and fees on the everyday worker, even those short on employment? Also, when taxes and fees are raised, they very very seldom go back down in a good economy. Government justs spends more, creates more social programs for every gimme gimme group. Then when economy gets cranky again, just raise more taxes. That is not conservatism. It is socialism. I think it is time to change your name PC party of Alberta, because the conservative part of it has become a political lie.
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