December 11, 2015

Alberta Energy Minister Margaret McCuaig-Boyd: A liar and a disgrace

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Alberta's NDP energy minister, Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, says she was forced, along with the other rural NDP MLAs, to vote against her own constituents, and approve the farm unionization law called Bill 6.

Of course, she could have stood with her constituents, and voted against the bill. It would have made her a hero. But no.

Now get this: When she stood up in the legislature, she cried. She said she had been cyberbullied.

But I don’t believe her. Because McCuaig-Boyd is not the first Alberta NDP MLA to claim a threat of violence.

She’s the fourth.

And the first three have all admitted they were lying, and apologized. It's so bizarre.

Ironically, the NDP are the ones who have been making real threats. Not threats of violence, but threats to destroy 150 years of farming and ranching in Alberta, though Bill 6.

(PS: If you haven't already, please sign our anti-Bill 6 petition at

My first guest tonight is's Gavin McInnes. We talk about Vogue magazine's fawning -- and sort of creepy -- photo spread with Justin Trudeau. What does it say about Trudeau's priorities and the image he's trying to project to the world?

McInnes says that Canadians elected "Zoolander" for prime minister so they have no right to be surprised. Our enemies, however, view this frivolity as a sign of weakness. He and I also talk about the Muslim refugees coming to Canada and the rest of the Western world -- Gavin's new video is about that topic.

Then security analyst John Thompson came on to discuss Canada's refugee screening process, such as it is. ('s Brian Lilley was told by authorities that not a single Syrian refugee has been turned away so far!)

Thompson says the Liberals are still trying to employ the outdated "soft power" tactics that were fashionable in the 1990s.

Like me, he questions the type of refugees being welcomed to Canada and the rest of the world -- some of whom have committed terrorist acts. (We've reported on what these refugees believe HERE -- a large number are actually against the war on ISIS!)

Finally, of course, I read some of our viewer mail, pro and con. Please leave a comment below, or contact me by email, Facebook or Twitter; I give out all the details at the end of every show.

Thanks for watching, and we'll see you again on Monday!

Trudeau’s Liberals MUST halt plans to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees until they can guarantee the safety of the Canadian people.

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commented 2015-12-12 17:05:37 -0500
BROCKTON FOWLER ha ha did he hurt your sensititive little feelings whimp, if you hate him so much go to your safe zone and whine witht he rest of the professionally offended. LOL while your there fill out a hurt feelings report.
commented 2015-12-12 16:53:54 -0500
Ezra Levant is a shitty cunt
commented 2015-12-12 16:13:43 -0500
PETER NETTERVILLE ha ha lol took a yannie ha ha keep up the good comments def made me laugh
commented 2015-12-12 15:56:58 -0500
Minister Boyd is a Moron, being a Moron is a basic requirement for membership in the NDP. Boyd proved that she is a member in good standing. As for the tears, all she proved is that she is a bad actor. Typical off all NDPees.

As for Dicktraitor Trudeau, he could be in trouble, posing with his wife when she was not wearing her Burka. His masters will be annoyed. He could be forced to sell her in the slave market. Poor Justin.
commented 2015-12-12 14:49:51 -0500
@ Bruce Kirk – That is the difference between a Conservative woman and an NDP/Liberal woman, the Conservative woman has strength of character.
commented 2015-12-12 14:47:07 -0500
Steve said, “Well Peter, I was out last night at a chili and beer party.”

As soon as I read this sentence I knew that you would be “explosive” the next day.

“This morning when I woke up, I immediately went to the restroom and took a Yannie. "

Better to leave one. ;o)
commented 2015-12-12 13:59:28 -0500
Brian Jean is embarrassing. He is going to great lengths to defend the crocodile tears NDP and trying to merge with PC party against the memberships wishes, there is a write-up about it on today’s Calgary Sun and he’s doing it on Twitter. Jean is out of his element and should resign as leader. Wildrose voters shouldn’t have trusted him during the leadership race when his large donation to the PC Party was revealed.
commented 2015-12-12 13:29:41 -0500
Richard Wakefield commented 24 mins ago
“Socialists lie? Is the sky blue?”

Actually, the Alberta NDP will have to wait to see what their boss, Brian Topp, decrees on that issue. Then they will get back to you that if the sky has now been decreed orange, it will save lives and the environment why promoting jobs…or some other such nonsensical talking point written by Jr. staffers.
commented 2015-12-12 13:23:02 -0500
Would enjoy hearing from conservative Michele Rempel about her experiences being bullied and harassed online and other wise. I have seen some of the disgusting abuse spewed at Michele on social media by leftist scum, never seen her blubber away in parliament. Rather, I have seen Michelle go after her attackers head on and put them in their place. Bottom line in Alberta is that this ndp cadre has started this shit storm, and like all cowards when their BS comes back to them they cry victim. Sorry Marg, no sympathy for selling out your neighbors, either grow a backbone and do the right thing or get the hell out of the way for someone with the stones to handle the job.
commented 2015-12-12 13:01:23 -0500
Socialists lie? Is the sky blue?
commented 2015-12-12 12:45:53 -0500
PETER NETTERVILLE commented 1 hour ago – Well Peter, I was out last night at a chili and beer party. This morning when I woke up, I immediately went to the restroom and took a Yannie.

Just sharing. Just clarifying.
commented 2015-12-12 12:08:12 -0500
Whether she was crying because she was cyber-bullied by her constituents or by her party/union reps, she should not have been crying at all. She need to suck it up and act mature. That is no way to act in Legislative Assembly. She is an MPP now so act like one. Am I too harsh? Hell no.
commented 2015-12-12 11:57:36 -0500
Yannie the fool said, “you’re all guilty by association.”

I guess that makes you guilty by association too as you are also posting on this web site as well. You had better leave quickly so you are not. Bye! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!
commented 2015-12-12 11:43:46 -0500
Ezra – Zandra was trying to force political correctness on you by using your own standards (to not be above the name-calling Liberals) as a weapon against you.
Sorry Zandra – reverse psychology doesn’t work on me – would’ve been a more appropriate response in my view.
commented 2015-12-12 11:36:55 -0500
As much as I despise Notely and her gang of delusional socialists, threats of violence have no place in politics. However as someone pointed out it’s entirely plausible that her alleged threats may originate from her own peers….
commented 2015-12-12 11:36:12 -0500
So the NDP predator government in Alberta disingenuously casts itself as the victim, when if fact it is Alberta’s family farmers and oil and gas industry workers who are the victims: victims of the NDP predator government. Sickening.
commented 2015-12-12 11:21:02 -0500
@ Charles White
As you live in her constituency I would suggest that now is the time to start a petition calling for Boyd to resign. She obviously has no intention to be a voice for her constituents, rather, just a talking head trained seal. And personally speaking, if this blubbering routine is any indicator she simply isn’t up to the job. She is the bloody energy minister! if she can’t handle farmers being pissed off about Bill 6, wait till the 10’s of thousands of unemployed patch hands start to get on her case about the ndp strategically destroying the energy industry.
commented 2015-12-12 11:00:05 -0500
“Alberta’s NDP energy minister, Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, says she was forced, along with the other rural NDP MLAs, to vote against her own constituents, and approve the farm unionization law called Bill 6.”

This is the problem with government, their members don’t think it is important to represent their constituents to government, nor, as in Bill 6, even represent government to their constituents. Also, government MLA’s do not believe constituents should expect answers to questions or comments posed. Marg is a prime example. She, as MLA to Dunvegan-Central Peace-Notley Riding, should be holding her own town-hall meetings as an MLA about any issue, but doesn’t. Instead it is easier to pretend an issue doesn’t exist and will go away. Her ‘response’ to my critique of her B/C comments was clearly not one of an MLA to a constituent, but one written by a junior staffer full of NDP talking points. My response to her ‘response’ pointing this out is currently unanswered. My point being that by exercising my right as a constituent by questioning her performance as my MLA and critiquing her response probably makes me one of the cyber-bullies…even though I identified myself.

One correction to Mr. Levant though…Marg is married into an agricultural family and has helped operated an independent, successful family cow-calf farm for 20-30 years. Which makes it all the more puzzling why she did not do something constructive to represent Bill 6 to her constituents: I have no problem that she believes it is a good bill, though I disagree, but I have a problem that she just ostriched and hoped the controversy would go away. Particularly when is probably the only one in caucus that could have taken a pro-active role as an agriculturalist.

Anyway, I admit to being one of those cyber-bullies who exercised their democratic right to question their MLA.

Interesting side-light…after the correspondence noted above, we coincidently had an unrelated crank-call late at night. I think I’ll go have a little cry now about being phone-bullied.
commented 2015-12-12 10:53:50 -0500
Charleton G commented 5 mins ago

It was the PC’s that stabbed Albertans in the back and allowed the NDP to win by not withdrawing from the election when their own polling showed them as playing the role of spoiler. The PC’s had been slowly screwing Albertans for some years now, and are just as happy to see the NDP in power as the PC’s had become nothing but slow motion NDP and couldn’t give a rats ass about rural Albertans. Starting with Stelmach kissed the butt of Edmonton and Calgary while throwing the rest of the province under the bus.
commented 2015-12-12 10:42:15 -0500
She should cry looking at all the people the NDP devastated in Alberta. Funny how Saskatewans are thriving under Brad Wall.
Unfortunately the Wild Rose has allowed NDP to get elected by splitting the conservative vote. Albertans will get their revenge.
commented 2015-12-12 10:36:08 -0500
No Ezra, you missed it. She was complaining about being cyber-bullied by HER side. That is why she didn’t say who. As Labour MP’s in the UK are discovering – if you disagree with the party, union social media activity will take you down. Socialist leaders, including Obama, are using unions, NGO’s and social activists to bully and shame their members into compliance. Disagree with the party leader and you will not be allowed to stand in the next election and your family will be threatened. That is what we are dealing with now. These people realize they have no public support for a lot of their policies so what better way to enact them but to scare the bejesus out of the elected representatives. The goons are on the socialist side.
commented 2015-12-12 10:17:27 -0500
@yannie Znayew. Bottom feeders, eh? You got us… We are all hate-filled bigots who endorse death threats and assassination… Non of us just want an equal say as neighbouring Canadians. Good grief.

I will say, you Albertans are a rough bunch.. Making an entire political party cry and feel bad.. Shame on you!! Now be afraid to say anything negative about your NDP because that’s what they want. Heaven forbid these people admit their own actions as your leaders has ANYTHING to do with the results they are seeing. As for death threats, completely on par for the course with people acting stupidly on the internet.
commented 2015-12-12 10:14:55 -0500
Yannie Znayew so you just brand everyone with the same iron, your just as bad as them. Notley needs to listen to the people not some idiot NDP whip from Toronto, who knows nothing about alberta doesn’t live here and likely doesn’t even pay taxes here. She had better change her ways and LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE or it will only make her job more difficult. If she or her gov had a brain they would pull there heads out of the sand and figure out the vast majority of Albertans didn’t vote for them, Ramming bills through and her NDP adjenda and not listening to the people who are affected by it is really a stupid move. Do I support the death threats no, am I surprised no, she and the rest of them better get there shit togeather or the protests will continue. They seem to think they don’t have to listen to the people they know whats best, good luck notley you will need it. Crying victim pleeeease, harper had more death threats than anyone HE DIDNT RUN TO THE MEDIA WHINING AND CRYING ALL TEARY EYED, neither did any of his cabinet.
commented 2015-12-12 08:01:23 -0500
All NDP are emotionally challenged like Liberals. She. Could print the threats out for us too see. Probably all BS and yes she deserves insults. Gavin is great! Electing Trudeau is an insult to Canada and the great Harper, a true leader! Trudeau looks like his bimbo mommy. You are seeing the US show they are more democratic than Canada with Congress pausing the immigration of these Trojan refugees.
commented 2015-12-12 07:54:45 -0500
Everybody is a victim now days, She should have voted what her riding wanted, not what some idiot Toronto NDP whip told her to do, These this skinned NDP need to go, she is already in tears , pleeeeease suck it up and do your job. THOUSANDS OF ENERGY WORKERS AND THERE FAMILIES HAVE NO JOB, get off your ass and fight for them or GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY FOR SOMEONE WHO WILL FIGHT FOR THEM.
commented 2015-12-12 07:11:50 -0500
If there was any bullying involved at all then it came from Ottawa. No on else wanted it. The guilty party (s) must have been seated in the same room .. all she had to do was point. If anything, living in Alberta, she should have received plenty of email bullying “not” to sign that bill.

Looove the Zoolander reference .. How about Troolander?
commented 2015-12-12 07:06:15 -0500
So we have an Energy Minister and Alberta MLA who was apparently elected by 3, 692 Albertans. She had 38% of the vote , compared to a combined Wild Rose / Conservative vote of 60% . This was hardly a resounding victory or show of support for her and her ideas. Energy is obviously high profile, and she is already in tears? In such a small community , is will be difficult for her to show her face. I bet she will go to Hawaii or Mexico for Christmas because I am sure she won’t be getiing a lot of Christmas greetings back in her home riding.
The constituents that didn’t vote for her should be writing,emailing , faxing and visiting her office demanding her resignation. And lets be clear , BE RESPECTFUL .
commented 2015-12-12 05:52:43 -0500
The Alberta Energy Minister wept when she spoke in the legislature. The Conservative “media party” attacked her and ridiculed her for her tears.
Ezra Levant sympathizes with her, but still attacks her, then hesitates.
Ezra Levant uses the term. I did not.
“A disgrace”