December 11, 2015

Alberta Energy Minister Margaret McCuaig-Boyd: A liar and a disgrace

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Alberta's NDP energy minister, Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, says she was forced, along with the other rural NDP MLAs, to vote against her own constituents, and approve the farm unionization law called Bill 6.

Of course, she could have stood with her constituents, and voted against the bill. It would have made her a hero. But no.

Now get this: When she stood up in the legislature, she cried. She said she had been cyberbullied.

But I don’t believe her. Because McCuaig-Boyd is not the first Alberta NDP MLA to claim a threat of violence.

She’s the fourth.

And the first three have all admitted they were lying, and apologized. It's so bizarre.

Ironically, the NDP are the ones who have been making real threats. Not threats of violence, but threats to destroy 150 years of farming and ranching in Alberta, though Bill 6.

(PS: If you haven't already, please sign our anti-Bill 6 petition at

My first guest tonight is's Gavin McInnes. We talk about Vogue magazine's fawning -- and sort of creepy -- photo spread with Justin Trudeau. What does it say about Trudeau's priorities and the image he's trying to project to the world?

McInnes says that Canadians elected "Zoolander" for prime minister so they have no right to be surprised. Our enemies, however, view this frivolity as a sign of weakness. He and I also talk about the Muslim refugees coming to Canada and the rest of the Western world -- Gavin's new video is about that topic.

Then security analyst John Thompson came on to discuss Canada's refugee screening process, such as it is. ('s Brian Lilley was told by authorities that not a single Syrian refugee has been turned away so far!)

Thompson says the Liberals are still trying to employ the outdated "soft power" tactics that were fashionable in the 1990s.

Like me, he questions the type of refugees being welcomed to Canada and the rest of the world -- some of whom have committed terrorist acts. (We've reported on what these refugees believe HERE -- a large number are actually against the war on ISIS!)

Finally, of course, I read some of our viewer mail, pro and con. Please leave a comment below, or contact me by email, Facebook or Twitter; I give out all the details at the end of every show.

Thanks for watching, and we'll see you again on Monday!

Trudeau’s Liberals MUST halt plans to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees until they can guarantee the safety of the Canadian people.

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commented 2015-12-12 04:24:23 -0500
Ezra, I don’t know why you continually refer to the media as the media “party”, particularly since the last two elections have seen the media mostly supporting the Conservatives. Not just that but calling them the media party is confusing since you rarely explain why you call them that so I doubt many know why. I’m sure others think there is actually a media party that they can vote for every time you mention it. Please, just call them the mainstream media, it’s much clearer and less confusing.
commented 2015-12-12 03:42:04 -0500
Gavin McInnes rocks it as usual. Keep bringing Gavin McInnes back more often.

Gavin McInnes calls Trudeau a Himbo. I prefer Seinfeld’s, “he’s a male bimbo, he’s a mimbo”.

Trudeau is a MIMBO/HIMBO. Trudeau is a man-boy with HUGE MENTAL ILLNESS. Piss this goof Trudeau off and watch his anger issues surface quickly. Sophie likes to eat and puke – another mental illness that MIMBO Trudeau married.

But the best part of all is the collapsing economy – and MIMBO Trudeau will fuck this up beyond belief.
commented 2015-12-12 02:55:54 -0500
Ezra, it was very disappointing to see you bring Gavin onto your show again. He is incredibly ignorant and has nothing of value to contribute. He is a loud mouth that decided to put down video games and super heroes as only being for kids, thus insulting any adult that enjoys these hobbies. And just what did Gavin have to say on your show? Oh right, that Trudeau and his wife are, respectively, a himbo and a bimbo. Butt that does not top what he had to say on the Paris show. “FAG,” because it was so bloody important that he has the right to say it, especially following a national tragedy. That certainly is the other side of the story, isn’t it?

Ezra, I enjoy your website very much. I watch all the videos, read all the print material, I listen to Lawton on line, I look up old videos of the Sun News on youtube, and I even enjoy Faith’s new show. However, I also make a habit of skipping everything that Gavin has on this website. So no, Ezra, I will not be listening to you when you say to check out Gavin’s videos. Not only that, I will also not be donating any money, buying any rebel store merchandise, or getting a subscription to your premium services, as long as Gavin is still a part of the rebel.

Please have some standards.
commented 2015-12-12 02:29:40 -0500
Boyd – Classic manoeuvre of a bully called on their bullshit. The TRUTH is simply too much for these lying conniving snakes. They are “victims”. These socialist dictators and union elites – BULLIES who will GLADLY toss you under the bus if it furthers their own personal agendas – Every single last one of them.
commented 2015-12-12 02:20:15 -0500
What is the point of electing someone to represent you & then they’re too chicken to go against their party to vote in favor of the people who put her there. Shame on that lying traitor, who probably told her riding she would be their voice, when campaigning. How many people would bring a box of Kleenex to work, unless you’re going to be pulling some little stunt to try & defend yourself..also a hypocrite……… get out of the kitchen if you can’t take the heat.
She betrayed her constituents & she thinks they’re going to send her flowers? She’s forgotten that her duty is to her constituents.
As for Trudeau, he’s too busy posing for selfies to pay attention to world issues. This refugee crises will backfire on him unless he swallows his pride & puts a pause on this billion dollar + humongous expense he has created for the taxpayers.
commented 2015-12-12 02:03:15 -0500
It is impossible for her to be cyberbullied. In order to be cyberbullied you have to have lived in the day. In other words… she is 63 years old and her age alone constitutes the word “cyberbully” means nothing emotionally. There was no cyberbulling when she was a teenager. That would be like me claiming the effects of shell shock from WWII. I’m no psychiatrist but this BS makes no logical sense and doesn’t add up. The worst it could have done would be her time spend being interviewed by the cops after she skipped the 911 emergency and called the local police department. Follow the money.
commented 2015-12-12 00:50:37 -0500
I see the Dippers filled the opening for an acting coach. But like the rest of the idiots in the ruining party, he/she was useless and incompetent.
commented 2015-12-12 00:22:48 -0500
Ok, Boyd has had her time on camera, lets hear from her constituents that she hung out to dry. Perhaps she will be the voice on the left calling out the constant daily pathological hate being spewed by her ndp supporters on social media.

I will go on record right now and predict that all these un-vetted syrians placed on our military bases will be used by the liberals to smear and defame our Canadian forces members with baseless accusations and allegations of ‘racism and intolerance’. Setting the stage for the liberals to finish the smear campaign they started in Afghanistan to discredit and destroy our MEN AND WOMEN OF VALOUR, INTEGRITY AND COMPASSION SERVING IN OUR CANADIAN FORCES.
commented 2015-12-12 00:04:37 -0500
The first duty of the Prime Minister of our country is the security of it’s citizens. The shiny pony is not taking this responsibility seriously and if one of these refugees turns out to be a terrorist and some of our citizens are murdered by them he should be held accountable and impeached from office.
commented 2015-12-11 23:36:07 -0500
How can they screen them when the liberals think terrorists have just as much right to be here as anyone else.
commented 2015-12-11 23:34:51 -0500
Thanks for that Ezra.
What the NDP is doing is a Shande.
Wasn’t there an issue some years back where farmers/ranchers drove their tractors and combines downtown
in order to get their point across?
commented 2015-12-11 23:19:57 -0500
That was so embarrassing watching McCuaig-Boyd whimper in the legislature on camera. Seriously, if she can’t control such public displays she should resign. She turned her back on the people who gave her, her job, and now she is trying to make them look dangerous. She has a lot to be ashamed of, and now she has just added to it. She may possibly need help, but she is clearly not fit to be MLA of any riding nor minister of anything. If she’s not woman enough for the job, she should step down.

Kyran Auger, I agree that is an important story.
commented 2015-12-11 23:12:20 -0500
Could someone do a story on Our troops being moved out of Barracks in the East
commented 2015-12-11 23:05:02 -0500
Watched the video a second time; the person handing McCuaig-Boyd the box of Kleenex should be nominated for best-supporting actor/actress.
commented 2015-12-11 23:01:53 -0500
Have you noticed the fall of the Canadian dollar. The last time it was this low was when Justin’s dad was in power. It may be good for exports, but we pay more for imports which in turn costs the consumer more, but hey, its 2015.
commented 2015-12-11 22:53:44 -0500
Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, after being bumped out of government next election, she might consider a career in acting. Bullies respond in this way when people stand up to them! The left seems to have discovered a new “phobe”, “crybabyphobe”.
commented 2015-12-11 22:40:09 -0500
Oh boo hoo. Pathetic.
commented 2015-12-11 21:51:54 -0500
She also knows now what it is like to stand in BS up to her knees.
Then again she is only a bump on a log pulling down big bucks
by sitting in the front window waving to passersby.
commented 2015-12-11 21:18:48 -0500
December 11, 2015
Dear Diary;
Pearson International Airport (love the name).
Popped in there last night, you know, to show I care, shake the hands of our future voters and offer to privilege them with some selfies. Gee whiz, it seems I can’t do anything in Toronto these days without Wynne showing up, her pointy little elbows going like pistons, trying to muscle in on my selfie shoots. I guess she didn’t read the memo, Re: Behavioural Guidelines For Progressives, about how us guys should be starting to have our women folk stay about four steps behind us. After all, we don’t want our new voters being offended or suffering any micro-aggression or they may think that we’re not the people to vote for.
commented 2015-12-11 21:16:56 -0500
When you hand the kids the keys to the candy store, why would anyone expect any less? Lots more to come.
commented 2015-12-11 21:13:57 -0500
Drama Queen!
commented 2015-12-11 21:05:28 -0500
Where are the townspeople of fairview on this? They should be embarrased and angry this idiot and her cronies are set on destroying the 2 industries that built that town damnit she should be scared to go home. She should be ashamed to set foot in any business in the peace country
commented 2015-12-11 21:00:04 -0500
“she could have stood with her constituents, and voted against the bill. It would have made her a hero.”

Instead she made the choice to be a zero.
commented 2015-12-11 20:52:49 -0500
How come I can’t see this show using Roku? For some reason this show has a “not authorized” message on the screen. I can hear it but cannot see anything!
commented 2015-12-11 20:46:12 -0500
If she doesn’t have the female version of cojones she should go home and hide under her bed.
commented 2015-12-11 20:39:31 -0500
Ok so to see if she is serious i suggested another barrage of emails that she does’nt answer anyways but keep it civil. Let’s see how she resopnds to pressure since she asked for atttention i say she gets it
commented 2015-12-11 20:36:57 -0500
there was no P.M. way back in 1957 when my wife came from Germany at age 12 with her parents and 75 other families. They had to be sponsored by people here in Canada and a job secured for her dad before he came here. And there were no govt. hand outs. and that was the same for all the Europeans that came over after the war. No cheers No fanfare No flag waving No hugs and No welcomes.
commented 2015-12-11 20:29:31 -0500
Calm down. Someone take her OUT…………………………….. for some GMO corn lol
commented 2015-12-11 20:23:36 -0500
Some one giver a double GLONE burger with cheese,
commented 2015-12-11 20:22:43 -0500
I get cyberbullied by leftists at least once a week, and have yet to burst into tears. Laughter, yes, but tears?