Nominate Tany Yao and Brian Jean to be recognized as heroes of the Fort McMurray fires!

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Success! Rebel viewers help make Notley recognize two Alberta Heroes

Sheila Gunn Reid gives an update on her efforts to get Wildrose MLAs Brian Jean and Tany Yao nominated as Alberta Heroes for going above and beyond helping others during the Fort Mac fire.

Rachel Notley has put out a call to Albertans to nominate people who showed heroism during the tragic Fort McMurray fires.

Notley should recognize two Albertans who showed strength in the face of great personal tragedy.

As fire swept through their town, both MLA's Tany Yao and Brian Jean were still at work in the legislature.They were advocating for more help in their town and asking why the water bomber contracts had been cut and being called fear mongers for their troubles.

But once they heard about the fires, they jumped in a car with a few supplies and drove north to Fort Mac. They didn't know exactly what to expect, but on the way up Brian Jean got some devastating news.

Brian Jean’s family lost four houses including his own.

He lost the home where he kept the irreplaceable mementos of the son he lost last year. It was heartbreaking.

But still, Brian and Tany didn't ask for special treatment.

In fact, Brian and Tany gave up their evacuee beds, even though they were true evacuees. They slept in a tent in a local campground, until fire evicted them from that place too.

The two became the face of the evacuees, every night on the news looking haggard, dirty, unshaven and exhausted. They were giving updates, talking to firefighters and keeping the media informed. They were staying in and around the community, helping where they could.

Rachel Notley is asking for nominations for heroes of the Fort Mac Fire. And I want you to go and nominate these two heroes. 

But just in case Rachel Notley doesn't listen, I also want you to sign our petition below.

Brian Jean and Tany Yao epitomized what it meant to be Albertan during that horrible time; that neither fire nor water could defeat the Alberta spirit.

They showed that we are grateful, generous, and strong. I want Rachel Notley to set aside partisanship and do the right thing -- officially recognize Brian Jean and Tany Yao for what they’ve done.

And even if she doesn't, we will.

*Once you sign our petition, you will be re-directed to the government nomination page.

Sign the petition!

Rachel Notley should recognize Brian Jean and Tany Yao as heroes of the Fort McMurray fires.

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