November 03, 2015

Alberta Jobs Minister "re-announces" flawed job creation program

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Alberta jobs Minister Lori Sigurdson re-announced her flagship job creation program on Monday. It's a $5,000 hiring grant to employers for every job they create.

This program was first announced during the NDP attack budget with few details. We still have few details. And that’s a problem.

Here's what we do know:

The program rolls out January 2016.

It gives the employer a $5,000 grant for each new job created up to five hundred thousand dollars – or 100 full time jobs per employer.

The program is capped at $89 million annually and is a first come first serve program. This means a maximum of 18 thousand jobs will be created by this program. We are losing 1,000 jobs per week in Alberta. This doesn’t come close to making a dent in the job losses since Notley took office.

Here is the part, besides the vagueness, that sends up alarm bells; the program allows charities and non-profit organizations to qualify for the new grant. Strange.

The energy sector is bleeding jobs and now they have to compete for the limited grant money with non-profits and charities?

I venture to guess the only real jobs this program will create will be in the bureaucracy that will be needed to administer it.


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commented 2015-11-04 12:48:16 -0500
When the government says we are here to help run away fast.
commented 2015-11-04 11:37:54 -0500
There is one point that everyone seems to be missing, If you hire a new full time staff member for a small business, the $5000.00 will be gone every soon. Remember the crazies that are running the province right now are adding taxes to everything. Now as small business we have to pay 1.5% extra to CPP and EI for every worker that is hired. Plus the taxes for the said worker have to be paid to the governments (federal and provincial) at the same time each month. Even if the company is trying to purchase more businesses or even expand the business these taxes and CPP and EI have to be paid. Plus we are talking about the government here. Let’s say I hire three new workers, and they are all doing great by adding to the corporate standing.
Now I fill in all the paperwork for the $5000.00 government break. By the time I see one dollar of that money, some or even all of the workers that I hired,will leave to go to a different company. We all know why. The average worker will leave any company that can’t pay equal or match another company. Now this has happened almost 15 times to me.
Some of the people have left the company, on just pennies on the dollar. And when I say pennies on the dollar, I mean pennies on the dollar. Some have left for 25 cents I am not kidding.
commented 2015-11-04 00:46:28 -0500
No Kenneth—— She is actually creating jobs—- Gov’t jobs—- It would be real interesting to see how many Gov’t jobs were created to over see ever pseudo-job that is created in the Private sector.
C’mon -Alberta boys
—- get creative—- start laying your good guys off—now—on paper——
When your gov’t starts to cheat you——then—-if you are a Patriot—- cheat ’em right back.
commented 2015-11-03 23:57:23 -0500
Only the brain-dead NDP could come up with such a pathetic program to supposedly create jobs at taxpayers’ expense while they (Notley’s regime) are busy destroying thousands of good-paying jobs in Alberta every month.
commented 2015-11-03 23:53:06 -0500
Sheila, I have to disagree with you on one point: Four years of the Notley NDP government, not eight, will be fatal to Alberta’s economy and 1st world standard of living. She must resign within a year or all is lost in Alberta.

Other than that, another excellent report, Sheila. And I hope Margaret Scratcher will be a regular from now on.
commented 2015-11-03 23:47:19 -0500
“Alberta Works” – building a Canadian house of cards. Even worse, companies that layoff will be unable to hire back and receive the credit…..
commented 2015-11-03 23:44:01 -0500
The NDP is all about job destruction, not job creation. Albertans, demand Notley’s resignation as Premier on the basis of her government’s catastrophic destruction of many thousands of jobs in Alberta through their tax and royalty policies.
commented 2015-11-03 23:27:45 -0500
Notley has a massive 89-mil to bribe unions with legally. Stupid Wynne can only give 3-mill and she gets in shit for it.
commented 2015-11-03 23:04:29 -0500
If what Sheila surmises to be true—-is true——- then this is a god damned scam.
commented 2015-11-03 20:41:29 -0500
Plus its a good way to keep all those ‘union organizers’ busy. god knows they don’t do anything else. Now they can sit around and fill out all the paperwork that I guarantee will go with this program.
commented 2015-11-03 20:37:49 -0500
lol Wynne should be taking notes from Notley. Now THIS is how you legally bribe unions. Genius.
I wonder how many unions employees are going to get fired and re-hired over this?
“But it’s first come first served!” Oh that’s no problem. How do you keep the private sector from utilizing the program? Just create a crap ton of paperwork that nobody but a bureaucrat would ever do. The private sector has work to get done. These people are despicable. The opposition better keep this damn fraud accountable with how much of this money goes to the private sector vs public unions. What a farce.
commented 2015-11-03 20:33:57 -0500
@ Steve McQueen – you said – @bravozulu – Notley is a chain smoker.

I know a couple of gals who smoke to much – they are 10 out of 10 on the scale.

I bet she has picked up to close to two packs a day because of the well deserved spanking she is getting.

This looks far more serious – I think she is close to a break down as she realizes she actually IS killing the province and even her friends have left her – she does not know what to do.

A couple of weeks before the election she was looking good enough that even I was giving her the lustful eye – but now she looks like used wet sandpaper

I bet she has some serious health issues before she finally gets the well deserved toe – and I believe she will have to leave the province a she will be a hated beyotch.

Good riddance.
commented 2015-11-03 20:22:15 -0500
I wonder if pimps can collect this? If Notley was not so hideous i would have create a job for her, but in htis case she would have to pay me A LOT.
commented 2015-11-03 20:20:51 -0500
LMAO so create a problem then find a useless solution to it to make it out like you give a damn. Socialism at its best.
commented 2015-11-03 19:22:26 -0500
What the actual feck? Do these people not look at how these horrible handouts fair in other jurisdictions? Do companies get credit for laying off people and then in a month or two hiring “new” employees?

The Maritimes has a long and proud tradition (60 years+) of handing out provincial government cheese in all sorts of make jobs programs. Look how prosperous that region is. Oh wait…
commented 2015-11-03 17:30:27 -0500
Building the NDP’s fake economy.
commented 2015-11-03 16:53:52 -0500
I remember a so-called job creation scheme from a few years back in Ontario. The perpetrator was the ever illustrious ,Bob Rae. He was NDP. It went sort of like this…… An employer has to hire an immigrant, a welfare bum or an EI pogyite. It was the only gov’t program that I ever used that is why I remember it. I had already hired an immigrant but thought I would apply and see what transpired. I was welcomed with open arms Had to some BS paper work and keep records of hours worked ,etc. When the time came and I was due to receive my $4800—-and and I went to Jobs Ont—(I think) office—- I met this nasty Black Lady —-that decided I had no right to this grant because I didn’t make enough money to pay him. I was a wee bit more than a bit peeved so I asked if she had any clue about a business operating in the Black or the Red ? She took this as racism and was quite huffy. She disqualified me . I told her that I would have my accountant call her so as to educate her. I had bought 3 new vehicles that year and built an office. She had no idea of depreciation . Anyway, I got my money for hiring a guy that I had already hired. Another guy that operated a Call Centre made a mint of this program. He always had about 250 emplyees and was constantly hiring and firing. He ended up having this idiotic program paying most of his employee wages. The gov’t will NEED to make this stupid program look successful——so feel free to abuse it. The gov’t employees looking after it probably won’t have a clue about running a business so all employers have to do is make it look like you are hiring someone and creating a new job. This is the NDP in job creation mode——they obviously have not learned anything in 3 decades. Good Luck Alberta!
commented 2015-11-03 16:51:19 -0500
“Notley is looking pretty rough in the pic at the top of the page.”
Yup, BZ, ol’ Raiche looks like she’s been chowin’ down on testosterone. My wife figures she looks like Robert Redford in drag. Maybe Albertans elected their first tranny premier.
commented 2015-11-03 16:50:15 -0500
Grrrr … stop it with that PST TAX talk!!! If we have to pay PST we might as well just move to Vancouver Island where were less likely to freeze to death when we can’t pay for heat or power.
commented 2015-11-03 16:41:10 -0500
commented 2015-11-03 16:40:33 -0500
Sheila Gunn Reid – Give Margaret Scratcher a pet for me _
commented 2015-11-03 16:38:42 -0500
More of the same financial suicide NDP policies for Alberta – nothing new here.

Keep disclosing the crap of these socialist assholes Sheila.

Socialists sell heaven and deliver hell and it’s going to get much worse and very soon.
commented 2015-11-03 16:35:14 -0500
@bravozulu – Notley is a chain smoker.
commented 2015-11-03 16:10:34 -0500
“Notley is looking pretty rough in the pic at the top of the page. "

Probably worry wrinkles because she is getting flak from ALbertans when she is only doing what she thinks is correct. She might not be able to think outside of her NDP box … … and that is about as much of an olive branch as I will ever give Notley.
commented 2015-11-03 16:07:53 -0500
So what did Margaret Scratcher have to say about the NDPs’ job creation program?
commented 2015-11-03 15:59:36 -0500
Special guest appearance by my cat, Margaret Scratcher.
commented 2015-11-03 15:28:50 -0500
Notley is looking pretty rough in the pic at the top of the page.

I think the pressure is already getting to her.

I wonder if she will last.

My best is no.

Not easy to take down a province. I suspect she is getting hit hard by her own family members while taking orders directly from the national dippers.

And where is the citizen of france – that bearded wonder has been pretty quiet lately – even the media has not bothered him – holidaying in Paris on his French passport perhaps?
commented 2015-11-03 15:20:20 -0500
I ahve no intentions of giving the NDP another term, but then I am only one vote … which was Wildrose last time anyway.