April 26, 2015

Alberta Justice Minister Quits

Marc PatroneRebel Commentator
Alberta's justice minister and solicitor general has resigned his cabinet posts citing marital problems and a court proceeding involving his estranged wife.
Jonathan Denis will continue to campaign in the riding of Calgary-Acadia.
He asked for privacy but did issue the following statement;
“A court action involving a personal family matter has caused me to take this step as it would not be appropriate to serve in the capacity of minister of justice and solicitor general, while this is being resolved."
Premier Jim Prentice issued a brief statement as well;
“Given the involvement of the courts, I have asked for and received the resignation of the minister of justice and solicitor general.”  
Denis is in a tough battle with Wildrose candidate Linda Carlson.
Wildrose party officials declined to comment on the matter.
Verlyn Olson will serve as acting minister of justice and solicitor general for now.
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commented 2015-04-27 10:11:21 -0400
Thank you Christopher Jones…it is because of people like you speaking out that I went farther down the “usual suspects” and dissidents list.

And you are absolutely right. I don’t like to dance on anybody else’s broken legs but there is something of a karmic satisfaction when a lawyer is caught in this spider web of their own making.

Many of the members of the Fathers 4 Justice network on LINKEDIN are family law practitioners who either became fed up with the system and decided to mutiny or those who got first hand experience by being caught up in it themselves.

He did the right thing by stepping down. The thing about High River that I would like to see happen is if it comes to light that long gun registry data was retained as hard copy for future reference that heads should roll.
commented 2015-04-27 07:14:36 -0400
The real question is what was he doing when the High River RCMP break-ins happened. Did he give the order or consult on giving the order – the biggest civil scandal in modern Canadian history resides in Alberta’s front yard and the PCs seem suspiciously uninterested in investigating and correcting this grotesque government overstep.
commented 2015-04-26 23:06:48 -0400
He is about to get a lesson on the feminist bias in Family Law – created and sustained by his own party over 43 years – and he is not going to enjoy it one bit.
I fully expect MEP to REPORT on EVERY SINGLE shortcoming that transpires in his account for as long as he is Justice Minister – to PROVE he is not receiving special treatment by those jack-booted storm-troopers who enforce Child & Spousal Support Payments in Alberta.

Punishing Our Way Out of Poverty: The Prosecution of Child-Support Debt in Alberta, Canada

Debtor’s prison for dads by Barbara Kay

commented 2015-04-26 18:30:04 -0400
I’m sure there’s a Wildrose candidate that is more than capable of taking his place.
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